Pokémon UNITE Decidueye Guide – Moveset, Build & Held Items

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Posted on February 17, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is an exciting MOBA action game that allows you to team up with four teammates, and you need to defeat the opponent as one. Victory will be impossible if there is no such thing as teamwork. However, for you to surpass various regular matches and get into challenging competitions, you need to keep your hand with a reliable Pokémon that can be carried from various generations. And one of these trusty Pokemons is Decidueye. If you want to know more about this Pokémon, stay tuned to this blog.

About Pokémon UNITE Decidueye

If you are familiar with the adorable grass starter Rowlet, its final form will be Decidueye, after Datrix. Decidueye is one of the best-ranged attackers of Pokémon UNITE, classified as A-Tier. This amazing Pokémon was introduced in the Alola region and marked with a Pokedex number 724. To get this awesome Pokémon on your squad, you need to spend 575 Aeos gems in the Unite Battle Committee or take 10000 Aeos coins. Additionally, for the owl, you can get the Star Cloak Style holo wear for 400 gems.

Pokémon UNITE Decidueye – Abilities

When talking about ranged attacks, you can always count with Decidueye, especially in the jungle lane. However, you can still use this Pokémon on the bottom lane or top lane, accompanied by another Pokémon. It is renowned as a one Pokémon army as it offers incredible attack speeds and can support its teammates.

Hence, don’t overwork Decidueye because it does not have a significant health pool, unlike the other Pokémon Attackers. Decidueye’s passive ability is the “Long Reach,” making him more powerful. This move imposes 20% increased damage to an enemy from a distance.

Pokemon UNITE Decidueye
Image Source: Pokemon UNITE Decidueye


Decidueye’s Abilities in the Early Game

In the early part of the game, you can choose either of the two moves to deal with your opponent. The first move is the leafage, where Decidueye attacks leave in a particular direction. This move doesn’t focus on physical damage against your foes, but it boosts the attack damage and speed of Decidueye for a while.

Another move Decidueye you can unleash in the early game is the Astonish. Unlike Leafage, Astonish deals more on the physical damage and decreases the movement speed of the opposing team. Most players prefer using Decidueye’s Leafage during the early game to hit multiple enemies.

Pokemon UNITE Decidueye early game


Decidueye’s Abilities in Mid-Game

Once Decidueye reaches level seven, you can choose a new ability. You can either choose between razor lead or spirit shackle. These new abilities can effectively assist you in the game, but if you are a player that prefers hitting your opponent from afar, then spirit shackle is the right choice. Alternatively, razor lead is a buff that cooldowns for ten seconds and enables Decidueye to unleash whirling razor leaves that can cause damage to Pokémons who will be caught in the flurry. It also features a Robin Hoot that can improve your speed and attack.

Pokemon UNITE Decidueye midgame


Decidueye’s Abilities in the Late Game

At this moment, Decidueye seems to be more fun and powerful. If you get a chance to play with Decidueye during a late game, he can be more terrible and bring loads of problems on the battlegrounds. Again, at this point, you need to decide which move you need to undertake. If you opt to attack multiple enemies, then leaf storm is a great choice. But, if you are a player that prefers attacking a few opponents, then shadow sneak is for you. When it comes to causing pain to enemies, the move leaf storm stands out.

Pokemon UNITE Decidueye late game


Pokémon UNITE Decidueye – Endgame Abilities

If you will use Decidueye properly, you will notice how devastating this Pokémon will be. Another ranged move you need to understand is the Nock nock. It is an attack where Deciduye fires a single arrow that turns to be multiple arrows going to your opponents. This Nock nock attack can be advantageous, especially when the enemy has low health. It can cause significant damage and even finish off your opponents real quick—this ranged move cooldowns based on percent.

How To Create a Strong Pokémon UNITE Decidueye?

To create a powerful Decidueye, you need to focus on its health and damage. You will need to hold magical items to help make your Decidueye even stronger. Here are the things you can opt to use;

Focus Band

By equipping Deciduye with a focus band, you can boost its focus and recover its HP, especially when the health is low. It can save Decidueye when it needs it most.

Muscle Band

Another item you must hold to Decidueye is the Muscle band. This magical item can improve the attack damage, especially knowing that Decidueye is known to be a ranged attacker. That’s why this band is a significant item to boost your stats.

Pokemon UNITE Decidueye held items
Image Source: Pokemon UNITE Decidueye Guide & Held Items


Shell Bell

To make your Decidueye more dangerous and can surpass tricky challenges, you can equip your Pokémon UNITE Deciduye with a shell bell. It can increase its speed, special attack power and partly heals whenever in use. Why search for support if Decidueye can support itself.

Pokémon UNITE Decidueye Best Battle Item

As we all know, every second counts in a MOBA, and to keep Decidueye more active in-game, you can equip it with one battle item to effectively surpass opponents. The best battle item your Decidueye must-have is the Eject Button. If you are in the middle of sticky situations, just use this item and be located somewhere safer. Decidueye is not a heroic Pokémon, and sometimes, you need to let other Pokémons do it to save this fantastic ranged attacker.

Pokemon UNITE Decidueye battle item


To Sum it Up!

Another relevant piece of information you need to know about Decidueye is that it works best with Pokémons Snorlax and Eldegoss. When it comes to the best attackers in Pokémon UNITE, you can always count on Decidueye. You can achieve a daunting force against your opponents with its incredible synergy and build. However, keep in mind to take a certain distance from your enemies and try your best to level up Decidueye as fast as you can.

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