Pokémon UNITE Trevenant Gameplay Tips & Best Strategies

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Posted on February 6, 2022

Trevenant is the latest character in the Pokémon Unite MOBA, and he’s a melee defender. This means he helps comrades by stepping in front of them in group battles to defend them and limit the amount of damage they take. Trevenant is a defense character who fits best in the top lane.

We’ll look at the greatest battle equipment and abilities, as well as tips and strategies for playing Trevenant in Pokémon Unite, in this article. We’ll be discussing all of Pokémon UNITE Trevenant’s moves, greatest equipment, and builds in this Pokémon Unite guide.

Pokémon UNITE Trevenant Unique Abilities

Trevenant’s increased attack and passive skill both focus on healing. When the Pokémon’s health gets too low, each increased attack provides HP, and the Pokémon will eventually regain health. Its cooldowns gets low while its HP runs in a passively regeneration. It is important to know that you must manage Trevenant’s health and kept it low, but not too low, to be effective.

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Basic Attack

The third strike turns to its best attack, which deals more damage and restores the user’s HP

Natural Cure

When a Pokémon with this ability has low HP, it restores health over a brief period of time. Trevenant’s cooldowns gets also reduced as a result of this. Natural Cure is put on cooldown once the HP recovery you complete it. The latency lessens every time you hit an enemy with a strike.


6 second cooldown – Fires three flames in one direction, damaging and burning enemies for a short duration.

Branch Poke

7.5s Cooldown – The user jabs and dashes in a direction, doing damage and slowing down opposing Pokémon’s movement speed.

Trevenant is a strong Pokémon for stealing enemy crops because of its starting moves. If you catch someone off guard with Branch Poke, you can get a swift early game kill.

Pokémon UNITE Trevenant’s Best Moveset

The best Trevenant build for Pokémon Unite makes use of abilities that complement the character’s passive feature.

Curse>Wood Hammer

This is probably the best move for Trevenant. A big portion of Trevenant’s kit relies on it losing health. The alternative, Wood Hammer, performs this function as well, it requires Trevenant to stand still during the second hit. Wood Hammer also doesn’t deal much damage, while the HP cost of the skill is quite minimal and hard to control.

On the other hand, Curse is easily controllable. Players can estimate how much health they have and cease using it whenever they want. Trevenant is extremely annoying to deal with during team fights due to his slow area of effect movement speed and damage. Trevenant also resets the cooldown for its other move once the curse bar reaches its maximum capacity. This is really crucial to keep in mind.

Pain Split

Pain Split did a wonderful job on the second move. Especially when used in conjunction with Curse. Take a look at who has a lot of health in order to get the most out of Pain Split. Trevenant constantly regenerates HP when linked to a greater HP target.

Trevenant Pokemon Unite
Image source: Trevenant Best Moveset & Items

Consider this: Curse depletes its own HP, whereas Pain Split regenerates it. Trevenant can successfully position itself to catch as many enemies as possible because Pain Split improves its movement speed. When the opponent has a lot of highly tanky pokémon, such as Wigglytuff and Snorlax, this technique is quite effective.

Horn Leech

Horn Leech is more effective against squishier opponents that can be CC’d. However, it’s definitely advisable to pick Muscle Band together with Horn Leech to get the most out of the passive cooldown reduction. Trevenant starts to hurled forward while the tree get healed.

The CC is Horn Leech’s most valuable asset, along with improved basic attacks that decrease cooldown. Keep your mind, though, that combining Horn Leech with Curse is quite difficult. It necessitates effective cooldown management as well as fundamental attack timing.

Pokémon UNITE Trevenant’s Best Items

Pokémon UNITE Trevenant gains more power as its health decreases, but that doesn’t mean you should make yourself susceptible to kill. Trevenant works best when he’s low on health. Thus, you’ll need to utilize items that offer him a huge health pool and lots of defense.

Items like Buddy Barrier and Score Shiels will give this Pokémon a huge boost in HP. Items like Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, and Focus Band will give this Pokémon a huge boost in HP and defense. In addition, you can use a Potion to heal if you find yourself on the verge of getting knocked unconscious.

Unite Move

Phantom Forest is Trevenant’s Unite Move. And as more foes gets hit, it gets more powerful. This ability produces a broad area of impact that deals damages and throws all Pokémon enemies within its reach. As a result, enemies hit by the attack will take more damage for a short amount of time. Furthermore, Trevenant will get a shield and additional healing benefits. But it also depends on how many enemies Trevenant strikes with its Unite Move,

To Sum it Up

Pokémon UNITE Trevenant’s durability is in this build, enabling it to drain life from its opponents. Keep in mind that the new defender you can play in a variety of ways. However, this build is unquestionably the most viable playstyle and will likely benefit players much. All of the moves appear to be quite good right now.

Trevenant isn’t the simplest pokémon to master, therefore train before using it in ranked battles. Whether you like Pokémon or MOBAs, you’ll surely love Pokémon UNITE, So if you’re looking for more exciting action games, check out here on this page.

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