Pokémon UNITE News – 2nd Season Comes With Huge Updates

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Posted on December 3, 2021

The ranked season two of Pokémon UNITE is already shaping up to be an exciting and action-packed season for players to enjoy. Not only did the second season come with the usual events like the Unite Battle Pass, but it also came with a new Pokémon for players to master and use. It’s a great way for players to try and see if they can improve the rankings that they achieved from the 1st season.

But what are the new things and updates that Pokémon UNITE’s 2nd season brought? Let’s discuss more in this blog post.

The Season 2 Battle Pass of Pokémon UNITE Ranked

The second season of Pokémon UNITE ranked began last November 7, 2021. This means that players will be starting a new ranked season and work their way up the ranking ladder once again. Like with the first ranked season, the latest season comes with the UNITE Battle Pass. And like with the first battle pass, this one will come with new Pokémon skins for players to try and acquire.
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The new battle pass is titled Sun, Sun, Sunshine, which would feature vivid Holowear featuring two of the well-known Pokémon, Venusaur and Charizard. The Holowear features the Sunshine Style Venusaur and the Adept Style Charizard, two new skins for players to acquire and use on these two Pokémon. Aside from that, there’s also the chic Trainer fashion. These added features join the usual rewards that players get through battling.

The UNITE Battle Pass has 90 levels, which include unique missions and a corresponding reward for each level. See if you can try to complete all 90 levels and get all the rewards.

The Pokémon UNITE Version

The second-ranked season of Pokémon UNITE also came with a new update, which brought version The latest version comes with bug fixes, text fixes, and updates to the Shop. There are also some changes made to certain stats of some of the Pokémon in the game. This includes decreasing the amount of HP restored from the Berries that Greedent drops with his Cheek Pouch. The damage done by his Bullet Seed, meanwhile, is increased.

The Sp Atk. Of Alolan Ninetails is also decreased, as well as reducing the cooldown of the Blizzard skill. The patch also included fixes to certain bugs related to Pokémon skills like Pikachu’s Thunder not activating when you use Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Basic Attack in quick succession. The update also fixed Sylveon not recovering HP when using Move 1 after a Unite move. Aside from Pokémon, items are also updated like increasing the healing amount of the Potion and the speed boost of X Speed.

There are many more updates and fixes provided and you can view them here. These bugs and fixes are designed to improve the gaming experience when playing Pokémon UNITE.

The New Pokémon Decidueye

And the latest update with Pokémon UNITE is the arrival of a new Pokémon Decidueye. This Pokémon is a ranged attacker, which gives you more options when it comes to the attacker role in Pokémon UNITE. The Arrow Quill Pokémon, like all Pokémon in this MOBA, will begin as a lowly Rowlet. It will then evolve to Dartrix at level 5 and finally to Decidueye at level 7.

The great thing about this ranged attacker is that it also has great attack speed. Decidueye’s basic attack speed will increase after one hit. The effect can stack, and with every third activation, the basic attack becomes a boosted attack. The boosted attack will allow the Pokémon to fire more quills to the enemy. But the damage that each quill deals will decrease, which means the attack becomes weaker gradually.

Pokemon Unite Decidueye
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Keep in mind the increase will only be for a short while unless you can keep the stacks up. This means it would be ideal to constantly hit enemies to keep his attack speed boost up. Another great thing about Decidueye is its UNITE Move Nock Nock. When used, the Pokémon will fire quills in a designated direction and deal damage to the enemy Pokémon in its path.

The last quill to be fired will be a large one and it deals damage to all enemy Pokémon it will hit as it travels. There’s also going to be increased damage to enemy Pokémon that has low HP. This makes it a great finishing move to defeat enemies with already low health. Decidueye is also immune to hindrances when using the Unite Move. The only problem here is that the Pokémon won’t be able to move while casting the skill.

Final Thoughts

You can see from the new features and updates provided that the second-ranked season of Pokémon UNITE is a blast. It makes playing the game more exciting and interesting, especially with the addition of the new Pokémon Decidueye. And since we’ve just begun season 2, there will likely be more updates to come. So, keep on watching out for it.

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