PUBG Mobile: Best Weapon Picks for Each Category

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Posted on November 7, 2020

PUBG Mobile is the popular multiplayer shooting game that gets you parachuting down on an island with the hopes of becoming the last man standing. Of course, you’ll also have to deal with other players who have the same goal, and you’ll need to dispatch them before they do you in. However, that is easier said than done as you’ll start unarmed.

Arming yourself with powerful firearms is essential in PUBG Mobile. Even if you have memorized the map and know which areas are good places to land. As the game progresses and the safe zone starts closing in, you’ll eventually encounter other rivals. So you need a weapon to face the inevitable. That said, we listed down the best weapons for each type so you’ll have an idea which equipment to grab– and which ones to leave alone.

The Weapon List Breakdown in PUBG

There is a slew of high-powered firearms you can use in PUBG M. Each weapon type has their respective stats, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ve listed down the stats of the weapons under the following categories – Damage, Range, Recoil, and Fire Rate. We also gave a brief description of the different firearm types in the game. This will make it easier for you to remember when you’re looking for weapons in the unknown battleground.

The Lightweight Submachine Guns

Also known as SMGs, this weapon type is a versatile option should you get your hands on one. They are effective at close to mid-range, with decent ammo clips. These guns can hit targets reliably at a maximum range of 25. If you’re going into the urban or indoor areas of the map, getting yourself an SMG is a great choice since these weapons have great firing rates and recoil handling that make you aim better during close-quarter shoot-outs.

However, most SMGs often struggle when used in open areas since their range isn’t enough to accurately tag opponents. Also, while SMG ammo clips are somewhat plentiful, you have to constantly check how much bullets you have left since its fast firing rate often whittles down its ammo quickly. You’ll have to be more precise with your shots to avoid running out of ammo.

The High-Powered Light Machine Guns

The SMGs’ big brother, Light Machine Guns, mixes the good aspects of SMGs and Assault Rifles in one powerful package. LMGs deal good damage on enemies and have a good amount of ammo to go along with a high firing rate. This makes the weapon deadly in close to medium range since they can spray tons of bullets in a relatively quick fashion. But in some cases, this high firing rate can also be considered a weakness since being liberal with the LMG can deplete your magazine real quick. Before you know it, you’re going to search for another weapon.

Moreover, LMGs can only be fitted with sights – you cannot attach LMGs with silencers so using this weapon means you’re shooting loud and proud! Similar to SMGs, these guns also struggle when used in open fields and areas since their recoil is high, and unless you have mastered the single-tap firing technique, chances are you’ll waste your ammo trying to hit faraway targets.

The High-Impact Power of Shotguns

If you feel like going for a stealthy route that sees you cutting down enemies as quickly as possible, one option to look out for is shotguns. This weapon type has the highest damage in the game, but it comes at a cost. Unlike most firearms, shotguns are only effective at close range. If you manage to get close to an opponent, your shotgun can knock them out in a single hit, unless they’re wearing armor. This makes shotguns particularly deadly in close quarter situations like indoors and urban areas. However, you really need to get close to enemies to inflict serious damage. Using shotguns in long-range combat will surely miss.

The Concealed Handguns & Pistols

Handguns are your primary firearm whenever you start a match. Most consider handguns to be sidearms that complement more powerful equipment in the game. Most pistols have a decent range, deal satisfactory damage, and have respectable ammo clips. These guns can take you out of tough situations especially when your rifles run out of ammo. As a general rule, you should always look for high caliber weapons as pistols aren’t handy in an all-out gunfight.

The Ever-Reliable Assault Rifles

Speaking of high-caliber weapons, Assault Rifles or ARs are the most consistent firearms you can use in the game. ARs have high ammo capacity, deal massive damage, and have good range. When you manage to get yourself an AR, you’ll have a huge advantage over enemies since your weapon can clip enemies from medium to long distances.

Moreover, ARs can also be equipped with various attachments to make aiming more reliable and dispatch targets more stealthily. As such, it’s best to look for an AR on the battlefield as quickly as possible. Get two if you manage to find another. You can never have too many assault rifles.

The Devastating Scope of Snipers

When it comes to long-range gunfights, Sniper Rifles are the best in the game. These weapons boast the longest range and deal one of the most devastating damages in the field! Handling a sniper rifle means relying on your eagle eyes as you’ll be aiming for weak spots before shooting. But once you have mastered this skill, you can easily shoot down unsuspecting enemies from far distances.

That said, as powerful as sniper rifles are in long-range combat, they struggle in close range. Most sniper rifles only have between 10 to 20 rounds, and they have a slow firing rate. This means that in an event where you see yourself in a close-quarters situation with another player, it’s better to use other guns, even your pistol.

The Designated Marksman Rifles

DMRs bridge both Sniper and Assault Rifles in terms of firing rate, range, and damage. DMRs have a slightly longer range than Assault Rifles and have more ammo capacity and higher firing rate than Sniper Rifles. To maximize using this weapon, you need to rely heavily on attachments. Furthermore, DMRs are not as strong as Sniper Rifles in the damage department. This means while you can tag an opponent from long range, you won’t hit as hard.

If you happen to come across a DMR in the early stages of the game, it’s best to grab it and use it as best as you can. It’s still preferable to switch for an assault or sniper rifle if you manage to find them.

Crossbows Are For The Deadly Shooters

For a sneakier approach, crossbows are your weapon of choice. This mechanized bow is a silent weapon that can be fired at medium range. Since it doesn’t produce loud sounds when fired, you can make quick work of unsuspecting players.

You can liken crossbows to the great grandfather of sniper rifles – both have decent range, and can kill enemies with one shot. That said, crossbows also share the same weakness with sniper rifles which translates to slow firing rates and reload times with limited ammo capacity. This type of weapon is for the hunters at heart. Buying their time until a prey manages to walk into their sights.

Never Go Wrong with Melee Weapons

If worse comes to worst, melee weapons are your last resort. They are only effective at close combat situations, and you often need to land multiple hits before you can down an opponent. If you happen to be exceptionally good at sneaking behind opponents, you can try to use your melee weapon to down them. Guns are still the better choice in a straight fight.

That said, one of the strongest melee weapons is the frying pan. You can use this melee weapon to deflect bullets – from assault rifles to even sniper rifle rounds! However, since PUBG Mobile’s core gameplay revolves around shooting other players, you should look for a firearm as quickly as you can.

Final Thoughts About The Equipment

PUBG M’s assortment of weapons gives you so much flexibility in the game. That said, each weapon is only as effective as its wielder. You have to familiarize yourself with every single one – from how they behave to what attachments are the best options for each firearm. So practice wielding every equipment you come across until you become the Jack-of-all Weapons. It’s the only way to come out on top in this action-packed multiplayer game. So pack your shutes, and aim for that chicken dinner! Play PUBG Mobile on PC now!

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