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Posted on October 3, 2021

Play Together is an exciting casual game that features endless fun mini-games and heaps of social interactions that are perfect for everyone. Initially, this game is set in a sandbox open world, where you can explore various hubs, meet new friends, and, of course, have fun.

Additionally, you need to run errands and accomplish missions or tasks through NPCs to get rewards and currency. Play Together utilizes Stars as in-game currency and is used in buying clothing, accessories, and precious commodities like houses and cars. Speaking of houses, you can decorate your home by purchasing various furniture and decorations, making your home unique from others.

With that said, if it is your first time playing this game, you might feel lost in the first moments. But with the help of this Play Together guide, you will know how to progress quickly. You will learn how to get more stars, accomplish missions faster, and win the mini-games as well.

Accomplish Every Beginner’s Quest

After customizing your character, you will then get a list of quests and missions from Ms. Info. With the manager’s help, you need to go to the “Info Center” and meet Ms. Info. From there, you will receive the list of your quests and get 100 Stars as your reward for getting into Ms. Info.
Ms Info Play Together

Upon clicking the beginner’s missions’ note, you will notice seven quests. Some quests are in exchange for stars, and some are for different items. Most of the quests happen in Kaia Island, specifically in the plaza.

For a tip, you can skip all quests and get rewards by simply watching videos. However, this move is not advisable as you miss the essence of the tutorial and learning new activities. Once you accomplish a mission or quest, you will get rewards like crowns and stars. If you complete all missions, you will get a special reward like an awesome skateboard which you can use to move into a specific destination faster.

Complete Pizza Delivery Missions

Being a pizza delivery boy can be the easiest resource to earn more cash or stars in a day. As you navigate Kaia Island, simply go to the pizza shop located next to the mart. You can use the map of the plaza for accurate results.

Upon entering the pizza shop, you will meet Papa Mino. Upon clicking the “?” button above him, he will ask for your assistance. Select “Yes” to start the pizza delivery tasks. To accomplish this task, you need to deliver the ordered pizza before the timer goes off.
Pizza Delivery Play Together

Initially, you will get 50 cash as your bonus once you confirm the button before delivering the pizzas. Additionally, you will get a reward upon completing all the pizza deliveries for all the customers.

For some Play Together tips & tricks to earn more money in this mission, you need to click on the “collect 3x reward” button in every accomplished pizza delivery mission. To collect the 3x rewards, you need to watch a 30-second video. By clicking that 3x reward button, your 100 stars earnings, for example, will lead you to get 300 stars.

Ride the Skateboard in Pizza Delivery Missions

There is a chance that you will get a skateboard upon completing all basic quests. During the pizza quests, there is a specific time limit in delivering pizza.

To make everything fast, you can equip your character with a skateboard and speedily deliver pizza from one place to another. You can also upgrade your skateboards and even get a bike from the skater near the skatepark.
Ride Skateboard Play Together


Conquer the Game Party

Generally, there are 17 exciting and thrilling mini-games in Play Together. You can enter the “Game Party” or the “Game Zone” building located in the plaza to acquire these games. Each game should have at least 30 players to start. Randomly, the game will choose players and group them into “rounds.” There will be a timer, and players who finish before the timer strikes O will move on to the next round.

All players who did not make it to the first round will be automatically eliminated. The rest will continue the game and face a more difficult round. The game continues to succeeding rounds until there will be a champion who will get a bunch of crowns and stars. Defeated players will also receive some stars depending on their accomplishments.

Here are some of the mini-games you can join, together with some Play Together tips & tricks on how to survive them:

1. Descend

Players need to check out a way down to arrive at the first bottom floor of the hexagon tower. On each floor, there is a hole, and you need to find it to go down and reach the bottom floor. To have a clearer view, it will be best to drag the top view of the floor. Finding the hole faster will help if you follow your group and go along with them wherever they go.


2. Speed Racing

Speed Racing is one of the most challenging games in Play Together. In this game, you need to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Here, timing plays a vital role in winning this game. Considering you will have to jump from platform to platform, you will notice some “jump” signboards useful in critical situations. These signboards are used to give hints to every player on when to jump.
Speed Racing

There are several versions to play within this game, and you can have speed racing either in a desert, cloud, or more. For a tip, if you have a cloud race, you need to jump whenever you notice clouds in front of you.

3. Run the Wall

This mini-game is a simple version of Takeshi’s Castle. Along with other players, you need to run on precise lanes equipped with obstacles. The said game is designed based on the famous Great Wall of China. To move onto the next round, you need to follow the path and pass the finish line.

Here are some Play Together tips & tricks you need to remember for this mini-game. There are red and blue arrows on the path. Keep on running over the red arrows as they can increase your movement, and avoid the blue ones as they can slow you down. If you encounter a stationary obstacle, keep away from it.

4. Hot Potato

Hot Potato is one of the most enjoyable and easy mini-games in Play Together. In this mini-game, you and the other players will be set down in a stadium. The main goal of this mini-game is to pass the bomb to others and run away from it.

This mini-game has three rounds, and randomly, the bomb is released by a player. There will be a countdown timer, and the player must pass the bomb to another player before the time ends. If he fails to pass the bomb, he will be eliminated.

Here’s a quick Play Together guide for this mini-game. If you got the bomb, move your character aggressively to a group of players as there’s a possibility that one of them can contact you. Don’t run towards single players, and take advantage of people in groups.

5. Rotating Logs

To survive this mini-game, you need to avoid the circulating log on the top part of the cliff. Generally, there are two rotating logs, and you need to keep away from the spiky or thinner log. For some tips, it will be more helpful if you stay close to the big log and follow the thin one.
Rotating Logs

There are still other Play Together tips & tricks to discover while playing these mini-games. But by following this guide, you can already conquer the game and get unique rewards.

Other Play Together Tips & Tricks

Another part of the Play Together guide is redeeming coupon codes. These codes are in exchange for fantastic rewards. Also, you can achieve more bonus stars and cash by completing daily missions and selling fish in exchange for stars.

Final Thoughts

This sandbox game depicts a lot of fun, not only from the interaction of the players but also to other elements of the game like the mini-games. With its challenges and various game modes, most players will be more excited to play this game. For more tips, tricks, and strategies in Play Together, stay tuned here at!

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