PUBG Mobile Lite: What You Can Get From The November Winter Update

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Posted on March 16, 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games that you can play right now. Unfortunately, this game is quite demanding and requires a device with high-end specs to run properly. To solve that problem, the developers created a lite version of the game and called it PUBG Mobile Lite. It still contains most of the things that people enjoy with PUBG Mobile, like the classic battle royale game, maps, and more.

The main difference, though, is that the lite version can only accommodate 60 players instead of the usual 100. The map is also smaller, allowing for a quick match. The game’s graphics are also a bit lower or compressed compared to PUBG Mobile, but it still has decent graphics. In fact, you won’t notice much of the difference.

PUBG Mobile Lite doesn’t get an update as often as the other versions, but it still gets awesome improvements and new content every now and then. The latest update that this game got is Update 0.20 or the Winter update.

What is the Winter Update & What Does It Bring?

Update 0.20 or the Winter update is the latest update that PUBG Mobile Lite developers rolled out for the game. The update came out last November 2020 to coincide with the winter season. This means that the new content, items, skins, and other stuff in the update will all have snow or arctic themes.

Snow Covered Map

One of the things that you will notice after you update the game is that the Varenga map is now covered in snow. The great thing about this feature is that the snow is not just there for aesthetic purposes. You can use the snow to deploy cover, providing you with more strategic or tactical plays during the battle.

The snow-covered map will also have frozen eggs for you to pick up. These frozen eggs can be thrown at enemies, providing you with another piece of weapon to use during battles. The Varenga map will also have a new area for you to explore, and this is called Winter Castle.

Snowboarding Gameplay

The winter update adds a bit of light snowboarding fun to the gameplay. Prior to the start of the battle, players will usually wait on Spawn Island for a minute. During this wait, there will be a spot on the island where players can now do a bit of snowboarding to pass the time. This is a great addition as this will allow you to traverse the island in a different way, providing some form of fun and entertainment before the bloody battle begins.


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More Features

Aside from new content and gameplay, the developers also improved certain things in the game and even added features to make it more fun to play. Below are some of the things that you can expect when you play PUBG Mobile Lite with the Winter update.

  • Improvement in Daily Missions – One of the improvements that you will see will be on the game’s Daily Missions. There are now 3 daily missions for you to complete and they will be refreshed after you complete them. The increase in the number of missions means you are given more chances to earn rewards in the game.
  • A Universal Mark Feature – One of the new features you will see in the game is the Universal Mark. This new feature will allow you to communicate with your teammates and reveal enemy locations by placing marks. This is done through the newly added radial menu, so it will be easier for you to let teammates know where you encountered or spotted enemies in the game.
  • Improvements in Security – Another improvement in the game is its security. The developers wanted to ensure that the game is secure for everyone. Hence, they increased security against cheaters so the gameplay would be fair for everyone.
  • Updates on the System – The developers also added several features like a winter-themed lobby, customizable graffiti, and custom packs.

Final Thoughts

The Winter update is a great new update that developers brought to PUBG Mobile Lite. Not only does it provide new content for players to enjoy, but it also adds exclusive rewards, improvements, and new features that enhance the overall gameplay.

The great thing about all of this is that this Winter update is not going to be the last update that developers will provide. In fact, PUBG Mobile Lite is again due for another update, considering this one was released last November. There are no hints yet on what the latest update will be, but we can expect that will be another great one.

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