10 Best Street Racing Games You Can Play For Free on PC

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    Posted on November 5, 2020

    Street racing games have become very popular since the last decade. The adrenaline rush is what players love about racing. You don’t have to be a professional driver to play. If you love exciting and thrilling games, check out some of the most fun street racing games on PC which you can totally get for free!

    1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    This game has been on the bucket list of most gamers and is regarded as one of the most dangerous racing games of all time. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is free to download on the PC. Basically, you have to speed up and forget about the brakes. Clash with other racers and outdrive them at times. Or maybe, at all times. You can also race against your friends that you can check on the Most Wanted list. The graphics of this game is superb which makes you think that you are really out there — racing on the streets.

    2. Redline Rush: Police Chase Racing

    Prepare to evade and speed up as the police are about to catch you. This game will make you feel like you’re racing for your life. Put your driving skills to the test and drive until you lose the police. The breathtaking visuals and sound effects add to its fantastic gameplay. The best part of this game is that you can easily have it on your desktop PC – all for free!

    3. Racing in Car 2

    Earn rewards while driving your way and beating opponents. That’s how it is for Racing in Car 2. This amazing PC game can be played and downloaded for free. Experience seamless driving along the streets and be able to purchase better cars as you level up.

    4. Turbo Driving Racing 3D

    As the title implies, you are in for high-speed racing. Turbo Driving Racing 3D is an intense racing game that you can download on your PC for free. Expect a lot of action in the city streets or countryside and challenge other top players of the game. You don’t need to be a professional race car driver to play this game so buckle up and enjoy the ride right in front of your PC. This game is in 3D so experience racing like the real thing. The graphics and audio effects are also stunning. Choosing from different cars will let you learn each ride plus customizing the paint and wheels is another great feature of this game.

    5. City Racing Lite

    Do you think you can top the scoreboards in racing on the streets? Well, tune your engine and join the ultimate race of your life! City Racing Lite is one of the most intense PC games that you can play with friends or strangers in multiplayer mode. Like most racing games, this one lets you customize the color and design of your car. So, you will race in style as well as upgrade your car to better suit your skills. Tuning your car regularly also makes it function better and remains in tip-top condition. The controls of this game are very easy and driving your car feels so real – like a car crash would feel like it happened! City Racing Lite has amazing 3D graphics and its sound effects are of top-quality.

    6. Forza Street

    This Miami street racing video game is the best to play with if you want to race on your terms. You can race and drive your own pick of car anywhere and anytime! Also, the controls of this game are streamlined making it very convenient to race the streets as you please. The 3D visuals also bring the race into life with its awesome sound effects that make you feel like you are inside the car — but in reality, you are just in front of your PC! Moreover, Forza Street lets you pick and join events and race your way to the top. If you want, you can collect and upgrade different types of cars and race against top players online. 

    7. Driver: San Francisco

    An action-packed racing game like Driver: San Francisco is one of the most exciting ones to play with. Aside from the race itself, having some storyline adds to its great gameplay. Driver: San Francisco is a great PC game you can download for free. Plus, 19 different modes allow you to play split-screen and multiplayer online, too.

    8. Street Racing HD

    For its wonderful HD graphics and fantastic gameplay, the Street Racing HD game is on fire! Get to race on amazing street tracks and do some drift racing as well. There are over 30 cars you can race and challenging levels to suit your skills. This game will test your driving prowess and compare your skills with others on top of their leaderboards.

    9. Race Kings

    For the love of thrill, Race Kings is a must to get on your PC. You can pick and race against different opponents online and compete in real-time! If you want to be the king and level up your score, keep on beating your opponents. But of course, don’t forget to upgrade your car so your performance will not be compromised.

    10. Traffic Tour

    Do you want to experience racing without limits? Then, buckle up and join the ride! Traffic Tour is one of the most exciting racing games where you can join over 100 missions! Drive the car of your choice and race against friends and family on your PC and get those special rewards each time you win a race. Prepare to be hooked for several hours of gameplay and choose from the five different modes – career, multiplayer, endless, time trial, and free run.

    Who doesn’t love racing? Probably, almost everyone has tried a racing game before and it sure was an experience, right? Look for the street racing game of your choice no more! Just find all your favorite games here on Play them now for free!

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