PUBG Mobile Updates: BLACKPINK, Metro, & Runic Power

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Posted on March 16, 2021

One of the elements that set PUBG Mobile apart from the PC and console version is the various collaborations in the entertainment industry. Last year alone, the battle royale game collaborated with pop icon Black Pink. The event from October 2 – November 2 brought the official BLACKPINK collaboration plane complete with airdrops. Although the event did not completely transform the battlegrounds into a BLACKPINK playground, the game players positively received the event.

After the BLACKPINK event, the game took to the underground tunnels of post-apocalyptic Russia with the PUBG x Metro Exodus collaboration event. Unlike BLACKPINK however, the Metro Exodus event brought many items not to mention an entire tunnel system into the game when it went live on November 10, 2020. Some of the Metro Royale items include a new thermal sight, night vision scopes/goggles, heavy armour, armour attachments, and much more.

Metro Royale also featured two Erangel-based maps complete with ruins, trenches, and other explorable locations. Even better is that railcars are available for those who want to explore the underground areas featured in the event. On top of the new maps and items are the unique challenges that involve cunning bandits, elite warriors, and unique monsters.


However, the vast array of items and locations is just the tip of the iceberg. PUBG x Metro Exodus collaboration also brought changes in the game’s system, weapons, including the main combat itself. The game also introduced new achievements, guest account features restrictions, controls setting sharing, and much more.

PUBG Mobile Gives you Power

Today, PUBG Mobile received another huge update that introduces the Runic Power Mode. Update 1.2 allows players to experience a new gameplay mode that brings a fresh new take on the iconic multiplayer game. The Runic Power Gameplay mode will enable players to use various runes for power to run from January 12 – March 7, 2021.

The event will introduce three types of runes for the player to exploit. The first called the Flame Rune is a summon skill that produces a wheel of flame that rolls forward slowly. The Flame Rune also adds a burning effect to a player’s ammo for a short while. As the name suggests, the Arctic Rune features an ice wall summoned just like the Flame Rune. It also adds a freezing effect to the top player’s ammo for a short while. Finally, the Wind Rune produces a semi-transparent windshield that can reduce player damage when summoned. This rune also boosts a player’s reload time and agility.

PUBG Environment


Armour Up!

On top of the Runic Power, the Gameplay Event is the Power Armor Mode scheduled to premiere on February 5 in EvoGround. Asevent’sent’s name suggests that the Power Armor Mode allows players to create their armour by bringing a nanocrystal and armour blueprint to the matrix base.

The event will feature three pieces of armour:

  • Power Armor Chest Piece (reduces damage and increases the capacity of the backpack)
  • Armor Arm Piece (increases melee damage and decreases arm damage)
  • Power Armor Leg Piece (unlocks quick dash ability, reduces fall and leg damage).

Completing the set above will unlock a weapon Dragon’s Breath Grenade. Those are just bits and pieces of the things and events coming to PUBG Mobile. So expect more to come in the coming months.

PUBG Discoveries


Keeping the Game Balanced and Fair

One more thing, Mobile’s update 1.2 also comes with additional security features to keep the cheaters at bay. The new batch of security improvements includes an enhanced detection for auto-aiming, long-distance jumping, X-ray vision, and movement speed hacks. Also, it is the improved detection for the grass-removing hack.

Firepower Changes

Another necessary balance adjustment worth noting involves game firepower. Any PUBG Mobile player needs to have first-hand knowledge of the changes made in weapons. With that said, the changes in the game include the following:

  • Damage of the Kar98K and M24 is now increased
  • The interval between shots for the Kar98K and M24 is now shortened
  • The bolt action speed of the Kar98K and M24 is slightly buffed


PUBG Riffle

The attributes of the Kar98K and M24 can now fire faster and inflict more damage to the enemy. Speaking of weapons, this update also introduces the iconic FAMAS into the game. The new weapon uses 5.58 mm ammo with a 25 round capacity magazine. The FAMAS does not have a foregrip but it can go with a muzzle scope and Mag. It is also dubbed as the fastest firing rifle in the game.

Get back to the PUBG Battlefield!

Now that you have the 411 on the new features coming to PUBG Mobile, it’s time for you to get back into the game and score some chicken dinners. You can also download the PC version of the game through this LINK.

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