Real Racing 3: 8 Ultimate Tips & Tricks You Must Know

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Posted on September 27, 2021

Electronic Arts’ Real Racing 3 is one of the prominent racing games now. Luckily, the developer knows what gamers want when it comes to racing, so racers are blessed with the overall racing experience. With its realistic driving gameplay, there’s no reason why you should not try Real Racing 3. From its excellent selection of cars and racing cups, you will surely drive more and spend most of your time here than in other racing games.

Are you ready to burn some wheels and be in the top place? Then, it would be best if you watched out for some of the practical tips and tricks in playing Real Racing 3.

1. Keep the Braking Assist Low or Turn It Off

If you are not that experienced in playing Real Racing 3, activating automatic braking can be a workable option. However, if you are knowledgeable about this racing game, manual braking is expectedly utilized in due time. If you want to see a big difference with your racing speed, lowering or completely turning off the braking assist option can help. Once you can manage braking on your own, especially on the tight corners, you’ll start to overcome races with a lower completion period.

Real Racing 3 Low Brake Assist
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2. Get On the Track Swiftly

Usually, your car will be set in the last place in every race. Though it seems to be unfair, you need to get used to it. However, you can still lead the race by doing clever maneuvering and initially jump halfway of the standings. To surpass your opponents, you must keep in mind that you don’t have to follow the car in front of you. If you are playing in that way, you are just driving as fast as they are doing. In RR3, you need to take your own path.

Real Racing 3 Track

You can probably be inside the turn or speed up ahead of the other cars and slow down if you are set in front of a vehicle. Ultimately, it will help if you will not follow a car in front of you at all times. There is no advantage in drafting, but you will end up slowing down as you avoid the next car.

3. Cut the Race Corners

Once you start familiarizing each track, you will surely understand why you need to cut corners. If you feel that you’re getting near a corner speedily, and braking won’t help you slow down, you can cut your speed through the grass or sand. Even if it beats your car, at least you can still stay in your position. However, please don’t do this trick promptly, as it might skid your car and be out of control.

4. Utilize the Ripple Strip

If you want to make a turn, it will be best to use the ripple strip. Hence, you need to avoid hitting the brake or grass, which can cause you to slow down. If you want to overtake other racers, it will help if you will take a longer turn or slightly off the track.

5. Don’t Settle for the Best Cars

As we all know, high-end cars require more time to be overhauled. Therefore, using these cars is not always recommended. You need a vehicle with better controls and fast acceleration when it comes to speed record, especially if the finish line is instantly after a turn.

6. Buy Some Mechanics

At the start of the race, you are required to have one mechanic, and racing cars don’t spend too much time regaining their prime. But as you level up, you are expected to take more cars, and hybrid vehicles take long hours to be serviced. So, buying mechanics can help. However, you need to spend gold to acquire them.

7. Share your RR3 Achievements on Facebook

You will get 10% bonus money when you share your Real Racing 3 achievements on Facebook. Aside from the rewards, you can gain friends and be more competitive to top-notch your race.

8. Join Race Events in Real Racing 3

Usually, events are made to enable players to get rare cars. So, join and complete these events to get a chance to have your dream car. Though victory is not always possible, you will be amazed to experience driving high-end cars like Ferrari F41 or Maserati. Every car enthusiast will surely understand the feeling of driving these fantastic models. Aside from cars, you also have a chance to earn a significant amount of gold when participating in events.

Real Racing 3 Event


Final Thoughts

Above all mentioned Real Racing 3 tips and tricks, you have to keep the importance of lowering the braking assist as a routine. With this tip, you will notice a big difference in speed at all times, especially in the corners.

Do you have other RR3 tips and tricks? Share them now, and let’s conquer the racing track together! For more info, guides, and reviews about racing games, stay tuned here at

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