The Ultimate Guide to Playing Royal Match: Game-winning Tips & Tricks

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Posted on January 17, 2024

The world of gaming has seen the rise of various genres, each offering a unique blend of fun, challenge, and excitement. Among these, the match-3 puzzle genre has gained significant popularity over the years, captivating players with its simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics. One such game that stands out within this genre is Royal Match.

Developed by Dream Games, Royal Match is an offline, ad-free match-3 puzzle game that offers a refreshing spin on the classic format. The game revolves around King Robert and his loyal butler, Butler, as they work together to restore the royal castle to its former glory. As a player, your task is to help them by solving colorful and challenging match-3 puzzles.

What sets Royal Match apart from other match-3 games is its innovative mechanics and charming storyline. It combines traditional match-3 gameplay with exciting adventure elements, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience. The game also features a variety of power-ups and boosters that add an extra layer of strategy and fun to the gameplay.

How to Play Royal Match – Earn Stars & Advance Through Levels

Playing Royal Match is all about strategy, quick thinking, and a keen eye for potential matches. The primary objective of the game is to complete different levels by matching three or more game pieces of the same type. Successfully completing a level earns you golden stars, which are critical for advancing in the game.

Royal Match King Robert

Golden stars are more than just a measure of your success in a level; they serve a specific purpose in the game’s storyline. As you help King Robert and his loyal butler restore the royal castle, these golden stars are used to unlock new areas within the castle and progress the story. Each new area unlocked presents additional levels to conquer, making the collection of golden stars a central part of your Royal Match journey.

To earn golden stars, you need to fulfill the objectives of each level within the allowed number of moves. These objectives can vary from level to level, ranging from collecting a certain number of specific game pieces like, removing jelly, breaking boxes, and more. Planning your moves strategically and utilizing your boosters effectively can help you achieve these objectives and earn those coveted golden stars.

Remember, the more efficiently you complete a level (i.e., using fewer moves), the more golden stars you earn. Therefore, it’s important to always aim for efficiency rather than speed.

Utilizing Boosters in Royal Match

In Royal Match, boosters are your best friends. They are powerful tools that can significantly aid you in breezing through the levels. To get the most out of these boosters, it’s important to understand their unique characteristics and capabilities.

Royal Match TNT


Pre-Level Boosters: A Head Start for Your Game

Pre-level boosters are earned through various events and can be activated before a level begins, giving you a head start.

  • Rocket: Starting a level with a Rocket booster places a Rocket randomly on the board. This immediate clearing effect can give you an advantage right from the start.
  • TNT: The TNT booster begins a level with a TNT randomly positioned on the board. Its explosive power can clear a substantial area, helping you progress quickly.
  • Light Ball: With the Light Ball booster, you start a level with a Light Ball randomly placed on the board. It has the power to clear all items of the same color, offering a significant clearing advantage.

In-Game Boosters: Your Mid-Game Power-ups

These boosters can be used during gameplay, helping you overcome obstacles and progress through levels.

  • Royal Hammer: The Royal Hammer clears a single tile or removes one layer of any obstacle on the board. It’s a strategic tool to eliminate specific tiles or obstacles hindering your progress.
  • Arrow: The Arrow booster clears an entire row of the chosen tile and removes one layer of any obstacle. It’s great for creating cascading effects and clearing a row of tiles.
  • Cannon: The Cannon booster clears an entire column of the selected tile and removes one layer of any obstacle. It’s effective for vertically clearing a column of tiles.
  • Jester Hat: The Jester Hat booster shuffles all the tiles on the board. This comes in handy when you’re stuck and need a new arrangement of tiles to strategize your moves.

Remember, using an in-game booster does not decrease your move count. This means you can employ these powerful tools without worrying about them affecting your remaining moves.

8 Essential Tips and Tricks to Excel in Royal Match

1. Plan Your Moves

Before you start swapping pieces, take a moment to analyze the board. Look for potential combos or sequences that can help you clear more pieces in fewer moves. This strategic approach can help you complete levels more efficiently. Try to envision how the board will change after your move and what new possibilities it will create. This forward-thinking strategy can help you make the most of each move and increase your chances of success.

Royal Match moves


2. Prioritize Objectives

Each level in Royal Match has specific objectives that you need to complete. These could be clearing a certain number of a specific piece, removing all jelly from the board, or achieving a certain score. Always prioritize making moves that will help you meet these objectives. For example, if you need to clear jelly, focus on making matches on or near the jelly. Understanding and focusing on your objectives is key to progressing through the levels.

Royal Match objectives


3. Utilize Boosters Strategically

Boosters are powerful tools that can drastically change the outcome of a level. However, they are also limited. Therefore, it’s essential to use them strategically. Save your boosters for situations where they can have the most significant impact, such as clearing a large number of pieces or obstacles, or when you’re close to completing a level but need a little extra help.

Royal Match boosters


4. Create Power-ups

Creating power-ups in Royal Match is all about matching more than three pieces. Here’s how to create each type:

  • Rockets: Created by matching four pieces in a row or column. Rockets can clear an entire row or column, helping you progress quickly.
  • TNT: Formed by matching five pieces in a T or L shape. Bombs can explode and clear surrounding pieces, making them a powerful tool for clearing larger areas.
  • Light Balls: Produced by matching five pieces in a straight line. Light Balls can clear all items of the same color from the board, offering a significant boost in clearing pieces.

These power-ups can clear many pieces at once and can be pivotal in your progress through the game. Always be vigilant for opportunities to create these potent tools.

Royal Match Light ball


5. Combine Power-ups

Combining two power-ups in Royal Match can result in a powerful effect that can significantly alter the game board. Here’s how to create each combination:

  • Rocket + Rocket: This combination clears both the row and column of the selected tile, resulting in a more extensive area being cleared.
  • Rocket + TNT: When combined, the Rocket and Bomb clear three rows and three columns of the selected tile, creating a larger explosion.
  • TNT + TNT: Combining two Bombs clears the items within a four-tile radius, causing a substantial impact on the surrounding area.
  • Light Ball + Light Ball: Combining two Light Balls clears all the items on the board, and it also removes one layer from any game element present.
  • Light Ball + Rocket or TNT or Propeller: When combined with a Rocket, Bomb, or Propeller, the Light Ball transforms the most common colored items on the board into the corresponding power-up. This can be useful for targeting specific areas or creating chain reactions.
  • Propeller + Rocket or TNT: If combined with a Rocket or Bomb, the Propeller carries the explosive power-up to a random tile. When taking off, this combination clears neighboring tiles as well.
  • Propeller + Propeller: When combined, three Propellers are created, each clearing a random game element. The Propellers also clear neighboring tiles when they take off.


Royal Match powerups


6. Take Advantage of In-game Events

Royal Match regularly hosts in-game events that provide opportunities to earn free boosters, coins, or other rewards. Participating in these events not only adds variety to your gameplay but also gives you a chance to stock up on valuable resources. Therefore, always keep an eye out for these events and participate whenever possible.

Royal Match in game events


7. Play Bonus Levels

Royal Match offers a unique feature known as the bonus level, accessible once a day. The primary goal in the Bonus Level is to amass as many coins as possible until you exhaust all available moves. All the coins collected during this level will be added directly to your coin inventory. Besides providing additional resources, the bonus level also offers a unique challenge and a fun change of pace from the regular levels. Therefore, make sure to play the bonus level whenever it’s available.

Royal Match bonus level


8. Maximize the Butler’s Gift

The Butler’s Gift is a unique feature in Royal Match, activated when you reach the 32nd level. This feature rewards you with free boosters for every level or round you beat without losing. The more consecutive levels you win, the better the rewards.

For each level you win consecutively, you earn free boosters that will help you at the beginning of the subsequent level. The rewards from Butler’s Gift are structured in stages. After winning consecutive levels, you will receive:

  • Stage 1: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller
  • Stage 2: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller + 1 TNT
  • Stage 3: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller + 1 TNT + 1 Light Ball

As long as you do not fail a level after reaching the maximum level of Butler’s Gift, you will be able to start new levels with 1 Rocket, 1 Propeller, 1 TNT, and 1 Light Ball. The Butler’s Gift will reset if a level is failed, and you will have to start the upgrading process over.

Royal Match butler's gift


The Joy of Playing Royal Match: More Than Just A Game

Royal Match is more than just a game; it’s a delightful escape and a refreshing treat for your mind. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or seeking a fun challenge, this game provides an engaging and satisfying experience.

You don’t need a WiFi connection to enjoy the game, making it perfect for commutes, breaks, or any time when you’re away from the internet. This feature gives you the freedom to play anytime, anywhere. The game also offers an ad-free experience. You can immerse yourself in the captivating world of Royal Match without any interruptions, enhancing your enjoyment and focus on the game.

In conclusion, Royal Match is not just about winning levels or collecting coins; it’s about treating yourself to moments of joy and relaxation. So why wait? Dive into this entertaining adventure puzzle today!


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