Scribble Rider Guide – Tips To Complete More Levels

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Posted on September 11, 2021

VOODOO has been known to create fun casual games, and one of those they made is Scribble Rider. It’s a simple action racing game where you get to compete against other players from around the world. You get to ride a bike and race on a track that’s full of obstacles. But what’s fun and unique about this game is that you get to draw the wheel of your bike. When you start playing, there will be white space on the screen to draw your wheel. It can be in any shape and form.

You can have a triangle wheel, square wheel, cross wheel, or even a line wheel. You can draw whatever shape you want, and that will be the wheel of your bike. But keep in mind that the kind of wheel you will use will significantly affect how fast your bike will go. This doesn’t mean that a wheel is always the best option.

As mentioned earlier, there will be plenty of obstacles, so you’ll have to adapt your wheel to the condition. This makes it harder for players to complete levels. This blog post will be a Scribble Rider guide and provide tips for completing more levels.

Constantly Adapt Your Wheel to the Road Conditions

Probably an essential thing that you should remember about this game is adapting. It would be best if you constantly adapted the wheel you are using to the condition of the road. If it’s a flat surface, then a circular wheel will always be a good choice. But if the surface looks like stairs, you might want to consider a hook-like wheel or triangle wheel. You’ll be faced with many different obstacles as you progress in the level. Your ability to adapt and figure out what wheel works will be key in helping you complete more levels efficiently.
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Always Change Your Wheel if It Doesn’t Work

It’s also important to remember that you can instantly change your wheel if it doesn’t work out. The great thing about Scribble Rider is that there won’t be any limit to how many times you can change the wheel. There’s also no cooldown after you draw your first wheel, which means you can immediately change it. So, don’t hesitate to directly alter your wheel, especially if it’s not working out. Remember, it’s a race, so you need to ensure your bike will always move forward as fast as possible. And the kind of wheel you’re using will help determine that.

Take Advantage of the Freeze Opponent

Another good thing about Scribble Rider is that it will provide all players with the Freeze Opponent booster. This booster is not available immediately. It usually appears once an opponent gets ahead of you. It will freeze the opponent for a few seconds when you press it, allowing you to catch up or even pass them by. Make sure you take advantage of this booster whenever it becomes available. If you wait too long in using the booster, it might not even matter because your opponent could be too far already. Whenever the Freeze Opponent becomes available, use it to help you catch up or pass the opponent by.
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Simple is Always Better

Since you can create whatever shape you want, you might be more creative about wheel shape. But you have to remember that this is a race and not who is the most creative player. This means that you don’t have to draw something complicated or complex. Not only will you waste time, but a complex drawing might not work as well as you thought. If you need a circle, draw a simple circle. If you need a hook for a wheel, then pull the hook — no need to try and be creative. Remember, the goal is for your wheel to work and help you move faster forward.

Quickly Learn How the Drone Feature Works

There will be a level where you’ll encounter a cliff or mountain that your bike won’t be able to climb. When this happens, your bike’s drone feature will automatically activate to help you scale that cliff. This will be a tricky part of the game since the wrong wheel would make it hard to control the drone.

When you’re already in the air, you’ll need a wheel that looks more like a helicopter blade. This will likely take some time for you to figure out how to make this work properly. So don’t worry if you fail. Just repeat the level until you figure it out and complete it. Once you figure out how it works, you’ll have an easier time with a similar obstacle.

Scribble Rider might seem like an easy game to play, and it is early on. But as you progress further, it becomes more challenging since the obstacles become harder. With the tips provided here, you’ll have a higher chance of completing levels.

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