Splash Cars – Top Tips & Tricks to Win The Game

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Posted on November 26, 2021

Get ready to splash colors in a gray town in Splash Cars. In the process, you need to avoid police vehicles that are trying to catch you. You want to create a wonderful and colorful world, but these nasty cops are mad that you’re riding free and trying to shake up the order.

Be quick as you break the chase and start adding colorful hues to the world. Be careful as the cops are relentless and will keep chasing you to the ends of the world. If you want to find out how to win in this game, we compiled some of the best tips below.

Tips to Win Splash Cars

In this racing game, all you have to do is hop on a car that oozes paint and color the environment as you go. But you have to avoid cops that are endlessly tailing you. There are 20 different maps you can discover, so your job is to drive and color as much of the environment as you can before running out of fuel or getting caught.

Superb Strategy with Maps

You’ll basically need to cover as much of the environment as you can to win. And you can do that by being efficient. You need to avoid going over the same areas twice, especially since you only have limited fuel and you don’t want to waste it by double-painting.

So, the first thing to remember is to study the map before driving. The camera will zoom out to show you most of the environment before you start. Studying the map is important, so remember where the gas cans, lawnmowers, and power-ups are.

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A strong start can be the key for you to finish the entire map. You basically have 20 seconds to plot out your strategy on how you’re going to start with the game. And of course, you’ll effectively hit your level goals with little to no problems.

Know Your Vehicles

There are three kinds of vehicles in Splash Cars, these are police cars, your own cars, and capturable vehicles. Lawnmowers and street cleaners are two of the capturable vehicles, which may seem like a nuisance at first. They will erase your paint if you don’t capture them. But if you catch them, these vehicles can help paint the town with you. So, try to collect or catch them when you spot one along the way.

Street cleaners will usually go on a straight line and paint or erase along the outside of town, so they’re pretty predictable. On the other hand, the lawn mowers are not so much. That’s because they seem to have a mind of their own and like to go just about anywhere. So, the trick is to know where the lawn mower’s starting location is.

Next is your vehicle, which is the only one you control. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock and buy more types of vehicles using gold coins. You can save your coins and wait for a particular vehicle to return to its normal price after the price hike. Upgraded cars can be more fast, efficient, and sleek.

Finally, the police cars are basically the villains in the game. They will try to chase you and slow you down. Therefore, you must avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, it’s game over.

What are Power-Ups?

In Splash Cars, you’ll find a wide variety of power-ups you can use. Some are valuable while some can be irritating. And the best part is you can upgrade all of them by completing meter goals, so make sure to upgrade those that are a huge help to you. For example, driving 125,000 meters will upgrade the Micromachine power-up and will shrink you 25% more.

The first power-up is the Magnet, which pretty much creates a ring around your car that sucks in gas, coins, and blueprints. You can unlock it at 200 M. +20 seconds at 500,000. The next one is the Cop Freezer, which zaps the police vehicles for a few seconds, so they can’t chase you. Unlock it at 2,900 M. +5 seconds at 500,000.

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Brush up is another power-up, which makes your car temporarily huge, which means you can paint more of the map. Unlock it at 7,500 M. +6 seconds at 3,000 M. 20% bigger at 105,000 M. Super Switch is a kind of power-up that will switch your car for one of the faster cars, allowing you to outrun the cops like a pro. Unlock it at 11,000 M. +10 seconds at 180,000 M.

Turbo means there are flames coming out at the back, and you can unlock it at 18,000 M. +15 seconds at 400,000. Cop Time turns you into a cop and turns all the police cars into painter cars. You can unlock this power-up at 30,000 M. +13 seconds at 230,000 M.

Invisibility is a power-up that’s mildly irritating since you’re invisible and it’s pretty hard to steer if you can’t see yourself. This can be unlocked at 45,000 M. +10 seconds at 300,000 M. Finally, you can get the Micromachine at 96,000 M. 25% smaller at 125,000 M. This power-up basically makes you smaller.

Surely, these tips and tricks will help you win the race. Play the Splash Cars game now by downloading the free PC version here on Games.lol.

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