Stacky Dash Guide – Tips To Doing Well In This Game

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Posted on August 27, 2021

One of the famous and fun hypercasual games you can play right now is Stacky Dash. It’s a casual action game with a hint of a puzzle developed by Born2Play and published by Supersonic Studios LTD. It’s a game where your goal is to stack as many tiles as you can. You use the tiles to cross gaps and reach the treasure chest in the end. There will be paths for you to follow, and the path will contain tiles that you can acquire by just passing on them.

To move, you swipe in the direction you are going. You can swipe up, down, right, or left. Once you swipe, your character will continue moving until it reaches a wall then you select the new direction. Keep in mind that you can only move within the available path. The paths you’ll follow also differ per level. This means that there will be different patterns that you’ll have to follow to get all of the tiles in the level and reach the treasure chest. This is easy at first, but it becomes a bit more challenging as you progress further. Now, this blog post will be a Stacky Dash guide and provide tips to have better gameplay.

Tips To Playing Stacky Dash

The ultimate goal in Stacky Dash is to reach the end of the level where the treasure chest is located. Doing that will provide you with times five on your score, thus increasing the gold coins you earn. But to do that, you’ll have to stack as many tiles as you can. You can still complete the level if you don’t reach the treasure chest, but the bonus score you get will depend on your distance to the chest. To help you always run the treasure chest, let’s discuss some tips in this section.

Stacky Dash Coins and Levels


Always Collect Every Tile

One of the most important things to always remember when playing Stacky Dash is to collect all available tiles. This is because this is what you’ll need to have if you want to reach the treasure chest in the end. If you miss just one tile, you will likely fall short of the platform where the chest is located and don’t get the highest score possible.

The great thing about this game is that there’s no time limit or timer when you play. You can take your time in figuring out the correct path to go to, so you can get all of the available tiles. So, no need to rush in getting to the end. Take your time and collect all the tiles in the level to reach the chest in the future.

Be Careful of the Bouncy Corners

As you progress further in the levels, the path becomes more complicated and challenging. Aside from a more complex pathway, another challenge you’ll face is the bouncy corners. Your character usually stops when it reaches the end of the path. But with the bouncy corner, your character will instead bounce and continue to move in a different direction. This is something that you should watch out for, especially when you’re on the last island.

You don’t want to accidentally finish the level because of a bad bounce before you can collect all tiles. The bouncy corners will usually have a small triangle at one of the corners, which indicates that you will bounce there. On some levels, the bouncy marker will take the form of an arrow. Make sure you watch out for it so you won’t accidentally bounce towards the exit.

Take Advantage of Bonus Rounds in Stacky Dash

After completing several levels, there will be a bonus level that you can participate in. You need to watch an ad to get access to that bonus level. It would be best if you took advantage of it since it’s a great way to earn some more coins. At the bonus level, you won’t be collecting tiles. You’ll be collecting coins instead. This is a great way to earn more coins in the game, so take advantage of it whenever it becomes available.

Stacky Dash Level 57 Game


Watch More Videos to Increase Coins

You get to collect coins in this game, which you use to purchase character skins or game backdrops. They don’t necessarily improve your performance, but they add coolness and personalization to the game. The fastest way to collect coins is to watch ad videos at the end of completing a level that can significantly increase your coin earnings and allow you to purchase the skin you want in no time.

Stacky Dash Final Thoughts

Stacky Dash is an entertaining action puzzle that you will enjoy playing. Though the gameplay is simple and easy, it can become challenging, especially in the later rounds. But the tips provided here will help you play the game better and reach the treasure chest in the end.

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