Stormshot Guide – A Beginner’s Guide to Skull Island Adventure

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Posted on August 14, 2023

Stormshot: Skull Island Adventure brings together a bunch of tricky gaming methods. These can be a real challenge for players trying to compete with the best. If you’re new to this type of game, it might be tough to get into it. But it’s possible, especially since experienced players have been at it for many years. Fotunately, our Stormshot guide is here to help you out. We strive to make your learning journey smoother with some helpful tips and tricks.

Our Straightforward Stormshot Game Guide

Below are some Stormshot tips and tricks every beginner should know. When it comes to playing Stormshot: Skull Isle Odyssey (previously named Stormshot: Isle of Adventure), you’ll need the following guidelines:

Check the Inventory for Some Essential Resources

One common mistake players often make is neglecting to check their inventory for valuable items like resource packs and speedups. These items are incredibly handy, especially those containing gold. It’s a premium resource that can be used for various purposes, including hiring secondary builders. While it’s essential to explore what you have, it’s advisable not to redeem all items at once. It could lead to an overflow of resources that might not be needed.

Speedups are another crucial item found in your inventory. Don’t hesitate to use them, especially during the early stages of the game when they can be most effective. Maximizing speedups in the early game will boost your estate’s level. Therefore, leading to faster and more efficient production. We encourage players to actively use speedups on tasks that take more than 1 minute. By doing so, you can make the most out of these valuable resources.

Find Something Productive for Your Estate to Do

A fundamental strategy that players must grasp in RTS games is keeping their estate occupied. Being efficient with your time and performing as many useful actions as possible in a short period is the key to success in real-time strategy games. While we don’t expect you to be glued to Stormshot: Skull Island Adventure all day long, it’s beneficial to keep your workers busy on the estate.

To keep your settlement bustling, ensure there’s always something happening in construction, research, troop training, and troop movement. By keeping all these areas active, you continuously strengthen your estate, gain kingdom power, and upgrade essential structures to higher levels. These tasks are relatively simple, as you only need to spend 5 minutes every hour clicking on various tasks to get them done. This way, you’ll steadily progress and thrive in the game.

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Image Source: Stormshot Skull Isle Odyssey Gameplay Walkthrough


Find the Right Time to Send Your Troops Out

In Stormshot, one of the most challenging tasks you’ll face is mobilizing your army because you might eventually run out of nearby enemies to attack. To overcome this, ensure you keep attacking whenever you’re online, as it’s a way to earn crucial resources needed for upgrading your estate in the future. However, avoid picking fights with enemy players you suspect are actively playing the game.

When sending your troops to battle against enemies, always assign a capable hero to lead them. Efficiency in your attacks should be your top priority to avoid losing more than 10% of your army each time you engage. Aim to target enemies you can overpower for a decisive victory, ensuring that you only gain from these attacks and minimize your losses.
stormshot troops


Complete Daily Missions

Daily tasks are a common feature, and Stormshot is no exception. Engaging in daily missions and activities is related to the idea of keeping your estate active, as you can fulfill these tasks by simply completing the available activities in your settlement. While it may not seem overly exciting to do these daily tasks every day, they are essential because they help players monitor their progress and earn valuable rewards along the way.

Completing missions and quests is a great method to earn valuable rewards, which can be used to upgrade your settlement. Resources can be quite scarce, especially in the early to mid stages of the game if you haven’t established a functional economy. Additionally, there are occasional seasonal events that players should participate in since they offer abundant rewards, many of which are time-limited and can significantly boost your progress early on.
stormshot quests


Join Alliances & Make Friends

In any real-time strategy game, alliances play a crucial role, especially for beginners unfamiliar with the genre. Becoming part of an alliance not only grants you a sense of standing in the world but also acts as a deterrent against potential attacks from other players. When others know you have the support of powerful players, they are less likely to target you. Remember, joining a strong alliance is preferable to creating your own if security is your concern.

Once you’ve joined an alliance, consider relocating your settlement closer to your alliance’s top players. This proximity allows them to protect you more effectively. It’s mainly for reducing the travel time for reinforcements. While you might face some competition for resources in the vicinity, it’s still a better option than being targeted and bullied by stronger players.

Learn How to Play Stormshot with Our Valuable Game Guide

Stormshot: Skull Island Adventure offers a challenging and exciting strategy gaming experience with its diverse gameplay mechanics. As a beginner, it may seem daunting to compete with seasoned players, but fear not! Our Stormshot guide, you can navigate the game with ease and make the most out of these valuable tips and tricks.

By following the strategies above, you’ll thrive in Stormshot and forge a path to success in the captivating world of Skull Island Adventure. Good luck on your journey!

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