Stranger Things PC: Solve The Mystery Of The Upside Down

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Posted on July 22, 2021

The popular TV series Stranger Things now makes its way into PC! Experience first hand what it’s like to live in the peaceful yet mysterious town of Hawkins. Strange things are happening in this town, and no one can explain it. Guide uncanny heroes as they try to solve the mysteries behind the “Upside Down” and save their homes from supernatural dangers.

Stranger Things: The Game is an action-adventure video game where you play the roles of the characters from the popular TV series. You’ll get to live their stories as you discover the horrors behind the Upside Down. Additionally, you’ll also encounter the people looking to exploit the world and use it for selfish means. Join Hopper and the gang in their quest to save their little town from the perils of an unknown world.

Enter Hawkins Where Stranger Things Happen

Hawkins is a small peaceful town where nothing’s out of the ordinary. All of that changed, however, when one boy mysteriously disappeared. Apart from Will’s disappearance, people have started catching a glimpse of a world unfamiliar to them. Some have been forcibly transported to it. What’s worse is that inside the upside-down world is a monstrous creature known as the Demogorgon.

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The Stranger Things game sports an old-school 1980s visual similar to the TV series. You get to explore the exciting and unnerving areas of Hawkins including Mirkwood Forest and The Hawkins lab. Like most video games, you also get to search for collectibles that will let you unlock secrets– particularly Eggos and Gnomes. Try to find them all and see what happens! It also lets you gather all the iconic characters from the series. You get to meet them in your adventures with each one possessing unique skills and abilities. Let’s discuss them in full detail below.

Relive The Life Of The Iconic Characters

The game lets you meet and play as the unlikely heroes of Stranger Things. Each character has its unique set of skills and abilities fit for certain roles. You won’t be stuck using one character throughout the game. In fact, you can switch between them in real-time as you solve puzzles on every level. The ordeal, however, is that you need to find them and convince them to join your party. So, make sure to scour every nook and cranny, and gather the gang. This is your only way to overcome every challenge.

You might be wondering who these characters are and the skills they have. To make your journey easier, we’ll talk about each character including their skills and location. We’ll start first with Hopper. You’ll start the game with this character. He’s tasked with finding the missing kids of Hawkins. He has the Super Punch skill that lets him break stuff and defeat bad guys. Next up is Lucas, who happens to be in the Hawkins Lab in Chapter 1. He has a Wrist Rocket that lets you hit targets from afar.

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When you get to Chapter 2, you’ll find Nancy inside the Forest Maze. She carries a mighty bat called Lil Slugger which you can use to whack enemies or break harder obstacles. Once you’ve reached Chapter 3, you’ll meet Mike in Hawkins Middle School. He carries a flashlight that stuns enemies and a bike that you can use to travel and jump over ramps fast. Finally, you’ll meet Dustin in Chapter 5 in Hawkins Public Library. He can distract enemies with his Pudding.

The game employs secret characters like Eleven who can be unlocked if you collect all eight Eggo Waffles and open the box in the forest. The iconic Max is also available in the Season 2 content update.

Solve Mysteries & Uncover The Truth

As you may have noticed, each hero in the game is scattered throughout the different chapters. Aside from Hopper, none of them are available for play at the start. You’ll have to go through each chapter and find them in every location. So, you’ll have to solve the puzzles halfway through first before you can add more to your roster. Now it might seem tough but the game isn’t as brutal as you think. The puzzles you’ll encounter can be accomplished with the current roster you have up until you reach the area where you meet the new hero.

Once you’ve reached the location of the new character, the puzzles you need to solve gets tougher. Usually, it’s a hint that the new addition to your party is the solution that you need. You can also try to backtrack your steps if you couldn’t reach areas because of obstacles. You’ll never know where the secret Eggo Waffles will be, after all.

So, gather the team, and solve the mysteries behind the Upside Down and Hawkins. Expose the bad guys behind these strange events by playing Stranger Things on PC today! Use our client for a more immersive experience. Just beware of the infamous Demogorgon!

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