Suspects: Mystery Mansion Guide – Learn How To Play The Game

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Posted on July 16, 2021

If you were a big fan of the mega-hit action multiplayer game. Among Us, then you will also like this game. It’s titled Suspects: Mystery Mansion, a social deduction game that’s published by Wildlife Studios. It follows similar gameplay to that of Among Us.

In this game, guests of the mansion will be performing various tasks located in different parts of the mansion. Their goal is to complete all tasks to win the game. But doing this won’t be easy since there’s going to be one or two killers hiding among the guests, and their goal is to kill everyone else without being identified.

The action game Suspects: Mystery Mansion also follows a similar process of trying to figure out who the killer is. Players can call for a meeting or report a dead body and then they get to vote who they think is the killer. Of course, not everything about this game is taken from Among Us. There are also things about this game that’s different, like the role of the detective. This calls for more dynamic and awesome gameplay. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how the actual gameplay works, as well as how to play certain modes.

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The Gameplay of Suspects: Mystery Mansion

As mentioned earlier the gameplay of Suspects: Mystery Mansion is similar to that of Among Us. But there are also major differences, and one of them is the Detective role. This role is only in advanced mode, so you’ll need to reach that level first. What’s special about the Detective is that they can see the footprints of other players. This will make it easier to find out who the killer is.

Another role that’s not present in the popular action multiplayer is the Inspector. This role is available in advanced and intermediate modes. They do have similar roles to guests in that they also perform tasks, but they can analyze and discern who the killer is to their advantage. Unlocking the intermediate mode requires your account’s IQ to be at 1050 while the advanced is unlocked at 2500.

You earn IQ points as you play the game and win. The IQ points also act as your ranking in the game. There’s a leaderboard where you can see your ranking based on your IQ points. This adds a bit of competitiveness to the game since you’d likely want to see yourself at the top of the leaderboards. The developers also say that matches are fairer since they make sure players have similar skill levels. This likely means you’ll play against people with similar IQ levels.

There are also cute animal characters that you can collect. You can acquire them in various ways, including as rewards for leveling up. These unique features add a new layer that makes this social deduction game more exciting and fun to play.

Game Modes of Suspects: Mystery Mansion

There are two main game modes available in Suspects: Mystery Mansion. The Classic Modes and the Special Events. The classic mode is where you will be able to play the normal game mode where players are either guests or killers. There are 3 sub-game modes under the classic mode, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Beginner is the game mode available at the start and it uses a smaller map and has fewer players.

Intermediate is for those who already got the hang of this action game. It adds the Inspector role, and a larger map is also available to use. There are also more players in this sub-game mode. The last is the Advanced Mode and it’s for those who are pro players. In this game mode, the Detective role is unlocked.

Suspects Mystery Mansion game modes

On the other hand, the Special Events game mode currently has two types, the Vigilante and Everyone Can KilI. In Vigilante, another role is added and it’s that of the vigilante. Your goal is to find out who the killer is and successfully kick them out of the mansion.

Meanwhile, as a vigilante, you will have the ability to shoot a player. Just go near a player and tap the shoot button. But be careful since you will die if you shoot a guest, so you can’t just go about shooting anyone you think is a suspect.

The Everyone Can Kill game mode is where all players in the game, whether killer or guest, will have the ability to kill. This will make it harder to find out who the real killer is. These game modes are locked and are only available once you reach Tier 5 of the Gold Pass. Don’t worry, you can gain experience as you play the game.

Playing Suspects: Mystery Mansion

When you play this action game, you can choose to just join an existing room or create your own. To join an existing room, just tap the Play button at the bottom right and select the game mode you want to participate in. Just wait for the room to fill and you’ll start the game. This is where you will be able to play the game with people from different parts of the world. You can choose to play different characters in the game, provided you have them.

If you prefer to play with your friends, you can tap the Play with friends button. There, you can create your own game or join a room that your friend created. To join, you just need the match code to the room. When you create, you first choose a map—either The Mansion or The Hotel and then select the region. After that, you will go to the lobby area. Then, you can invite people to the game by giving them the match code. Keep in mind that you can only invite people who are on your friends list.

Final Words

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a game that provides new elements to the social deduction genre that people have grown to love. The added elements make it unique and more fun to play. In terms of learning how to play it, the learning curve isn’t steep since the gameplay and controls are similar to that of Among Us.

In addition, the new roles may require some minor adjustments when playing, but it’s not something that will hinder your experience. We hope that this blog post has provided you with more information about this exciting action game.

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