The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – The Picture on the Wall Puzzle

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Posted on March 15, 2023

The Hidden Town escape video game franchise continues with The Unwanted Experiment. It is a single-player, puzzle, and hidden object adventure game from Dark Dome. It has exciting gameplay and a bizarre mystery that you must unravel to get to the end. In this thrilling adventure, players will engage with two people who must support one another and escape from the strange laboratory.

Like countless other hidden object puzzle games, The Unwanted Experiment allows players to interact with various things/objects by simply clicking. Since the game takes place in a cottage with numerous rooms, it has arrow keys that players can utilize to navigate across various areas. Players have to look for hidden items in the game and place them in their inventory. They can then click the object from their inventory whenever they require it to complete a puzzle. Players can also merge some items to create new ones.

The Hidden Town
The Hidden Town Banner from Dark Dome

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of its gameplay since The Unwanted Experiment packs quite a challenge, especially for newbies. With that said, today we will be walking you through the mysterious Hidden Town and help avoid becoming an unwanted experiment. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

The Unwanted Experiment – Walkthrough to Solving the Photo on the Wall

Before we proceed, do take note that spoilers will be present in this walkthrough. With that out of the way, let us proceed.

Curiosity Trapped the Cat

The Unwanted Experiment opens with the mysterious scientist’s arrival at the property on the fringes of Hidden Town. Soon after he arrived, the locals began noticing weird forms moving in the pitch-black area next to his cabin. Nobody knew anything about the scientist because he avoids interacting with the villagers. Only that he had established his laboratory in his home’s basement was all they were aware of.

The Unwanted Experiment feature
The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – Banner

A curious resident of the Hidden Town named Erik Dorian wanted to verify the legitimacy of the weird creature stories. He knew he was getting near to solving the mystery of the weird scientist when he found the doorway to the underground facility. He was so excited that he failed to notice the odd scientist sneaking up behind him. The scientist knocked out Erik before he could respond. Erik is now in the subterranean laboratory, bound to a chair when he awoke.

The Unbinding of Erick

Helping Erick is the easiest puzzle in the game. This level will also provide you with an overview of the puzzle mechanics. Within one of the chambers of a shabby laboratory, Erick Dorian, the lead character, is bound to a chair. He needs to get out before the crazy scientist uses him in a risky experiment. To awaken Erick, click on him. He will strive to release his own bonds. Click on him once more to free his shackled hands. Keep clicking on his wrists to free him. The friction of the rope striking the shelf next to the chair should cause it to tear.

The Unwanted Experiment Erik
The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – Untying Erick bound in a chair

After freeing Erick, your next focus should be to solve the first puzzle by collecting the necessary items from other rooms. With that out of the way, let us proceed to our main mission, which is to solve the photo pin-board puzzle.

The Photo on the Wall Puzzle Solution

Tap the left and right icons to navigate your way through the rooms. Go over to the room with the microscope. Then, take hold of the clear plastic material by opening the tabletop where the microscope resides. You will be able to find a diagram there. The pictures show a graphic representation of a molecule, better known as the skeletal formula. You might have seen this in chemistry class where two hexagons have lines within each of them.

After which you must make your way to the dartboard chamber, click, and open the red file on the shelf on the right side. You will notice that there are two black rectangles and squares on the first two pages in an odd pattern. “Grab” the diagram on your inventory. This will fuse the clear sheet of plastic with the diagram.

The Unwanted Experiment red file
The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – The Red File

Next, you need to analyze the red lines within the hexagons. You will notice that the two black rectangles or squares on the right side of the page are overlapping with each other. Doing this will result in the PH hexagon containing three lines and the CH2 hexagon with one. Then you need to click the clear piece of plastic to rotate it. This will result in additional lines inside the black squares. By now, the PH hexagon will have four lines within, and the CH2 hexagon with two red lines.

The Unwanted Experiment pinboard
The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – The Pinboard in the Microscope Chamber

Return to the microscope chamber and click on any of the two pinboards just above the microscope to view the pictures. You should be able to see that the shape and placement are similar to the hexagons. You will also notice unique symbols in each of the photos. Take note of each symbol because they are codes that will unlock a box.

The Unwanted Experiment wardrobe
The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – The Wardrobe Chamber

You will find that box in the room that contains a dresser with a gooey substance oozing from it and a locked cell door. The box is in the middle of both locations on top of a wooden table. It is highly recommended to jot down the symbols from the red file. This will help you enter each symbol correctly and open the box faster. Review the red lines within each hexagon in the diagram.

By now, you will notice that the red lines are overlapping all the squares on the left and right sides. Rotate the clear plastic until the red lines are overlapping the uppermost black squares on the left and right sides. It is important to keep in mind the number of red lines inside the four black squares at the edge of both the left and right pages.

The Unwanted Experiment box
The Unwanted Experiment Walkthrough – The Box in the Wardrobe Chamber

This will show the proper placement of the four photos in the microscope chamber. Arrange and memorize the placement of the photos with the red lines and take note of the symbols on each photo. After that, all you need to do is go back to the box and input the symbols in the correct order. This will open the box, which will contain two important items that you need to solve the next puzzle.

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