10 Best Escape The Room Games To Challenge Your Wits

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Posted on November 20, 2022

Puzzle games are fun because they provide a fun way for you to test your brain. These types of games will make you think as you try to solve the puzzle to complete a level. One subgenre of puzzle games that are becoming popular for many players is escape room games.

These are games where you try to solve various puzzles or riddles so you can escape the room or house you’re trapped in. They’re great games that will test your wits and smarts. It’s also more satisfying to solve them because you get to escape.

This is why many people love playing it and why there are lots of escape the room games available. To make sure you only play the best, we listed down the most challenging escape the room games you can play in this blog post. Here are those.

1. Escape Alcatraz

One of the best fun escape the room game you can play right now is Escape Alcatraz. It’s also a challenging puzzle game, so you’ll love it if you enjoy some challenges. It’s a puzzle game where you try to escape from the famous Alcatraz Prison.

This won’t be easy to do and you’ll have to find items that will help you achieve this feat. But you have to be wary of the watchful eyes of the prison guards, which adds to the game’s challenge and excitement.

escape alcatraz


2. Cube Escape: The Mill

Do you think being stuck on a farm is not a bad thing? Well, try playing Cube Escape: The Mill, where weird and mysterious things happen. And these things are not pleasant at all. You’ll have to find a way out or you will be forever stuck in this never-ending hell experience.

Finding a way out is simple, you just have to solve puzzles. But that is easier said than done. You will need to be good at using your wits in solving the puzzles that are presented. It’s a great escape the room game that you’ll enjoy playing.

cube escape the mill download


3. Spotlight Room Escape

Here’s a simple escape the room game that you can play. It’s titled Spotlight Room Escape, where your objective is to escape from the house that you’re in. And to do that, you just solve riddles and puzzles. Though the game sounds simple, it isn’t very easy to play.

You have to be good at finding clues from your environment and surrounding area to find answers to the puzzle or riddles. You will also need a keen eye to see items that can help solve the puzzle. It’s a challenging game that’s also addictive to play.

spotlight room escape


4. Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

If you’re into murder mysteries, then you will love playing Adventure Escape: Murder Manor. It’s an escape the room mystery game where you play the role of a detective and was invited to the famous Wickham Manor.

But a murder happened and the killer is still on the loose, which means everyone is in danger. You will need to find a way to escape from the manor and you’ll do that by solving puzzles. You will also need to gather tools that can help in your escape and in defending yourself.

adventure escape gameplay


5. Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

Another murder mystery game, but with more horror in it that you can play is Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room. It’s a game where you have a creepy neighbor Mr. Meat. But Mr. Meat happens to be a zombie who eats human flesh.

But he goes about it like a serial killer, who traps and kidnaps victims and eats them at his home. It’s up to you to stop him, but first, you need to escape from his house. You will need to scour his house to find items and tools you’ll need, as well as occasionally solve puzzles.

mr meat download


6. Scary Horror 2: Escape Games

Do you think you have what it takes to escape from horror locations? Try playing Scary Horror 2: Escape Games then. It’s a game where you try to find hidden clues and items that will help you escape the current location you have and move to the next location.

The catch? The locations are straight out of horror movies. That’s right, you’ll be seeing ghosts, ghouls, and other gory and scary scenes. Do you think you can concentrate enough to investigate and find hidden clues and items? It’s possible, but it will be hard.

scary horror 2 free


7. Escape Game: Home Town Adventure

Here’s an escape game where you’re not just trying to escape, but also trying to solve the mystery of your town. It’s titled Escape Game: Home Town Adventure, where you try to solve the mystery that’s plaguing your town as you also try to escape from it.

To solve the mystery and escape, you will need to complete puzzles. But these puzzles won’t be that easy. You will need to have a keen eye to find hidden clues or items that will help you solve the puzzle and move to the next location.

escape game home town adventure


8. Escape The Mansion

If you are looking for a more simple and quicker escape the room puzzle game to play, then you have Escape The Mansion. It’s a game where you get to solve different but quick puzzles to get out of your current location and move to the next.

Some of the puzzles are easy while some can be a bit challenging. The simplicity of the gameplay is something you’d enjoy, especially if you just need a game that can help relax for a quick break from work or school.

escape the mansion


9. Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game

Another scary game that you can play is Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game. It’s an escape game where you try to find your way out of a haunted hospital asylum.

But unlike other escape the room games on this list, the puzzle you’ll solve here is finding hidden objects. That’s right, you’ll be given scary scenes and you will try to find the objects listed. You will need a clear and observant eye to do well in this game.

haunted hospital asylum


10. Adventure Escape: Time Library

The last escape the room game on this list is Adventure Escape: Time Library. You follow Alice on an adventure through time and space as she experienced time to travel out of curiosity.

You get to see great visuals in this game while solving puzzles to help you leave your current location and move to the next one. It’s an awesome escape the room game that you’ll love playing because of the great visuals it features.

adventure escape time library

Don’t think these are the only escape the room games available. There are still many out there, but these are some of the best and most challenging escape-themed games you can play.

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