5 Tips to Get Started with Kick the Buddy

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Posted on April 20, 2021

Video games are made to help us relax, alleviate stress, and keep us entertained when we are anxious. And so, there are different kinds of video games made for players who want to blow off their steam, one way or another. There are games designed for players to punch, kick, and hurt a ragdoll to vent out their stress, like Kick the Buddy! Even if the game’s objective is to hurt the ragdoll using various weapons, you could consider it as a game that can reduce your stress

Ragdoll games are physics-based, so whatever you do to Buddy, it will react accordingly. Moreover, you can experiment on Buddy using the different weapons available and watch how it would react. Ultimately, Kick the Buddy features simple gameplay with fun and interesting elements that would help you relieve your stress. If you find it interesting to play Kick the Buddy, yet you don’t know how to play it, check out our no-brainer tips here.

1. Never Stop Tapping

In Kick the Buddy, all you need to do is to punch, kick, and shoot Buddy until it’s knocked out. The more you tap to hurt Buddy, the more money you earn. That’s why the number one tip is to never stop tapping until Buddy dies to get a high amount of bucks. You can use it to purchase more weapons that you can use to hurt Buddy.

Kick the Buddy Gameplay

Now, one thing you should remember is that each weapon costs differently. Also, the bucks you earn depends on which weapon you use. Therefore, it’s important to save as many bucks as you can and buy a weapon strategically. Some weapons also ask for Gold, which you can only get by purchasing it with real money.

2. Log in Daily in Kick the Buddy

Make sure to log in every day in Kick the Buddy to earn free in-game currency. Each time you log in once a day, there are rewards that you can collect. Most of the time, the game will reward you with bucks. If you log in for 15 days straight, you will earn at least 5,000 bucks. Aside from Bucks, you will also receive a small amount of Gold and other weapons, such as Torch, X-ray, and Snail. That’s why you should never miss a day and log in at least once.

3. Blow Powerful F1 Grenades

If you want to earn more bucks by hurting Buddy, you should think about blowing him up using the F1 Grenade. Each time Buddy is hit by the blast, you will earn four bucks. Throw as many F1 Grenades as you can at Buddy. Once it all detonates, you will earn a huge amount of bucks. Don’t worry because the F1 Grenade is already unlocked at the beginning, so you don’t need to save up on it to use it. Don’t forget to keep on tapping at the screen to unleash a barrage of grenades at Buddy.

4. Try Other Weapons

You won’t earn bucks if Buddy is already KO’d. You have to wait for Buddy to revive before you can hurt him again. If you notice your weapons not earning as much, switch to another weapon and go back to your original one after a short period.

Kick the Buddy Weapons


5. Get Free Stuff

Some items in the Stuff menu have a Free sign. Once you tap on these items, the price of the item in gold will appear, as well as other alternatives that you can fulfill without paying for bucks or gold. You can watch ads, invite friends to play, or follow their Instagram page. You can also invite yourself by inputting your email three times to unlock the free item. All of these you can do to get free items.

And those are a few important tips that you need to remember when you play Kick the Buddy. If you play this game for the first time, there’s no need to pressure yourself if you play it right or not (because duh, there are no rules in this game). Just have fun and enjoy beating Buddy!

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