Toca Life World: Uncover Secrets in the Apartment, Café & More

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Posted on January 20, 2021

Toca Life World is a fun and entertaining educational game that is developed and published by Toca Boca. It is a digital dollhouse game that is designed for kids, but it can still be enjoyed by older gamers. As a digital dollhouse, you will have the freedom to do almost anything that you want here. Characters don’t move or talk on their own, so it will be up to you to move them around, place them in various locations, and create a story for them.

You can also move certain items or place them on a character’s hands so they can carry them. It’s a game where your creativity will be your only limit. But being creative in playing this digital dollhouse is not the only thing you can do in Toca Life World.

The game is also full of fun and exciting secrets for you to uncover. In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the secrets that you can uncover in the game. Well, there’s more! This article will provide some more secrets that you can uncover in Toca Life World.

Secrets of the Apartment Building

The Apartment Building located in OK Street has tons of secrets to uncover. Let’s locate those secrets by floor.

First Floor Secrets

One of the secrets of the Apartment Building is that there is a crumpet hiding there. Go to the first floor of the complex and find the elevator. There is a metal panel above the elevator that you can move. When you remove it, you will find a button that you can press and it will reveal a dance floor with a disco ball at the back of the elevator. Above the dance floor is a Robot crumpet that resembles the robots from Rob-o Café.

Toca Life World Robot Crumpet
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Moving to the left of the screen, just beside the elevator, is the toilet. Go to the toilet bowl tank and open it to uncover the secret gem hidden inside it. Going further left is a bedroom with a double-deck bed. Beside the bed is an open cabinet where items are placed. Remove the items placed on the second shelf of the cabinet to reveal a small door. Open it to get a piece of folded paper with an equation written on it and a Jack Skellington-like apple.

On the far left is another bedroom with a girl with orange hair. On the triangular shelf, there is a purple crystal ball. Place that crystal ball on the girl’s left hand (your right). Then you can go to the second floor.

Second Floor

On the second floor of the apartment, the elevator will have another metal panel that has a button for you to push. When you do so, it will reveal another hidden room at the back of the elevator. But this time, the room is a mini apartment with 3 floors.

On the first floor, inside the bathtub, is another robot crumpet that’s similar to the robots from Rob-o Café. On the 3rd floor of the tiny house, there’s a refrigerator with a bar of chocolate inside. You can feed this to the robot crumpet.

To the right of the floor is an apartment where you will see a small kitchen, an elevated bed with a study/gaming area under it, and a shelf on the side. In the gaming/study area, there’s a small poster of planet Earth. That poster can be rolled up to reveal a pink gem with a cute face on it. Go to the far left of the floor until you reach another bedroom. Place the orange-haired girl who’s holding a crystal ball in that room.

Above the TV, there are 3 paintings hanging on the wall. Remove the painting that’s on the farthest right to reveal a secret shelf that contains an Ouija board. Place that Ouija board on the carpet and then place the purple crystal ball on its left side. It will summon the ghost sloth crumpet.

Secrets of Rob-O Café: Glowing Heart

On the left side of Rob-O Café where you can see lounge chairs, there’s an electric panel on top of the chair. Open that panel to reveal the glowing heart. When you pick up the heart, the room will darken, as it is the source of the café’s power. The heart will still glow and you can even place it on the character’s hands. To light up the room, just place the heart back where you found it.

On the right of the café is another panel that has circles on them. Click that panel to open it. If there are stacks of plates, just remove them to reveal 4 buttons. Click all buttons until all of them are showing a triangle. It will open another panel that reveals a key. Pressing that key will open the secret club in the Rob-O Café.
Toca Life World Fresh Salath


Activity House Secrets

As the name suggests, the Activity House is an area where characters can hang out and do different kinds of activities. You and your Toca Life friends can skate, play instruments, take pictures, order salads, and more. Most of all, the area also holds some secrets as discussed below.

  • Golden Skateboard and Skateboard Trophy: Go to the skateboard area of the activity house, then go to the left-most ramp. The side panel of the ramp, with the drawing of a smiling skull, can be opened. It will reveal 2 skateboards with one being the gold skateboard. Inside the panel is also the gold skateboard trophy.
  • Hoverboard: Go to the Fresh Salath area. Open the portable toilet beside it and place the Fresh Salath vendor on the toilet seat. It will slide up to reveal a secret storage area underneath. Inside the storage is a black hoverboard. Putting the salath vendor on the hoverboard will activate it.
  • Secret Crumpet: Go to the first floor of the Activity House. On the left, there is an air vent above the art printer. Open that vent to reveal a small bed with a red button inside. Press the red button and it will open a secret door on the printer to reveal the art crumpet.
  • Purple Gem: While still on the first floor, go further left until you see another vent. Open it to reveal the purple gem that’s inside.

The great thing about Toca Life World is that almost every building and district will contain tons of secrets. The ones mentioned above are just some of the secrets that you can find in the game. You can be certain that there are still many more that you can discover!

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