Warface: Global Operations Review with the Latest Updates

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Posted on August 15, 2020

One of the popular new FPS games is Warface: Global Operations. It is a game that gives players the experience of being in the army. Although there are other games that offer the same thrill, this one is special. This is one of the best games the developer has created which has most gamers hooked to it. There are a lot of combat modes for players to enjoy. Aside from that, the graphics are amazing and the controls are very easy to learn. The game also features different skins, maps, and weapons that are comparable to other FPS games in the world.

In addition, players enjoy the co-op raids and team death matches that this game boasts of. It is simply a military team-based shooting game. Here, it is up to you to develop different tactics and arm effective weapons for every battle.

Latest Updates to Note

Just like any game, Warface: Global Operations have updates from the developer. One of the new updates this year is the game in campaign mode. This update is applicable in the Central Asia region, specifically Afghanistan. The new campaign is set in an abandoned area. Their mission there is to take care of the elite Warface squad and fight against an unknown threat.

Another new feature is that opponents may be beaten by using the multiplayer online co-op. Within 10 minutes each stage, players must battle against other soldiers and skilled combatants. Moreover, special gear is up for grabs for the entire squad. In the four tiers you encounter in the game, you will be able to use six, all-new weapons to defeat the enemies. In addition, four new equipments are added to the list as well. These weapons and gears may be used in the upcoming PvP battles as you progress in the game.

What makes Warface: Global Operations an amazing game is the new game variants that are consistently added. Moreover, Ranked battles are available as well, which serves as a testing ground for every player’s skill. The levels become more competitive and there are more challenges to win.

As for the controls, sliding and crouching had been already possible in the update. You can also turn off the auto-aim feature when in the game. Lots of weapons (over 101 pieces) are ready to use plus 54 gears for your designated character in the game.

What Makes Warface: Global Operations Worth It

Overall, Warface: Global Operations is an extremely exciting and action-packed FPS game that every gamer would love. With My.com B.V.s’ success with its other games, Warface: Global Operations is on top. The game has very fluid gameplay plus the graphics are to die for. On top of that, there are a lot of customizations in the game that make the gameplay even more enticing.

Moreover, the maps are one of a kind that keeps players hooked to the game each time. Battles are also very intense and will really test your skills with the variety of weapons and gears. Lastly, the game is very popular among teenagers as the upgrade system in the game is non-linear.

The Catch

However, this is a pay-to-win type of game even if you can download it on your PC for free. Its monetization policy is not so good because once you are losing in the game, you need to pay up. Once your armor and weapons start to dwindle, you cannot replenish without doing the in-game purchases. If you do have extra money to pay for the weapons and equipment, you will have a huge chance in beating your opponents.

Additionally, supplies such as grenades, armors, and other weapons aren’t cheap. If you choose not to purchase but still continue to play the game, you will not stand a chance. It is because the game will then match you with enemies who have purchased weapons and equipment already. You will be defeated even if the opponent has not reached a high level because he has better equipment.

That’s why even if your level is higher than that opponent, you are destined to lose the battle. That’s the downside of Warface: Global Operations. This game is better off for players who are willing to shell out money just to win the battles.

However, with its graphics and highly enjoyable gameplay, it is still worth the money spent. The game has enough features for FPS lovers to shell out money. In the end, Warface: Global Operation is a game that gives you what you pay for.


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