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Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax

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About this Game

The universe is full of bad beings and danger. Chaos reigns and everything is in complete disorder. The peace and safety of all existing matter in the cosmos is now threatened and highly at risk. But there is one man who will save us all.

One man stands to fight to eradicate chaos, to restore order, and bring peace to the entire universe. He is Captain Rogers. He remains a balancing force that stands between peace and chaos. The hapless man is at his wit’s end at trying to stop anything bad to happen.

Help the unfortunate Captain Rogers score a victory against the treacherous attack carried out by the space invaders. Shoot everything that comes your way. Defend the HQ at planet Karmax in Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax.


Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax


Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax Game Features:


Cool Background Story

In Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax, the peace and safety of the universe is threatened. Chaos reigns the cosmos. Hostilities rage on as the belligerent army of the Kershan Empire continues to carry out treacherous attacks.

The space invaders have now set their eyes on the planet of Karmax—one of the universe’s last bastions of defense against the aggressive Kershan Empire.

But unfortunately for the hostile Kershan invaders, the HQ at Karmax has two highly valuable military assets that can put an end to the invasion. One is a space cannon, albeit a very basic one. The other one is a man; a hapless one who struggles to keep the attackers at bay. This man needs your help.


Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax


He Is Captain Rogers

The fate of the entire universe hangs in the balance. With the Kershan Empire reigning down terror in the cosmos, one man stands to protect us all.

This man knows no fear. He likes the danger. And he’s putting everything on the line to save his planet of Karmax and the rest of the universe. He is Captain Rogers.

Join Captain Rogers as he sets out to defeat the invading forces of the Kershan Empire. With only a very basic space cannon to shoot down the rockets raining toward the Karmax HQ, help him defend the planet at all costs.


Earn More Upgrades to Boost Your Defense Capabilities

Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax is not just an exciting action strategy game. There’s some humor to it too and some room to enhance your space cannon’s capabilities.

As the story goes, Captain Rogers was on duty when the first shot was fired by the treacherous invaders. To be more precise, he was taking a restroom break when the attack occurred. Now that the invasion has become apparent, Captain Rogers pulled his pants up and ready to assume his post.

But because he’s been lax, the space cannon is a bit overdue for maintenance. You’ll just have to make do with what defenses you have at the start of the game. Earn enough upgrades to enhance your capabilities and continue to defend Karmax.


Fun, Enjoyable Game

Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax is a fun action game that features simple gameplay and easy game controls. Your objective is to shoot down anything that falls toward the Karmax HQ, defending the planet from the treacherous attack of the ruthless invaders.


Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax


As simple as the game may be, it can be very challenging. It will take a lot of focus and strategy to take out every rocket or offensive debris with the space cannon.

Sounds fun? Play Captain Rogers Defense of Karmax online for free at There is no payment and no need to download the game. Enjoy endless fun in the space defense game.

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