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Om Nom is back and he’s hungrier than ever before! Experience a celestial version of the classic game in Cut The Rope: Magic! Feed the beloved green pet the candy that he loves in more ridiculous puzzles than ever before! Blow, bar, float, and swing your way into feeding Om Nom what he wants.

This time around, he’s got magical powers too – you can turn him into a bird that offers more verticality into the game as well as bringing in more opportunities to feed him the candy! This time around, you can move Om Nom to his favorite snack!

There are over a hundred missions to complete, each becoming more challenging than ever before as your progress. Play it now for free online!


Cut The Rope Magic Mini Game Features:

With over a hundred missions to complete, Cut The Rope Magic blends its wonderful aesthetic with a user-friendly game dynamics. Aside from this, you will find help when you need it; as long as you know where to look. Read on to find more about it and the game’s other features down below:


Aesthetically Pleasing Graphics and Smooth Gameplay

Cut The Rope has always been known as an award-winning game thanks to its unpretentious game quality: great 2D graphics, fair physics engine, all while performing at a smooth framerate of 60 FPS.

The same still goes for Cut The Rope: Magic – it’s everything you know about the original game from the cute expressions of Om Nom, the top quality animations, no-lag gameplay, adorable music, challenging set pieces, and well-balanced physics, all while adding brand-new stuff into the mix that includes everything magical like wind currents and transforming Om Nom into a bird!

There’s no other game quite like Cut The Rope when it comes to combining all these into a special treat for casual gamers.


Cut the Rope: Magic


More Puzzles to Solve Than Ever Before!

Cut The Rope was always known to have the cutest-looking art style contrasting with progressively hard challenges. Cut The Rope Magic maintains that same theme but on a more magical scale! Now there are double the challenges and double the fun! It all depends on how you tackle each level!

You’d think it’s easy in the first few levels of the game until you quickly learn you’re going to need some real thinking just to feed the green little monster his sweet treat. This time, there are more obstacles to go through, making each puzzle more complex as the game goes by.

Follow the tides of the air, blow out with the fan cannon or exploit the physics of certain barriers to acquire all the stars, concluding each level with Om Nom satisfying his craving over his deliciously sweet snack.


Cut the Rope: Magic


Having Too Much of a Hard Time? Let the Firefly Help You!

There are, in a lot of times, challenges that can be too difficult to do to the point where you’d want to give up. Fortunately, the game will hold your hand and make sure you don’t lose your way.

All you have to do is just click on the firefly at the bottom right of the screen. It will guide you through the level on what sequences you must do in order to complete the stage with all 3 stars. No penalties here! All you need to do is watch an ad after.


Cut the Rope: Magic


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