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Red Riding Hood Run


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About this Game

Red Riding Hood Run is a skill and distance game that will you relive the old children classic fairytale! In this game, you’re the brave little girl who wants to visit her grandmother’s house.  However, there are plenty of obstacles in the way. Do you think you make it to the end and reach grandma’s house?  This free-to-play game will enhance your awareness as you are expected to avoid the obstacles along the way. We all know that Little Red Riding Hood had an unfortunate demise when she was eaten by a big bad wolf on her way to her grandma’s house. Don’t let the same thing happen again to you.  Test your skill and see if you can make it to the end while having fun playing the game!


Red Riding Hood Run


Red Riding Hood Run Game Features:

For those wondering what it feels like to be in a fairytale, go ahead and play Red Riding Hood Run online game! It is a simple game with a straightforward objective so there’s no need to worry about how to ace it. All you need to have are sharp eyes in spotting the big bad wolf and other obstacles that would hinder you from getting to your grandmother. To know more about the game’s other features, read on below:


Simple Objective Yet Enjoyable Gameplay

The objective of the Red Riding Hood Run is very simple, you must collect 1000 fruit baskets to complete the game. Though it seems very straightforward, not all who played the game finish successfully. The wolves will do everything to keep you from getting to your grandma. They are everywhere so avoid them at all cost. The game may seem too simple and boring but given the overwhelming number of obstacles waiting for you, the game is actually extremely challenging. Whether or not you’ll make it to granny’s house is completely up to you.


Red Riding Hood Run


Trouble Free Control

To complete your goal all you have to do is click the up and down arrow using your mouse. You will need to collect the fruit baskets. If you get gold baskets, it will mean a higher score. Go ahead and collect as many as you can. Yes, it is that simple!


Lots Of Obstacles To Avoid

In the classic story, only a big bad wolf is after you. But what if there are hundreds of them along the way? Do you think you can reach granny’s house in time? In the Red Riding Hood Run game, you are not only going to stay clear from scary wolves but there are also bushes, logs, mushrooms, and rocks that you need to watch out for. Basically, anything that hinders your way should be shunned. The only thing that you should touch is the fruit basket. You must be quick in avoiding those things because one wrong bump and you are done for.


Red Riding Hood Run


Are You Fast Enough?

The further you get to the game, the faster the little girl walks.   If you are not quick enough to click on the up and the down button then you would have to start over. Do you think you are fast enough to avoid those obstacles? Help the little girl run to her nana’s house in Red Riding Hood Run!


Beat Your Own Record

The game records your best score so if you are the type of person who doesn’t settle for second best you can always beat your own record.  Similarly, you can even play bet with your friends to see who amongst you can collect more fruit baskets. The game is free and endless so you can try a lot of times until you collect all 1000 fruit baskets.

Oh, and don’t worry; this isn’t a red riding hood game with horror. It’s pure family-friendly fun! If you like this game, we have other games that you’ll surely like for PC and Mac here at!

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