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Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun

Studio Pangea

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About this Game

Brace yourself for the ultimate teddy bear killing game that will keep you glued on your computer for hours. Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun is a free-to-play zombie killing game for pc enjoyed by millions of players around the world.  Prepare your heart to burst with excitement as you shoot those cute teddy bear turned into zombies. The stunning graphics and thrilling background music will make you want to keep shooting even more. Those teddies keep coming and they are never-ending. Using your strategy and shooting prowess, save the city from this horrible zombie attack. Play Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun for free online on PC! The game isn’t bearable; it’s downright addictive to the core!


Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun


Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun Game Features:

Mixing cute and crazy is the best way to describe Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun. Defeating the cute and cuddly teddy bear can tug your heart but at the same time do you want your brains to be eaten by these grizzly zombies? The game promises excitement at every turn with 14 levels to complete and almost 10 weapons to unlock to defeat the horde of the undead stuffed toys. To find out more features, just read on below:


6 Hard-to-Defeat Enemies

Teddy bears are cute but what if they turn into zombies? Well, they wouldn’t appear cuddly and huggable at all! From the smug with bad intentions and evil grin, you know they’re up to no good. And in Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun free online game they are coming in waves! Imagine the horror! Not only do the terrifying teddy bears come in waves, but there are also 6 kinds of murderous carnivorous zombie bears. Or we can call them zombears for short. Get your mouse clicking on and defeat all those brain-hungry-not-so-cute teddy bears! The city needs a hero and nobody will step up their game except you.


Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun


Can You Make It Through The 14+ Levels?

To be hailed as the ultimate Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun Champion, you have to make it through the 14+ extremely challenging levels. Stay behind the cannon and don’t stop shooting the zombears before they reach your defenses. If you stop even for just a second, those zombears will be inches away to eating your brains. This is not a joke! These zombies are seriously after you so that means no mercy on these unbearable dead! Do you think you can make it? Click the link now and let’s find out.


Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun


Unlock All The 9 Weapons

To be fair to the developer, they are witty enough to think that destroying the unrelenting teddy zombies. You are going to need more than just luck and bullets. Unlock Different kinds of weapons such as water bullet, tomatoes (bears can’t bear tomatoes for some reason), energy ball, arrow, tennis ball (bears prefer badminton), killer fork, cannonball, shuriken, rubber bullet, and laser. The laser can be unlocked if you are tough enough to reach the survival mode.


Teddy Bear Zombies Machine Gun


Are 20 Lives Enough To Keep You Sane?

In every level, you are given 20 lives to spare before you are finally considered dead in the game. If one of those scrawny teddies manages to reach your fort, you will lose one life. Can you shoot and kill all those hooligans before they reach their paws on you? The secret to doing that successfully is to choose wisely. Between each stage, you can pick one of the three available upgrades: increased ammo increased damage or increased firing speed. It is up to you how you are going to use those upgrades strategically. Nonetheless, the game offers nothing but fun and entertainment so whether you kill them all or not, you are still a winner. But seriously, kill all of them! Nobody wants to see a crawling zombie teddy bear. Have fun shooting!

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