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About this Game

Help this Valiant Knight search and save his Princess! Collect as many coins as you can so the knight can afford to ask the Princess’ hand in marriage. But make sure you watch out for traps that are laid around the castle and dungeons. Once you step on these mistakenly, you lose a life!   

Help the knight discover more coins through wooden barrels and other obstacles. Slash obstacles in your way, avoid thorny traps, and collect as many coins as you can to reach the Princess and save her!  

Just tap to change the walking direction of your knight whenever you need to collect coins or avoid obstacles. Want to go faster? Just tap and hold to speed up your knight!  


Valiant Knight Online Game Features: 


Tap and Hold to Control  

The game is easy to learn. To start the knight’s journey, just tap on the screen and he will start walking! To change his direction from left to right, just tap the screen again. One tap is enough. The knight can also run at a faster speed when you tap and hold the screen. Players are given 3 lives for each level and the goal is to reach the next door of the castle in order to level up. All these while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles along the way! 


Valiant Knight



Collect Coins to Marry the Princess 

The King has challenged the Knight to save the Princess, but not only that! The King also promised that the Knight could marry the Princess if he has collected enough coins during the whole mission! So collect coins as much as you can! There are lots of coins in the pathways, but some are hidden in barrels too. Destroy barrels to collect hidden coins now! 


Valiant Knight


Avoid Traps and Obstacles in the Castle 

As you progress in every level, the game also increases in difficulty. There will be more obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome at every level. Watch out for spikes and fires that may interfere in your pathway! Remember, the Knight cannot jump, so you have to just tap to make him change directions and avoid a trap. Watch out also for moving pathways in the castle. These are just harmless, but you have to watch out if there are nearby traps or obstacles upon moving up and down the castle.  

A creepy skeleton is also roving around on some of the later levels. Don’t worry, the Knight can slash him when he comes, but you have to move away quickly or else the skeleton will come back to life and he will hurt the Knight with his thorny scepter.   


Valiant Knight



Players Get 3 New Lives Each Level 

If your Knight has stepped on obstacles and lost some lives during the previous level, there’s no need to worry. Every new level refills your health (hearts) in full, and you get 3 lives for every new level that you enter!  

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