1945 Air Force Guide – How To Dominate The Skies

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Posted on December 2, 2021

If you enjoy playing classic arcade aircraft fighter games, then you will likely enjoy playing 1945 Air Force: Airplane games. It’s an arcade game that’s similar to the classic flight action game where you shoot various enemies in front of you as you continue moving forward. It’s an interesting game that will greatly remind you of the exciting and entertaining games you used to play in arcade shops. As fun and exciting as 1945 Air Force, it’s also a bit difficult to play.

This is not really surprising since the classic arcade games were also difficult to play. The only difference here is that you won’t need to spend tokens to continue playing. This means you can repeat as much as you can until you can finish the game. To make sure you won’t have trouble playing this game, this blog post will be a 1945 Air Force guide. We’ll provide tips and information to help you rule the skies.

The Gold Coins & What They Do

One of the most important things that you should do when you play the 1945 Air Force is to collect gold coins as you go along. The coins are used for various things in this game. You can use it to purchase items to equip your plane, upgrade your plane, purchase new planes, and so on. The gold coins are one of the most important resources in this arcade game, so collecting them is important.

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Collecting is actually the simple part since you just need to destroy enemies. After destroying them, they will drop coins wherein you can then collect them. Of course, this is going to be easier said than done since there are always a lot of enemies that you’ll have to destroy. This can get a bit overwhelming, but just try to avoid their attacks and destroy as much as you can.

Diamonds & How To Get Them

Aside from gold coins, another resource that you can acquire in the 1945 Air Force is diamonds. This is the premium currency in the game, which means it’s harder to acquire. Diamonds are used to allow you to continue with the mission when you get destroyed. This can be helpful when you’re already close to completing the level but you get defeated.

By paying in diamonds, you can continue where you left off instead of repeating the level from the start. To acquire diamonds, you’ll need to complete daily tasks. This is the best way to earn diamonds for free. To acquire more of them, you’ll need to spend real money.

Collect Power-Ups

Though it’s easy to dodge enemies and their attacks, their sheer number can still be a bit overwhelming. To help you deal with that, there will be various power-ups available to help you in battle. There’s a power-up that can provide you with a shield so you won’t take damage if you happen to get hit. There’s also a power-up that increases your attack damage. This will allow you to quickly kill enemies.

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The power-ups appear randomly throughout, so try to be aware of them. You’ll need to go and get them to use them. If you miss, then just be on the lookout for the next power-up. Take note that power-ups will have a time limit. Once the limit is done, the benefit that the power-up offers will be gone.

Call on Reinforcements When Needed

Another way to help you deal with the sheer number of enemies that you’ll face, you’ll have reinforcements. Your reinforcement will be a large plane that will swoop in and destroy all the enemies in the area. This can be very helpful, especially if there are many enemies appearing at once. This will allow you to quickly eliminate them and wait for the next attack. Aside from the big plane, there are also other assistance that you can use.

There’s a button that will increase your firepower for a short while. Just tap that button to allow you to deal more damage to more enemies. There’s also a bomb button that will drop down a bomb to eliminate enemies. These can help you greatly in destroying enemies in case you are getting overwhelmed.

Be Wary of Enemy Turrets

Aside from dealing with enemy fighter planes and choppers, there will also be enemy turrets shooting from the ground. They’re hard to spot since your screen will always be filled with various attacks from enemies. But do your best to keep track of them since they can be sneaky and could cause your destruction.

There are many more things that you need to know about the 1945 Air Force. But the ones mentioned here will be very helpful already in allowing you to dominate skies. With the tips here, you’ll be soaring even higher in this game.

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