AMBER Brawl Stars – The Best Brawler Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Posted on August 28, 2022

In October 2020, Amber Brawl Stars, a legendary brawler, became playable in the Training Cove. She eventually became part of the entire roster of this popular action game a day after her reveal. Amber is a powerful brawler that falls under the ‘damage dealer’ class and due to her rarity, is difficult to acquire.

This awesome brawler is obtainable through brawl boxes with a 0.12% chance. As low as the chances may be, with a little patience and luck, you will definitely get a hold of this brawler. With that said, before you can acquire this legendary character, it’s only fitting to know the necessary details and most importantly how to properly use her in the field.

Amber Brawl Stars

Amber belongs to the Firebreather class and is a Legendary Brawler. She mostly employs flame as a weapon and has low health but high damage. She engages in combat by firing a steady stream of long-range fire. The power of Amber’s Super is a bottle of flaming liquid that, when lit by her attack, forms a flammable pool on the ground. It engulfs adversaries and causes them to catch fire and burn for a while.

amber brawl stars in game

Her gadget, Flaming Starters, briefly makes her travel faster as she creates a trail of fire liquid in her wake that behaves exactly like her super’s puddle. Amber is a great cover destroyer who can burn down a lot of bushes with her attack and fire puddles combined. Additionally, she can cause burn damage, which limits an opponent’s ability to recover and flee.

Wild Flames, Amber’s initial Star Power, enables the simultaneous deployment of two Large fire puddles and passively charges her Super when she is standing close to her fire fluid. When she’s close to her fire fluid, Scorchin’ Siphon, the second Star Power, speeds up her reloading. With that out of the way, let’s do an in-depth overview of her attack, super, gadget, and star power.

Amber Attack Overview

Let’s take a quick look at Amber’s attack overview below.

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath allows Amber to continually fire wide-ranging, far-reaching flames with a little spread. Amber only fires one flame when the attack joystick is tapped. However, if the attack joystick is pointed in the desired direction, Amber fires flames continuously. When the player releases the joystick or Amber’s ammunition runs out, she quits attacking. When she attacks, her ammunition runs low, and when she is not attacking, the bar is automatically reloaded. If the attack isn’t stopped, it takes four seconds to finish because each flame is fired at a rate of one-hundredth of a second.

Amber Super Overview

Below is Amber’s super that will help you dominate the battlefield;

Torch ‘Em

Amber’s Super called Torch ‘Em allows her to throw a vial of fire fluid over a wall. As soon as it lands, it leaves a 2.67 tile radius of flammable fluid. Lakes can break up the fluid, but walls cannot. It doesn’t generally affect the enemies and the puddle persists until it is sparked by her strike or another Super is performed.

On the other hand, Amber’s attack flames ignite and vanish when they strike the puddle, lighting nearby opponents on fire for 4 seconds while also destroying nearby vegetation. The burns do not accumulate, but the duration is reset if an adversary is burnt by another of Amber’s puddles just before the burn goes away.

Brawl Stars Amber Gadget Overview

Below are Amber’s gadgets that you need to learn more about;

Fire Starters

Amber’s first gadget is called Fire Starters, which allows her to sprint quickly for 3.0 seconds, leaking her fire fluid so she can light it later. Amber moves 14% more quickly while leaving a three-second fire fluid trail in her wake. She releases fire fluid that behaves exactly like her Super. Her prior Gadget’s fluid is not removed when she uses the Fire Starters Gadget once more, in contrast to her Super.

Dancing Flames

Her second gadget called Dancing Flames allows Amber to emit three flames that orbit around her for five seconds and cause 500 damage to whatever they touch. If an adversary is hit by Amber’s three fireballs, which have a 3.33-tile radius around her, they will deal 500 damage. Once activated, the devices do 500 damage instantaneously to all foes inside the area of effect. In addition, they deal 1500 damage to enemies around Amber.

Brawl Stars Amber Best Star Power Overview

Let’s learn more about Amber’s best star power right here;

Wild Flames

Amber is able to have two fuel pools on the ground at once. When she is near one, her Super instantly recharges. Amber’s Super allows for the creation of two fire fluid puddles, with the first puddle only going away after the usage of a third Super. Furthermore, her Super automatically charges by 5% each second when she is near a liquid puddle caused by either the Fire Starters Gadget or her Super.

Scorchin’ Siphon

Amber uses a pool of fire liquid to replenish her fire breathing 50% more quickly when she is near it. Amber’s reload speed increases by 50% and she develops a reddish hue to signal that the Star Power is activated. It occurs when she is close to a puddle of fire liquid from both her Fire Starters Gadget and Super. The Star Power must be at least 0.67 tiles deep into the puddle to work.

amber brawl stars guide


Tips & Tricks on How to Play Amber

  • Amber may swiftly recover her super with the use of the Fire Starters Gadget and her Wild Flames Star Power, which is especially helpful when superpowers are most needed. She can generate a sizable puddle area for her Super to recharge using the Fire Starters Gadget, enabling her to use Supers at an incredible rate while battling.
  • Amber’s constant assault provides enough damage to take out high-health Brawlers, making her a great counter to them. Additionally, she can utilize her Super to kill them by stopping them from recovering. However, keep a safe distance from such Brawlers as Amber, with her mediocre hp, can be two- or three-shotted by them if they come near enough. This is because she is powerless in close proximity because of her inability to deliver swift punishment, not to mention her lack of stuns, slows, and knockbacks to get away from such Brawlers.
  • With the ability to control an area thanks to her Super and the Fire Starters Gadget, Amber can specialize in activities such as Gem Grab or Hot Zone. She can position her puddles over a zone or a gem mine to stop adversaries from completing the corresponding event objective. She has the ability to burn the puddle in order to cause serious harm to any foes that try to cross it.
  • Additionally, she has the ability to link two puddles from both her Super and the Fire Starters Gadget to form a supersized puddle that can cover large areas. In Addition, Amber’s Star Power – Wild Flames strengthens the area control the puddles provide. You can either divide the puddles to allow for selective area denial or join them to clear shrubs.

Some Things to Remember

  • Avoid wasting ammo when using Amber. Even if Amber can reload fast, she must wait a bit before she can do if she’s out of ammunition. You can partially address this problem using the Star Power – Scorchin’ Siphon. Simply utilize her Super and also her Fire Starters Gadget to replenish ammo faster. Additionally, if she dies, you can spawn using the Fire Starters Gadget and reload more quickly. If you do this, your ammo bar will be full when you commence the battle.
  • Be careful where you place Amber’s Super. If accidentally thrown in a bad spot you can unintentionally spark the puddle while attacking an adversary nearby. Instead, try to position the fluid beyond your attacking spot while still being within your radius so you can light the puddle at the appropriate time. You may also manage two lanes simultaneously thanks to this.


amber brawl stars
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Bring Home the Bacon with Amber Brawl Stars

Now that you know how to build Amber, it’s time to dominate the battlefield. You can start by playing Brawl Stars on your PC now! But for more character guides like this one, make sure to stay tuned here in


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