Colette Brawl Stars – A Beginner’s Brawler Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Posted on July 15, 2022

One of the more popular characters in Supercell’s action game called Brawl Stars is Colette. She’s a chromatic brawler that’s quite challenging to acquire. Nevertheless, having Colette Brawl Stars on your roster will have a significant effect on your chances of success. With that in mind, today we will be going over the skills, stats, attributes, and other features of this awesome brawler.

How to Acquire Colette Brawl Stars

Colette is part of the chromatic brawlers, which is uber-hard to acquire. Chromatic brawlers appear along with the changes in the game’s Brawl Pass season. Therefore, a new chromatic brawler will appear with every season. Colette was first introduced as a tier-30 unlockable brawler in Season 3: Welcome to Star Park. Today, you have to watch out for this character to appear when the Brawl Pass season changes. Another way to acquire this brawler is through Brawl Boxes with a chance of 0.12% – 0.5% chance rate.

colette brawl stars
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Colette Attack & Statistics

Colette is a long-range brawler capable of inflicting a decent amount of damage on the enemy. Like most long-range brawlers, Colette comes with a below-average defense attribute and an average utility. Her weapon unleashes heart-shaped projectiles that slash away 37% (with a minimum of 575) of the enemy’s HP. It means Colette’s attack deals more damage to tanks or brawlers with high HP and less on brawlers with low or average HP.

The downside to her percentage-based attack is she isn’t an effective finisher because the lower the enemy’s HP, the lower the damage she can inflict. Her weapon will deal a fixed amount of damage that ranges from 1000 to 1400 when dealing with power cube boxes, heist safes, big brawlers, spawnable, etc.

Colette’s super attack called Time to Collect allows her to perform a dash back and forth dealing damage to brawlers within her path. Her special attack can inflict 20% (with a minimum of 575) damage to enemies and a fixed 2300 to special targets. This attack comes with a very high execution rate. So it means that you can use this multiple times during brawls.

colette brawl stars gameplay
Image Source: Colette Gameplay


Collete Braw Stars Gadgets

Colette’s Brawl Star Gadget called Na-ah! adds an additional 1000 damage to her next attack after activation. Like the rest of the brawlers, a symbol will appear on top of Colette’s head as an indicator for the gadget’s activation. Between cooldowns, this gadget can be used 3x in a brawl. On the other hand, Gotcha! is another gadget wherein Colette will be able to heal 80% of the damage she inflicted in five seconds.

Colette Star Powers

Colette Image from Brawl Stars Social
Colette’s star powers come with a specific effect that keeps other brawlers away from inflicting close-range attacks. Her first star power called “Push It” pushes all enemies hit by her charge to the farthest point of her attack. This can also interrupt the other specials executed by other brawlers. Next is called “Mass Tax” wherein her super provides her with 20% shield protection for five seconds. Brawlers who are hit with this attack contribute an additional five seconds into the duration of her shield.


Colette comes with six skins that can be acquired using in-game coins and gems. The first is the Navigator, which costs 79 gems. Next, there’s the Gladiator which comes with a 149 gems price tag. For 10000 coins you can get the True Silver skin and for 25000 you can get the True Gold skin. Additionally, she has a skin called Trixie, which is a Brawl Pass exclusive. You can purchase all skins except for the Brawl Pass exclusive on the in-game store.

Gladiator colette brawl stars


Collete Brawl Stars Tips & Tricks

Colette is not your regular brawler because of her skills and attributes. This character may be powerful but without other brawlers for support, her power is less useful. With that said, playing Colette in the game requires skillful maneuver and well-planned or strategic positioning. Check out some of the tips on how to play as Colette in Brawl Stars below.


Colette is built to counter tanks, her tax-based attacks are perfect for reducing high HPs. Despite her high HP, she’s still vulnerable to attacks due to her low defense attribute. So when playing as Colette, you need to make sure to keep your distance from other brawlers. You also need to make sure that your accuracy is on point to make the job of your allies more effective. In short, you need to soften the enemies from a distance and let your allies finish the job.

Two Quick Shots

Two quick shots and a super can eliminate all the other brawlers in the field. It’s thanks to her fast-charging super, which can compensate for her tax-based attack. With that said, this can only work with brawlers without shields and passive healing abilities. In addition, her Mass Tax Power can protect her during this process.

Don’t Rush the Bull

Brawlers like bull come with high-burst damage and using Colette’s super against these types of brawlers is not recommended. The main reason is that high-burst skills can easily finish off Colette. Nevertheless, Colette’s Push It star power can immobilize these brawlers giving her a window to execute her super.

Team Up with Colette Brawl Stars on PC

Now that you have a brief overview of Colette, it’s time to grind your way back into the game and cross your fingers that you will be getting this character in one of the boxes. Speaking of grinding, what better way to play Brawl Stars than on your PC. Also, stay tuned for more news and updates regarding this action-packed game!


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