10 Best Survival Games To Play To Keep You Entertained

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Posted on July 18, 2022

A lot of people enjoy playing action games since they’re always entertaining to play. There will always be a lot of activities or goings-on happening throughout the game so you’ll never get bored. But when you say action games, there are sub-genres to them, and one such sub-genre is survival games. They’re action games that are usually set in a hostile and intense open-world environment where players are given minimal tools and resources to work with. The goal is simply to survive.

It’s a fun game that many people enjoy playing. This is why there are so many survival games out there for people to play. But which ones should you play? Well, this blog post will help with that, as we’ll list down the best survival games to play that will keep you entertained.

Top 10 Survival Games to Play on PC for Free

Below is a list of survival games you can play on your PC for free:

Last Day On Earth

When you say survival games, the first that usually comes to mind is an apocalyptic world that’s infested with zombies. Well, that’s what you’ll get with Last Day On Earth. It’s a shooting survival game where you’ll have to survive in a world full of zombies. What’s great about this game is that you don’t just have to scour various locations for resources and items, but you can also build and craft houses and other important tools. So if you’re into zombie survival games, you’ll love playing them.


Last Day On Earth Gameplay


Puzzles & Survival

If you think puzzles can’t be included in a survival game, think again. Puzzles and Survival just proved that it’s possible as this game mixes match-3 puzzles with surviving an apocalyptic world full of zombies. Furthermore, it’s a strategy game where you get to build a base, train units, acquire heroes, and battle enemies. The puzzle part comes during battles as you will have to play match-3 puzzles to attack enemies. So the more combinations you get, the higher your attack will be. It’s a fun and interesting game that provides you with a unique take on survival games.


puzzles and survival download free


Left To Survive

Zombie survival is not complete if you only have to deal with the undead since there will also be other humans that are not only looking to survive, but to dominate the apocalyptic world. And this is what you’ll experience in Left To Survive. It’s an action survival shooting game where you don’t only have to deal with the zombies but also battle against other players as well. Moreover, you’ll need to equip yourself with powerful guns, as well as good armor for protection. It’s an interesting game with awesome PVP gameplay for more intense action.


Left to Survive download full version


Tiny Island Survival

Not all survival games deal with an apocalyptic world infested by zombies. Take Tiny Island Survival for example. It’s a game where you get washed up on an island after getting shipwrecked. So, you’ll have to find ways to survive on the island like building shelter, gathering food and water, etc. But what’s interesting here is that the island, which seems deserted, has a lot of mysteries surrounding it. It seems someone else is staying there and it’s up to you to uncover the mysteries. It’s a fun game that also features elements you can complete.


tiny island survival free pc download


Mini Dayz

There are survival games where you not only deal with wild humans plagued by a virus but also wild animals. But unlike the others on this list, Mini Dayz features classic 2D graphics, which can bring you some nostalgia if you’ve been playing video games since the 90s. However, don’t let the classic graphics fool as this is a very fun game to play. You get to meet other survivors and become their leader as you try to establish a community where survivors can live and thrive in this apocalyptic world.


mini dayz download PC


Raft Survival Ocean Nomad

You may think you have what it takes to survive on a deserted island or in an apocalyptic world, but do you think you can also survive in the middle of the ocean? That’s what you’ll deal with in Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad, where you only have a raft to help you get by while being stuck in the vastness of the ocean. Thankfully, you have your hammer with you to help you enhance and upgrade your raft using materials you stumble upon. In addition, you can craft tools and weapons to help you deal with sea creatures looking to make you their meal.


raft survival ocean gameplay on pc


Survival Simulator

Survival Simulator lives up to its title as the ultimate survival game. Starting bare and armed only with a stone hammer in an unfamiliar location, players must embark on a journey of exploration. Establish a camp, collect crafting materials, ensure personal protection, and enhance tools and weapons. The game involves the production of a diverse range of goods, each requiring components gathered through various methods.

Amid a challenging environment, players have the flexibility to craft a variety of weapons, ranging from crude to sophisticated, capable of inflicting substantial damage. Survival Simulator offers an immersive first-person survival experience, delivering an engaging and enjoyable gameplay adventure.



survival simulator for pc


Undead World Hero Survival

If you prefer to play a survival game with role-playing elements, then try Undead World: Hero Survival. It’s a game that features an interesting storyline, a visually cool world, and lots of unique and powerful heroes. Since it’s an RPG, one of the main things you’ll do here is collect heroes, develop them, and equip them with powerful weapons and gear. These are important since you’ll be battling lots of zombies. And as you progress in the story, the enemies become harder. So, your heroes’ development will determine if you can advance further or develop more of them.


undead world gameplay on pc


Survival Island: EVO Raft

Another game where you don’t deal with zombies is Survival Island: EVO Raft. It’s a game where you’re on a mission to find a rare metal to save the Earth but something went wrong and you ended up on a deserted island. You try to find ways to survive, which includes finding food and water and building tools and shelter. Moreover, you have to deal with wild animals who will attack you if you mess with them or disturb their area. It’s a fun game that’s played from a first-person point of view, so you’d feel like you’re on the island.


survival island for pc


Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG

Last, but certainly not least, is Mutiny: Pirate Survival where you play the role of a pirate in this fun action survival RPG. Like any survival game or RPG, you’ll start small, then you just build your way into having a strong pirate crew as well as an island shelter. You do this by crafting powerful weapons and gathering resources you can use for upgrading and improving your crew. It’s a fun game that lets you experience what it’s like to be a pirate.


mutiny gameplay on pc


Choose from the List of Survival Games

There are many more good survival games out there. But the games mentioned in this list are a good starting point. You can start with any of these games if you’re looking for an entertaining survival game to play. So, make sure to check them out only here in Games.lol to experience how to survive virtually!

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