Angry Birds Games – Updates on The Latest & Upcoming Titles

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Posted on July 11, 2022

For 13 years, Angry Birds‘ brand has grown from a casual game to a massive media franchise. The Castle-inspired game has also become the savior that will lift Rovio from its impending bankruptcy. After 21 games, 2 blockbuster movies, 7 theme parks, an animated series, and thousands of merchandise, is the brand still relevant today?

Are there any new Angry Birds games launched recently or in development? All those questions we will answer today as we slingshot our way across the latest games and the ones in development under the Angry Birds brand.

The Latest Angry Birds Games

By 2021, Rovio launched three games under the Angry Birds brand. One is a remake of the original, the second is an RPG simulator, and the third is a puzzle game. With that said, let’s take a quick overview of each of the games starting with the remake.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Launched on July 15, 2021, Angry Birds Reloaded is a subscription-based exclusive game dubbed as a semi-remake of the first two games. The term semi-remake is due to the game’s plot which is based on the two Angry Birds movies. Like the movie, the game features Red, Bomb, Chuck, the Blues, Silver, Leonard, Gary, and Courtney as the main protagonists.

In terms of gameplay, Angry Birds Reloaded plays similar to the first two games in the series wherein players must launch flightless birds to pop the pigs in their hideout. In addition to the aforementioned characters, players will also be able to play Zeta and Zeta’s Eagles. Unfortunately, Mighty Eagle is an NPC in this game.

Angry Birds Reloaded
Image Source: Angry Birds Reloaded Gameplay


Angry Birds: Bird Island

Not to be confused with Angry Birds Island, Angry Birds: Bird Island is an RPG title in Roblox. Launched on December 16, 2021, the game is an official game from Rovio which appeared after a series of DMCA takedowns on unofficial Angry Birds games in Roblox. Angry Birds: Bird Island comes with two modes Mayhem Simulator and Destruction simulator.

Mayhem Simulator allows players to build a hatchling army that they can use to destroy towers. The destruction simulator on the other hand, Destruction Simulator plays similar to the Mayhem Simulator featuring various structures that the player can destroy using their army of hatchlings.

Angry Birds Islands
Image Source: Angry Birds Islands Launch


Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey is the 24th entry to the franchise. Formerly known as Angry Birds Casual, employs the use of the classic slingshot puzzle gameplay seen in the original games. The main difference is that this entry features smoother animation, high-definition graphics, and a new plot.

Angry Birds Journey was soft-launched in the US, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland on March 5, 2020, and was officially launched worldwide on January 20, 2022. As of downloads, the game has recently broken through the 5 million thresholds with overwhelmingly positive ratings.

Angry Birds Journey
Image Source: Angry Birds Journey


Upcoming Angry Birds Games

As of 2022, three Angry Birds titles are in development and one concept. The games came out through various social media channels in 2021 complete with details. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that any of the titles listed below will be canceled or scrapped by the developer.

Angry Birds Double Crossed

Revealed through Instagram on April 6, 2021, Angry Birds Double Crossed shies away from the basic slingshot puzzle gameplay common to the franchise. Described as an action-reality game show, the upcoming game features a parody of PewDiePie known as BirdDiePie, and Dr. Disrespect known as Dr. PigRespect.

As per the early description, the game is a reality competition wherein a team of five birds will compete against five Piggies in a tower-building competition. Players will have the option to play as a builder, shooter, or saboteur in a mission to take down the tower of the other team. On top of that are the in-depth customization option and the ability to influence the game as the host of the competition. The game has yet to have an official launch date as of writing.

Double Crossed Angry Birds


Angry Birds Launch It!

Revealed on the same day as Angry Birds Double Crossed, Angry Birds Launch It! is a multiplayer game wherein six teams of four players compete in an egg-stealing competition across six islands. The twist is that players will have to slingshot themselves into the air to reach the floating islands housing the eggs.

The team who can collect the most eggs wins the competition. Each playable character in the game comes equipped with unlockable abilities that players can upgrade or improve over time. Similar to Angry Birds Double Crossed, the official launch of the game has yet to be disclosed.

Anrgy Birds Launch it


Bad Piggies 2

Announced in mid-2021 through TikTok, Bad Piggies 2 is a direct sequel to the 2012 puzzle game of the same title. The game will employ the same mechanics as its predecessor wherein players needs a vehicle using limited resources.

Players must then traverse the level provided with their contraption. Bad Piggies 2 will feature improved animation and graphics as well as weekly game modes that feature loot crates. Like the rest of the titles on the upcoming games list, the official launch date of the game has yet to be out.

Bad Piggies Angry Birds


Angry Birds Crazy Golf

Angry Birds Crazy Golf came to select Angry Birds 2 players on April 3, 2022. The concept was revealed to the players by Piggy Mail and includes a survey asking them for their feedback.

The concept allows players to play as Red or Bomb in an obstacle-packed 2D level. The aim of the game is simple; players must guide Red or Bomb to the nest in the fewest shots possible. In the concept video, Bomb comes with an ability to break stone blocks while Red’s innate ability is bounciness. The game features in-game power-ups that players can use to improve their scores.

Angry Birds Crazy Golf
Image Source: Angry Birds Crazy Golf


The Future of the Angry Birds Franchise

The Angry Birds franchise is still in the phase of evolution. The attempt to venture into other genres other than puzzles is a much-welcomed move for the franchise. The multiplayer elements of Angry Birds Double Crossed and Angry Birds Launch It! is a fresh new take on the iconic franchise.

As for other media, both the Angry Birds series and the motion picture were a success. From the looks of things, the Angry Birds brand will continue to grow over the years. Let’s just cross our fingers that Rovio will come up with new concepts to make the brand fresh for the years to come. Play this fun sling-to-shoot adventure game on your PC today!


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