Arknights: Annihilation 1 Beginner’s Guide

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Posted on March 12, 2021

Need a good load of Orundum per week but don’t know how to successfully finish at least one Annihilation map? Then, let our beginner’s guide help you in completing the first Annihilation in Arknights. It’s so effective that you can just play it on autorun after completing it for the first time.

Orundum is what fuels a regular Arknights player. Orundum can improve the in-game life of the said player because it is the source of just about anything, including gacha pulls and tasty fashionable skins. The best way to earn Orundum quickly is to participate in one of the three Annihilation maps. This weekly challenge is also a test of how powerful your roster is now. So, if you think you can take it on and bag at least 1200 Orundums every week, then stick around with our Arknights guide below. Here to help you out is our resident, Matoy.

Arknights: Guide Intro

Hey guys, it’s me again, Dr. Matoy#9855. Annihilation is one of my favorite parts of Arknights and a good exam to show how powerful my team has gotten. It is also a good opportunity to mix and match Operators that you think are the best for your playstyle. This will be the first chapter of a three-part article series regarding Annihilation. If you are reading this, then I assume you are still gradually new to Arknights and have not succeeded in the first Annihilation. So, let me help you out with my personal guide on Annihilation I.

Your Team

Forget having a 6* operator. If KyostinV can do it with just 3 and 4* ops, then you can do it, too. The most important part before you start Annihilation 1 in Arknights is your team composition. It’s not similar to the campaign where you can just throw in anybody whoever you like though. So, keep in mind the following important operator classes:

  • 2 Vanguards (one for 1-block and another for 2-block)
  • 2 Snipers
  • 2 Defenders
  • 2 Casters (you may swap one caster for one specialist)
  • 1 Shifter (Push type)

If you want to see some recommended operators in Arknights, you can refer to the image below:
Arknights Recommended Operators


Map Layout

Annihilation 1 is the smallest map of the three missions in Arknights. There are two paths that you need to cover: the upper-left and the right-most exits. Moreover, enemies will come in from three different entrances: two from the lower-left and another at the top-right.

There are only a few restricted blocks here, mostly in the left-most areas. However, these blocks should not be an issue. On the other hand, the upper-right area has an interesting section because it has one restricted block and five gaping holes. Use the holes to your advantage, which is what the one push shifter operator is for. Take a look at the reference below:
Arknights Annihilation 1 Map Layout


Starting Phase (Wave 1 to 100/400)

The first 50 enemies are going to be easy since all of them will come from the left area going to the right exit. Put up Vanguard at the 3rd block from the right exit and a Defender at the 2nd block right after the restricted block from the right exit. Put a single target Healer on the very right of the map, just below the second exit. Beside the Healer, deploy a Sniper of any kind facing to the left. At around Wave 57/400, you must deploy a shielder at the top-right entrance, one block away from the right enemy entrance.

Second Phase (Wave 101 to 213/400)

This time around, deploy another Vanguard two blocks away from the Defender to the left. The enemies will get harder this time, and you will need more DP and more blocking power. Ultimately, you will need to deploy a caster facing down, right above the second Vanguard. Bring in an AoE healer at the top-right just behind the Shielder so he/she heals the Caster, Vanguard, and the Shifter, who you will now deploy on the very top-right so she can push down all sorts of enemies to the gap.

Third Phase (Wave 214 to 349/400)

Things will get tougher this time around. You may want to retreat your second Vanguard and call in a second Caster or Sniper to the right-most part of the map, below your Shifter. This is the perfect moment to use your Skill activations.

Final Phase (Wave 350 to 400/400)

At 350/400, a large thug will start spawning to try and breach the upper-left exit. Two Drones will go here too. Retreat your first Caster and call in a Guard to blow the narrow path just above the restricted block. If you have a ranged operator available, deploy her on the left. Once the thug is dead, immediately retreat your Guard and ranged operator in this area immediately.
Arknights Annihilation 1 Map Layout Final Phase

Deploy just about anybody you have to block the right exit. If you follow this Arknights guide properly, your formation should look like the image below: If all goes well, you’ll get a perfect 400/400 clearance, and you are now allowed to do auto-play in Arknights.

If this guide helped you out and you want to play Arknights on PC, make sure to get it here at

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