Arknights: The Best Operators for F2P Players

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Posted on January 26, 2021

Before you can say “F2P BTW” to your Arknights Facebook group or Discord, you might want to check out your roster before you can even flex on other members. Or, better yet, just don’t. That’s because it makes you look like an obnoxious self-entitled player which is one of the causes why half of the fandom is terrible. Now that we cleared out the negative vibe, welcome to our guide of the best Operators for F2P players. Take note that they are not necessarily 6-star operators.

To put light into this subject, we brought in our resident Doctor, Matoy, to tell you about all the right operators you need to finish game story and for you to relax while auto-piloting certain missions like Tactical Drill, Cargo Escort, and Annihilation.

Guide Intro

Hello everyone, I’m Doc Matoy#9855—currently at level 85 and a major simp for W. For the longest time, I’ve played Arknights for a whole year without spending a single dime. And let me tell you, you never have to whale hard to complete the game. The only time you’d spend money is if you’re “hongy” for certain operators or you probably won the lottery in second place. Anyway, here are my top operators that are a must-have in your team in whichever situation.


Besides Jessica being the best girl, she is also your best option if you want a quick burst of Sniper fire. She may not have the same great stats as Exusiai or Blue Poison, but if you do not have any other decent four-star Sniper, she is a must-have in your team. Her first skill has crazy good crits and the second skill smoke bomb increases her survivability, making her a great asset in Annihilation.
Arknights Jessica



To many people, she is annoying. To me, she is a sweetheart.
Arknights Kroos

Kroos will always show up in your pulls. While you might grow tired of her, take note that she offers a lot of utility for the team in early game fights in stages. She may not have the greatest damage, but her cheap points and decent stats are good enough to put her on the team every time.


Arknights Shaw

Besides being a fast-talker, she is only one of two push-shifters in Arknights. In many situations —especially stages with holes—having her on the team is always a good plus. Make sure to max out her skills because she can shove away even the heaviest enemies, great for Annihilation 3.


Gitano is one of the 4-star Casters that deserve to be at least a 5-star just because of her second skill alone. Not only does her damage cause a huge shock to everybody but it also drastically weakens enemy armor.


Amiya (Caster)

No Eyja, no problem. If you don’t have the cute lamb yet, Amiya has very good damage output too. While her third skill is very situational, all you need is her second skill and watch armored enemies go brrrr.



Courier can be purchased through the store using 120 credits, stacking up to 200 credits if you wish to purchase his duplicates. He’s a frontline Vanguard that serves as one of your main DP providers in the field. He can also hold up to two enemies at once, making him an excellent F2P Vanguard.



Many people are begging her to be a 5-star instead because she is the only Vanguard that can heal teammates along with a passive that gradually heals all operators in the field no matter where they are. If used correctly, she can heal teammates nearby while generating DP.



Myrrh is factually one of the best single healers in Arknights thanks to her passive and second skill. If you have operators close to dying, summon Myrrh, and she can return a chunk of health to every present operator in the field. Her second skill also throws two healing potions to the two nearest operators.
Arknights Myrrh



If you do not have Ptilopsis on the roster yet, then Perfumer is your primary choice. Simply put, her AoE healing is amazing. Enough said.
Arknights Perfumer



Cuora is one of the few that stands still and increases her defense to stack up to 4 enemies in one block. That alone is a good utility for your casters and snipers to execute any stuck-up enemies.
Arknights Cuora



Besides looking adorable, Gummy is a Healer-Shielder. This makes her a good budget Saria or Nearl, given that you don’t have any of the two yet.
Arknights Gummy



This one is a bit of a cheat, but if you manage to snag her in a pull, you know what Lappland is capable of. With a long-range and great arts damage skill, Lappland is a must-have as a Guard.
Arknights Lappland



Melantha is an all-around reliable Guard. Not only does she deal crazy basic damage, but her fast regen and low DP makes her a great emergency deployment if you ever miss out on a runner.
Arknights Melantha


But if You Do Have 5 & 6-star Operators in Arknights

…then just about anybody in this lineup is reliable, as long as they are at least in E1. Now that you know who the best operators are, ready your gears up and play Arknights on PC today!

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