Arknights Guide – Ultimate Caster Tier List for September 2021

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Posted on October 4, 2021

Arknights is one of the best role-playing games that you can play right now. It’s a game that combines elements of role-playing, tower defense, and strategy. Here, you play the role of an important member of the pharmaceutical company named Rhodes Island. The company is battling a deadly virus and the unrest that are causing chaos and destruction to the world.

Although you’ll be battling a virus here, the gameplay is more like a strategy tower defense RPG. You’ll be placing characters called Operators on tiles during battles. Your enemies will be walking towards you, and your goal is to prevent them from reaching you. You do that through the help of your operators who will battle and prevent them from advancing. Your success during the battle will depend greatly on the operators that you have.

Caster gameplay in Arknights
Caster gameplay in Arknights

There are many different operators available. Each operator belongs to 1 of 8 classes, and these classes are Caster, Defender, Medic, Guard, Sniper, Vanguard, Specialist, and Supporter. Since there are many operators available, you might be wondering which operator would be the best one to use? To answer that, this Arknights guide will delve into the operator tier list of the Caster class for September 2021.

What is the Caster Class in Arknights?

The Caster class is the team of operators that attack enemies using the Originium Arts, which means they will deal Arts damage to enemies. That is different from the usual physical damage, so casters are a good option against enemies with high defense. Arts damage, though, is reduced by the opponent’s RES. It’s also worth noting that casters also have high Deployment Point costs.

Moreover, their attack interval is also high, so they’re not efficient against enemies that move fast. They also have low HP and DEF, so make sure they’re away from ranged enemies. Despite that, they’re still very good options against enemies that have high defense, so it’s great to have them around.

Let’s now look at the best caster operators that are available in Arknights.

S-Tier Casters

S-Tier operators are the ones that define the meta for the class. They’re the cream of the crop and the usual choice if you’re looking for an operator. Regardless of who the operator is, you won’t go wrong with them as long as they’re in the S-tier. They’re the OP characters and will more than likely help you win the battle.

Ifrit gameplay in Arknights
Ifrit gameplay in Arknights

In Arknights, there are four S-tier operators:

  • Eyjafjalla
  • Ceobe
  • Mostima
  • Ifrit

All four operators are powerful. If you happen to own these characters, then they should be the ones that you should focus on developing. They’re likely the ones you’ll use whenever you need an operator for a battle.

A-Tier Casters

If you don’t have these S-tier casters, then the A-tiers would be a good alternative. They’re not as powerful as the S-tiers, and they likely have a weakness that puts them below the S-tiers.

Mint gameplay in Arknights
Mint gameplay in Arknights

Currently, there are seven Casters in the A-tiers:

  • Amiya
  • Beeswax
  • Gitano
  • Skyfire
  • Leonhardt
  • Mint
  • Absinthe

Any of these operators will be a good option in case you don’t have any of the S-tier heroes yet. They can still help you win matches whenever you need a caster for the battle.

B-Tier Casters

B-tier characters are good casters to use early on. They’re not as strong as the S- or A-tiers, but they will help you progress, especially early in the game. But as you progress further, the enemies become stronger, which lessens the effectiveness of these operators. That is why they’re only ranked as B-tier since their effectiveness tapers off as you progress. But they’re still good options, especially when you’re starting.

Haze gameplay in Arknights
Haze gameplay in Arknights

Currently, there are six operators under the B-tier class:

  • Nightmare
  • Leize
  • Haze
  • Click
  • Tomimi
  • Greyy

C-Tier Casters

The caster operators in the C-tier are your last resort in Arknights. They’re the casters that you will use in case you don’t have any other options available. They’re decent enough to use in battles, but they’re subpar if compared to operators belonging to the higher tiers. They will still do their roles, but they’re the operators that you’ll likely ignore if you have better options.

Lava gameplay
Lava gameplay

There are only two casters under the C-tier. When you get these characters, don’t waste too many resources in developing them:

  • Lava
  • Steward


The Caster class is very special in Arknights since they’re the only operators that deal Arts damage. But like with any game that features many characters, all casters are not created equal. Some are just more powerful than the rest. And in this blog post, you will find the rankings and tiers of the caster operators. This list will help you in forming your team and knowing which caster you should use and develop.

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