BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party! – Beginner’s Guide

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Posted on June 5, 2021

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to music, then you also likely enjoy playing music games. One such game that you’ll probably love playing is BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party! It’s a music rhythm game that’s published by Bushiroad International Pte Ltd. Here, you get to play various anime and J-Pop songs. The gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. But aside from playing songs, you also get to form a band.

You get to collect cute and anime-like girls for your band. They will perform the music you want to play. It’s a unique and interesting music game that also offers a bit of role-playing. But since it’s more than just a music game, it can get a bit confusing for beginners. This is why this article is going to be a beginner’s guide to playing BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party!

The Gameplay of BanG Dream! Girl’s Band Party!

When it comes to the gameplay, you won’t have an issue learning it. It’s a typical rhythm-based game where notes would fall and you have to tap them as they pass by. The more accurate your tap is the higher the score you get. Your goal is to complete the song and get a high score as much as possible.

That’s basically what you’ll do here most of the time. You can adjust the difficulty of the song that you’ll play. Try to go for the easy ones first if you’re a beginner. But if you’re confident with your skills in playing this game, then you can go for more difficulty. Aside from the Rhythm game, you also get to collect anime-like girls that you can use for your band. Their performance depends on your accuracy in tapping the notes.

Bang Dream Girl Game
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Aside from playing the rhythm game and collecting anime-like characters, the game also features stories. There are main stories, members’ stories, and band stories. So there’s lore behind the rhythm game that’s worth checking out.

Play Awesome Tracks At The Live Menu

When you get to the main menu, there are several options available. There’s the Band menu where you edit the band that you currently have. There’s also the Story menu to see the different stories and lore. The Gacha menu is where you summon band members. And finally, there’s the Live, which is where you get to play the rhythm games.

On the Live menu, there’s Free Live, Challenge Live, and Multi Live. In the beginning, just focus on Free Live, so it would be easier for you to earn experience and rewards. When you choose a Live, the first thing you need to do is select the song you want to play. Many songs are still locked, but you can unlock them by purchasing them at the Circle Song Shop.

You can also unlock songs by completing a Main Story, so make sure you play it to get more songs. Once a song is chosen, you then decide the difficulty and finally start playing.

Properly Place The Instruments in The Circle

The Circle is the place where you can access the Song Shop to purchase new songs. You just trade your Sound Crystal and then unlock a new song. But that’s not the only thing the Circle does as it’s an area where you can also place instruments. The instrument will increase the parameters of your band members.

Bang Dream Girl Guide

Since you can only place one instrument at a time, you must look at your main band. You must upgrade only the instruments for that band. Don’t mind the rest, unless you have excess resources to use.

Practice With The Band For Better Performances

It’s also important to remember to train your band members and make them practice. Doing this will increase their stats, as well as level them up. Increasing their stats will allow your band members to perform better during Live. This will also result in getting a better score when you play a song. So make sure that you also make them practice and train.

Take note that only max-leveled band members with three stars or higher are eligible for training. To easily increase their level, make them practice. Practicing will cost you tickets and you can acquire them from Lives. So, play as many Lives as possible to have tickets for your band members to use for practice. This will make it easier and quicker for you to level them up. You can learn more things, but they’re very easy to figure out as you continue to play.

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