Boom Beach: A Comprehensive Look on Its Characters

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Posted on April 30, 2021

Supercell is known to create addictive multiplayer strategy games. And one of their creations is Boom Beach, an online multiplayer strategy game where players build bases on an archipelago. Players would then have to defend the base by building defensive structures, training troops, and acquiring heroes. You can then use those troops and heroes to attack other players’ bases or the bases of enemy NPCs.

It’s a fun game where the focus lies more on acquiring powerful troops and heroes to dominate the game. The player who usually has the strongest troops and heroes will always have an advantage in the game. Though the focus of Boom Beach will always be on the troops and heroes that players can acquire. There are also other characters in the game that can be interesting to learn about.

This is especially true if you’re someone who prefers to dive deep into the lore or storyline of a game. To help satisfy your thirst for information, this article will be a guide to the different characters on Boom Beach.

The Infamous Antagonist Lt. Hammerman

Probably the most important character in Boom Beach’s storyline is Lt. Hammerman. He is the main antagonist on the beach and the commander of the military force the Blackguard. They’re the ones who are trying to take over the Archipelago islands and enslave the ones inhabiting them. He will have 10 bases scattered across the map that you can attack to acquire Power Stones. Every great war game deserves an exceptional villain, after all.
Boom Beach Characters

Be careful, though, in attacking these bases, especially the high-level ones. These bases are not limited to the type and number of defenses that they have. Some of these bases might even look like another player’s base, so you know it won’t be easy. There are even bases that might use unique weapons, so make sure you’re powerful enough to take it down.

The Scheming Mad Scientist Dr. T

Another important character in Boom Beach’s story is the mad scientist Dr. T. He is the head of the Artifact Weaponization Project of Blackguard. He is an event character that regularly occurs in the game. Defeating his bases can earn you rewards like gold, stone, wood, iron, Dark Power Stones, and even proto tokens. The Dark Power Stones are the most important reward you can get so make sure to take advantage whenever the event is available.

His event will start to appear after you defeat his level 10 base first. Once you do that, the Tropical Dr. T event will start to appear. The event appears on the island of the defeated base four times every seven days, so you’ll have plenty of chances to earn Dark Power Stones.
Colonel Gearheart of The Gearheart Arms Inc.

This character provides another event in the game where you can earn various rewards. She seems the be the head of the War Factory, an event that appears every Thursday. In this event, you need to attack the War Factory and you will have 5 tries to do it. The goal is not to destroy the factory but to damage it enough to complete all the Reward Threshold.
Boom Beach PC

One of the important rewards that you can get is Prototype Modules. But to get them, you need to have a Weapon Lab on your base first. To unlock this event, you need to first defeat the level 45 War Factory base, which is the seventh boss in the game’s campaign. Once you defeat it, you can unlock the War Factory event and earn Prototype Modules.

The Mysterious Trader & His Enticing Goods

The last important character that you need to know about is the mysterious Trader. It’s a character that will visit your island every week on a large red submarine. What you get from this character is Trader Crates. These crates will contain random rewards like Power Stones, Prototype Modules, and basic resources. But what’s great about these crates is that it guarantees Hero Tokens, which is used for upgrading hero abilities.

This is very helpful in making sure you’ll power up your heroes and make them ready for battle. The great thing about this crate is that the resources you get here can go past the Storage capacity. This means you won’t have to worry about losing any precious resources. The first Trader Crate you’ll get per week will be free, which is great.

But if you want to get more, you’ll have to spend Trader Tickets for it. A Trader Crate will cost 3 Trader Tickets. The tickets are acquired from the Daily Rewards, Supply Chest, or buying them from the Trader’s Extra Offers. It is important to note that they’re not always available on the extra offer list. But from the first two, you’re guaranteed to get 1 Trader Ticket. You can also get them from Warships season rewards but it’s dependent on ranking. Try this game out on PC using our launcher for a better gaming experience.

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