Buzz Brawl Stars – Everything About This Chromatic Brawler

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Posted on October 26, 2022

Buzz is a brawler that you can get via Brawl Boxes after earning Tier 30 in Brawl Pass of Season 7. He has a fair amount of health, deals a lot of damage, and moves quickly, giving him considerable mobility. If an opposing Brawler is nearby, Buzz’s trait allows him to begin charging his Super passively. He uses his whistle to make close-range attacks.

When Buzz is pulled to them by his super, foes nearby are stunned for a long time. The buoy’s ability to grab walls and enemies allows it to do this. His first gadget, the Reserve Buoy, completely charges his Super. Buzz and his teammates can briefly see foes lurking in shrubbery within his Trait’s Super recharging zone thanks to his second gadget, X-Ray-Shades.

The minimum duration of his Super’s stun rises thanks to his initial Star Power, Tougher Torpedo. His next Star Power, Sharp Eyes, broadens the range of his Trait. Speaking of traits, super, and star power, below is an overview of each of Buzz’s attributes.

Buzz Brawl Stars also excels at dueling in Brawl Stars thanks to various benefits. Like This other star character, Edgar. These are some of his advantages:

  • Extremely severe damage.
  • Attacks that reload quickly.
  • Rapid movement.
  • Potential to stun the opponent.
  • Life points are at an excellent level.
  • Charges up his super whenever he is close to opposing brawlers.

Attack- Buzz Off

In this attack, Buzz uses his whistle to strafe five short-range, stinging sound waves from left to right. His strike unloads slowly, lasting 0.9 seconds to finish. If all the punches land, they will cause total damage of 2,100–2,940 points.

Buzz Brawl Stars Attack

You must engage in a close battle with your enemy and stick to them to land all the punches. Thus, each assault will cause them to sustain the most damage possible.

Super – Torpedo Throw

Buzz launches a buoy to which he can drag himself once it hits both opposite targets and walls. Buzz can stun foes in a 2.33-tile radius after pulling to one of them. The length of the stunned varies depending on how far away Buzz was when he used his Super to hit a target.

The maximum and minimum stun durations are 1.5 and 0.5 seconds, respectively. Buzz passes through an obstruction if he advances behind it while activating his Super. He goes back to the place of the initial impact if the adversary in grapple moves away from it.

Buzz can move while being pulled across lakes, he can still advance before the buoy collides with an adversary or wall. And if a wall Buzz was grappling onto is demolished, he will be drawn to the site of the wall. If Buzz is pulled, startled, pushed back, or shoved back while utilizing his Super, his Super will be halted.

Buzz Brawl Stars Reserve Buoy

Buzz Brawl Stars charges his Super immediately after activating this gadget, but this Super won’t shock foes. You must charge Buzz’s Super before he can use it. And if he dies before doing so, he will not be able to use the Gadget’s Super when he respawns.

Buzz’s head will light with a gadget icon that indicates this gadget is being used, along with a blazing Super joystick. After he utilizes his Super, this Gadget’s cooldown begins.

Buzz Xray Shades



This gadget, when activated, gives Buzz Brawl Stars and his teammates a 12-second window. During this, they can see every enemy lurking in bushes in the area where his trait’s supercharger is charging. Nevertheless, the impact is diminished if Buzz is killed.

Tougher Torpedo

His Super’s minimum stun time has extended from the typical 0.5 seconds to 1 second. Both his Reserve Buoy Gadget and his Super’s maximum stun time are unaffected by this Star Power.

Eyes Sharp

  • The radius of Buzz’s Trait Super charging region has risen from 6 to 7 tiles. Which is a 33% increase from the base radius.

Playing Buzz Brawl Stars

In battle, Buzz is a powerful brawler. That’s because of his power, strikes, high health, and above-average movement speed. He also compensates for his limited range by being able to immobilize an adversary from a great distance. He only needs to hit an opponent with his torpedo to win.

In all game modes, Buzz Brawl Stars is typically mighty. He is also ruthlessly effective when you need to knock your opponents out of their position. For instance, in Survivor or the Reserved Zone. Applying the technique further, Buzz can make excellent use of Gem Razzia’s gadget.

Buzz Brawl Stars Character

You can pick him aggressively by lurking in a shrub and then utilizing his Super to grab onto targets right away. Buzz comes out on top in solo, duo, and brawl ball matches as the strongest brawler. He performs best in scenarios with lots of structures since he can grab onto them.

He is weak with brawlers who can consistently inflict harm from a distance. Piper, Sandy, Sandy, Sprout, Mr. P, and Ruff are vulnerable to Buzz. On the other hand, El Primo, Gene, Gale, Jacky, and Surge are among the opponents that Buzz struggles with.

You already know what you need to do. Just focus on learning how to aim your Super, and everything else will fall into place. Good luck with playing a character with Buzz Brawl Stars at!

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