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Posted on September 9, 2022

One of the most popular multiplayer action games that you can play is Brawl Stars. It’s a MOBA game, but unlike the typical MOBA, its matches are 3v3. This makes battles shorter and more intense, which contributes to their popularity. And like with many MOBA games, it also features awesome brawlers with unique skills and abilities. Your chances of winning matches will depend greatly on your mastery of the brawlers you’ll use. One of those brawlers is Leon, a legendary assassin with high damage output. But is Leon Brawl Stars a good brawler to use?

How should players use this brawler? Are there any tips for playing him? We’ll answer all of that in this blog post where we’ll provide some Brawl Stars Leon tips.

Leon Brawl Stars – Attack, Star Powers, Skills & Gadgets

To help you see if Leon is a good brawler to use in Brawl Stars, let’s first discuss Leon’s attack in Brawl Stars. In this section, we’ll look at the legendary assassin’s abilities and skills in Brawl Stars, including Leon’s star powers.

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Image Source: Brawl Stars – Leon is OP


Leon’s Attack Spinner Blades

The attack of Leon in Brawl Stars is Spinner Blades. The brawler will flick his wrist and fire four long-ranged blades that will sweep from left to right in a cone. Though this attack is long-range, it deals less damage the further it is from Leon. So, if you want to maximize the damage of the assassin’s attack, you need to be as close to your target as possible.

This attack is also good for chasing enemies with low health because of its long-range attack. Additionally, it allows Leon to harass enemy brawlers at a somewhat safe distance. So, it’s not always about attacking as close as possible, as the long-range attack also has its uses.

Leon’s Super Smoke Bomb

The super move of Leon in Brawl Stars is Smoke Bomb. The brawler will make himself invisible for six seconds, which is a great ability for escaping or ambushing enemies. But keep in mind that Leon becomes visible when he is already within four tiles of his enemies. Therefore, you need to be quick to either attack or flee. It’s also worth noting that Leon loses his invisibility when he attacks. He also loses his invisibility momentarily when he takes damage.

When Leon picks up items, like holding the Ball in Brawl Ball or trophy when playing Trophy Thieves, he also loses his invisibility momentarily. Enemy minions won’t locate him when he’s invisible, but allied minions can still see him. Crowd control abilities like stuns and knockbacks won’t cancel Smoke Bomb.

leon brawl stars
Image Source: Leon Brawl Stars Gameplay


Leon Brawl Stars Gadget

For his gadgets, Leon has the Clone Projector and the Lollipop Drop. For the Clone Projector gadget, Leon will create a clone of himself to confuse the enemies. Therefore, making it easy for you to attack or escape when need be. The clone will be a perfect copy of the assassin, copying his health and even the items and gems Leon currently has. However, it won’t do anything else. It won’t attack or heal and will also receive twice as much damage when attacked.

The clone will automatically chase down the nearest enemy, further confusing enemies. The clone disappears once it’s defeated, its 10-second duration is up, or if Leon summons another clone. As for the Lollipop Drop gadget, Leon will drop a lollipop below him, which will turn him and his allies invisible. The area of effect has a radius of 4.33 tiles. It’s not a lot, but it can be very helpful to escape or ambush enemies.

The lollipop will have a health of 1,500 and decays 75 health per second until it’s destroyed. If Leon drops another lollipop, the first lollipop dropped is automatically destroyed. Brawlers inside the lollipop become visible once they’re within four enemies.

leon lollipop
Image Source: Leon Dropping a Lollipop


Brawl Star Leon’s Star Power

As for Leon’s Star Powers, he has the Smoke Trails and Invisiheal. The Smoke Trail Star Power increases Leon’s movement speed by 30% while his Super is active. Therefore, making him move faster whenever he is invisible and is a great Star Power to chase enemies or escape from them. For the Invisiheal, Leon will heal 1000 health every second while his Super is active and if he isn’t at full health.

It makes for a total of 6000 health if he doesn’t cancel his Super with an attack. Leon will continue to heal even if he takes damage as long as his Super is active.

Brawl Stars Leon Tips

Leon has good damage, but you need to be closer to your enemies to take advantage of that damage. You can make use of obstacles to get as close as possible or use the bush to hide and ambush. When you’re near, that’s when you attack to maximize the damage he’ll deal. If you can’t get near, then you can take advantage of the long-range attack and just chip away gradually at your enemy’s health or harass them.

It’s important to remember that you need to make sure Leon’s attacks count. It’s because he has one of the slowest reloading speeds in the game. So if you miss, it’ll take a bit of time to attack again. Leon is also one of the fastest, especially if you activate Smoke Trail when your Super is active. You can use it to chase enemies or escape from them.

It’s also a good idea to use your super when you’re in a bush or before you enter it. It will make it hard for enemies to determine whether you’ll stay in that bush or you already left. The clones are a good way to cause a bit of chaos during clashes. They’re also a great way to help you detect enemies hiding in bushes. Additionally, he’s weak in 1v1 against brawlers with high burst damage, so don’t engage them alone or you’ll die.

Utilize Leon Brawl Stars Brawler for a Good Time

Leon is a good brawler to use in Brawl Stars. There will be a bit of a learning curve to master him, but once you do, he can help you win a lot of matches. But for more updates, guides, and information about this excellent MOBA game, make sure to keep your eyes open here in Games.lol!

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