Best Games Like Angry Birds You Can Play & Have Fun With

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Posted on March 1, 2023

Though it has been more than 13 years since its release, Angry Birds continues to be an attractive game to many people. And why not? The game is still very fun to play. It’s simple, exciting, and offers a challenge. If you enjoyed playing Angry Birds, then you will enjoy playing the games we’ll provide in below.

These are games like Angry Birds that you can also play. They provide similar gameplay where you try to aim and hit a target. In this blog post, we’re listing the best ones available and why they’re considered the best.

1. Bowmasters

A great game like Angry Birds that you can play is Bowmasters. It’s an action shooting game where you fight enemies using your bow. What makes this similar to Angry Birds is that you battle enemies at a distance. You’ll aim your arrow, and it will be shot artillery style, similar to how you shoot the birds in Angry Birds. One major difference is that your enemy in this game will fight back. So, you have to kill your enemy first before they kill you, making it more fun, exciting, and competitive to play.

bowmasters robin calculating angle to sailor - games like angry birds


2. Burrito Bison Launcha Libre

Another similar game that you can play is Burrito Bison. Like with Angry Birds, you will try to launch your character, this time from a ring rope. The goal here is to travel as far as possible. You can gain momentum by smashing evil gummies along the way to help smash walls to travel further. It doesn’t feature any levels or enemies to try and destroy, but it still features lots of destruction and has simple but challenging gameplay. You will love the unique and fun experience the game provides.

burrito bison flying kicks jalapeno top bears


3. Sling Kong

Here’s a more unique game that features certain mechanics of Angry Birds. It’s titled Sling Kong and it’s a game where you will also try to send your character flying. But this time, your target will be an object which Kong can grab onto. You’ll try to sling him from object to object and try to go as high as you possibly can. Its monkey gameplay is simple but also challenging since you have to make sure you’re aiming right to get to the next object. If you miss, Kong will fall.

sling kong free download - games like angry birds


4. Boom Slingers

If you’re someone who enjoys more a competitive PVP game, then check out Boom Slingers. It features the same gameplay as that of Angry Birds where you try to aim and hit a target. But instead of just any target, you’ll play against other players. Each of the players will be placed in a certain location, and you’ll try to destroy each other. You can acquire different types of weapons that can help you win battles. It’s a fun and exciting game that’s also very competitive.

boom slingers download PC


5. Bullet Boy

This is another game where proper aiming and shooting are needed. It’s titled Bullet Boy and it’s a platform game where you try to get to the end. But you’ll do so while shooting your character from a barrel. You will go from barrel to barrel while avoiding the various obstacles along the way. It’s a simple but challenging game where you need to properly aim and get the timing on when you should shoot to avoid obstacles. It’s a fun game you’ll surely love playing.

bullet boy free pc download - games like angry birds


6. Knock Down

Here’s a game that is more similar to Angry Birds, it’s called Knock Down. It’s a game where you knock down blocks using a ball that you’ll launch from a slingshot. Sounds familiar? Well, the game’s inspiration is Angry Birds. But what makes it different is that this game is even simpler than Angry Birds. You won’t have to deal too much with complicated structures. The balls also don’t have special abilities. You’ll just rely on your aiming and on physics to knock all the blocks before using up all your balls.

knock down slingshot for pc - games like angry birds


7. Gibbets – Bow Master Arrow Games

Another unique game like Angry Birds to play is Gibbets. It’s a puzzle game where your goal is to save all the hangmen on each level. And you move to the next level to do the same. It won’t be as easy as just trying to aim and shoot your arrow. You will encounter various challenges at each level. To hit the rope and save the hangmen, you’ll have to rely on your ability to aim properly and make the arrows bounce. All in all, it’s a great game you’ll have fun with.

Gibbets Bow Master PC free - games like angry birds


8. Bottle Shooting Game

If you’re tired of taking out the evil pigs in Angry Birds, then try playing Bottle Shooting Game. It’s a game where you just destroy bottles using a ball that you’ll shoot from a slingshot. Sounds simple but it isn’t since you’ll encounter different obstacles you need to overcome at each level. The game doesn’t also feature any power-ups, which means your aiming and problem-solving skills will be the ones that will allow you to progress in the game.

knock down bottles pc download


9. Cannon Hero

The last, but certainly not the least game on the list is Cannon Hero. It’s a simple game of aiming and shooting where you try to take down your opponent. And you’ll do so using a cannon. You need to make sure you aim properly to hit the enemy. If you miss, you could end up dead instead. What makes the game challenging is that your opponent will always be placed in higher places. The height varies, so make sure you make the right aiming adjustment to hit your opponent and kill them.

cannon hero download free - games like angry birds


More Games Like Angry Birds to Play

In case you find yourself wanting more, there are still plenty of other games like Angry Birds you can play. But the ones listed above are the best ones you can start playing right now. For more game suggestions, guides, and reviews just stay tuned here on!


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