Candy Crush Boosters – A Great Way To Improve Your Gameplay

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Posted on January 31, 2022

Who among us does not know that legendary match-three game Candy Crush Saga? Regardless of age, everybody is witness to its incredible years of success and being one of the top games played by over 10 million players, not yearly, but daily. The gameplay of Candy Crush Saga is easy, but still, you need to be tactical as you need to follow a specific mission or objective.

Basically, you need to match three or four candy pieces on the board to come up with explosions that can help you complete your goal. The game is set on an objective basis wherein it includes completing various elements or pieces. Most of the time, your mettle will be tested on how you solve the puzzles while running for the beat of the clock.

How Does Candy Crush Saga Works?

In Candy Crush Saga, you get five lives, which you should use for difficult levels. If you complete a certain level, you will not lose a life; if not, you will lose one. Keep in mind that if you use all your lives, you can’t play the game for a while. To get another set of lives, you need to wait for a moment. Usually, each life is regenerated for 30 minutes. But, in case you don’t want to wait for 30 minutes, you can alternatively get lives through in-game purchases.

Candy Crush Saga Boosters
Image Source: Candy Crush Saga Gameplay

There are in-game packages that allow you to purchase more of these lives for a certain amount of price. Apparently, it is more important to secure your lives than to aim to get more of them.

To avoid losing lives, you have to focus on your objectives and try your best to complete each level. Aside from strategies in solving puzzles, there are also special Candy Crush Candies and boosters that can immensely change the game as it unveils amazing chain reactions that can actually empty your board with just a couple of moves.

Improve Your Gameplay With Candy Crush Boosters & Special Candies

If you want to elevate your gameplay in Candy Crush Saga, you need to aim for more boosters and special candies. It would help to create specific combinations on the board to get these powerful pieces. Once they appear, you need to be strategic on when you can trigger them. A booster or special candy can clear a massive number of sweets on the board most of the time. Here are the Candy Crush boosters and special candies you must not miss.

Candy Crush Saga Puzzles


Party Popper Booster

It is a fantastic booster that can change the game real quick. You can get this booster after completing level 29. Once triggered, the party popper booster will release two party poppers, and it will clear out the candies on your board, replacing the candies or obstacles to boosters, making a big explosive party!

Candy Crush Saga Party Popper Booster
Image Source: Candy Crush Saga Party Popper Booster


UFO Booster

You will witness this flying booster once you finish level 21. When the UFO booster is triggered, it will unleash a UFO over your board and drop three candy boosters in-game. Those three boosters will give way to additional moves and explosions.

5 Free Moves Booster

As the booster’s name says, you will get five free moves. It is a simple booster but useful, especially if you are aiming for more powerful boosters.

Lollipop Booster

You can get this booster once you reach level 6, and it’s the first booster you will get in the game. This lollipop booster lets you smash a single block on the board.

Candy Crush Saga Lollipop Booster


Jelly Fish Booster

This booster can be obtained once you’ve got to level 8. Usually, this booster is a product of a candy cannon or other means. But, once triggered, it will release various fishes that will swim across your board and destroy all jellies on the board.

Color Bomb Booster

You can unlock this booster once you get to level 12. This booster is really epic and very easy to use. Once you’ve got this booster, you need to think carefully about when to use it. Usually, this booster is used along with candy. Once triggered, the color bomb will aim for the candy that replicates the color of the chosen candy used in activating the bomb. Those candies will explode and create colossal chain reactions. You can get this booster by matching five similar pieces vertically or horizontally.

Switch Hand “Glove” Booster

In this booster, you will get a chance to combine two candies that are not typically fit. You can use this booster with candies that are located next to one another. Generally, you can’t get this booster via matching candies on the board, and you can either win it on the daily wheel or buy it.

Coconut Wheel

You can get a chance to experience this booster once you complete level 12. It is used to swap one candy to another. To maximize the use of this booster, you can try combining it with other boosters or special candies, and it will transform the first three candies into a striped candy which can create a huge domino effect.

So, that’s it! If you want to accomplish more levels in Candy Crush Saga, you need to aim for more boosters and special candies to potentially help you empty the board or meet your mission’s requirements. For more information and updates about this famous casual game, stay in the loop here!

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