Mobile Legends: The Best Laning Tactics

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Posted on March 12, 2021

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game that needs no introduction. If you love playing games, then you have probably heard of this popular MOBA title. With your skills and strategy, you and your team can easily achieve victory! But do you have what it takes to master all the skills of your chosen hero? Hone your fighting skills in the arena. Fight with your friends or other players from around the world. Rise through the ranks and dominate other players into victory! All of these are possible in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Even though Mobile Legends has been around, it’s still as complex and complicated as the day it first came out. There are currently over 80 heroes in Mobile Legends, and all have different fighting styles and techniques. Their skills make it easier for the pro players to know which lane these heroes must go. But, some players are still confused with how the laning works. Many factors will affect how you choose your hero and on what lane they should go. Learn how to dominate the game in the long run by mastering the laning phase!

The laning phase usually happens in the early game or the start of the game. This is when your hero goes to a lane and starts farming to level up. During this phase, players should stay in their lane and level up before they could start roaming the map. You should also establish better lane control over your enemy. You can do this by making sure you level up faster by landing the kill on minions and heroes. Hit their turret as much as you can too!
Mobile Legends Lane Guide


Early Game Tactics For Better Lane Control

In the early game, you will know if you have the upper hand if you have a better match-up. This means you have control over your enemy. You can easily damage them and have a better chance at destroying their turret right away. This is when you know if you are in the right lane. You also have to ensure the kill to establish dominance over them.

Aside from a better match-up, you should be able to rotate freely. Once you secure that turret or have killed the enemy several times, you have earned enough to buy items. You can rotate and change lanes with other teammates. You can also help them get kills through surprise ganking.
Mobile Legends Lane

If you have what it takes to make it in the early game, you better start planning your strategy. This is the time where enemies are trying their best to kill you because you have a bigger bounty. Avoid that from happening and keep yourself fed with all those minions and kills to outsmart them! Know which lanes have the best crabs and steal them from your enemies. Clear those waves of minions right away to give you and your teammates more time to plan your attacks.

These early game tactics will help you understand how to establish dominance on all lanes. Getting to know the laning phase means you can better control what happens in the game in the long run. You can take your game to a whole new level with these early game tactics.

Advanced Tactics to Better Control Your Lane

One of the best strategies that you can do even before the game has started is to know your enemy. Knowing what they can and can’t do will help you plan your strategies. It can also help you determine whether or not you are going to win in that lane. If you know you’ll be facing that hero, you should know their skills. Always one-up them and determine how they’re going to use their abilities on you. Be one step ahead when that time comes.

The next strategy involves the items you buy. Some players would continue to buy the same equipment over again when there are better ones they can use. Sometimes, the items you should equip your hero should depend on the situation. Even boots can change your whole gameplay. You can either win or lose your lane just by purchasing the wrong items.

The Ultimate Goal of The Lane Phase

Another strategy to win your lane is to know your hero inside and out. It’ll give you more time to focus on your lane and other important tasks. Once you know your hero, you can take on any enemy on your path. As long as you know who you are facing and how to outsmart them, you will always win your lane.
Mobile Legends Tips

Lastly, the goal is to win the game. Always remember the objective of the game, which is to win the round. You can only win your lane if you know what your objective is. Also, don’t get greedy. Let a kill go if you know you can’t stand a chance.

Laning priorities and match-ups depend on the person that’s playing. But everything you should know to win your lane is covered above. Remember how to use your hero to the best of your abilities and protect your lane. Practice these tips by playing Mobile Legends on your PC. You can try out the new hero Paquito or Yve. Download one of the most iconic MOBA games through our client.

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