Counter:Side Tier List – Create Your Squad With Best Counters

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Posted on February 25, 2023

Immerse in an action-packed card battle with the help of this Counter:Side tier list!

If you’re an immense fan of animes, then you must not miss playing Counter:Side by ZlongGames. In this card role-playing game, you’ll be playing the role of a CEO. And your ultimate task is to manage different counters and make them defeat different monsters known as Corrupted Objects.

When we say squad in Counter:Side, it usually consists of eight counters and one ship. But, as you begin the game, you’ll be only given five slots, and for you to add more slots, you need to spend some quartz. Take note that there are two types of squads in Counter:Side; Combat Squad, and Battlefield Squad. You’ll be using them in solo battles and group battles, respectively.

The main question now is, who among the counters available deserves a spot in your squad? Generally, there are seven factions available in Counter:Side; Ranger, Sniper, Striker, Supporter, Defender, Siege, and Tower. Each counter possesses unique power and abilities. But which among them is worth being part of your squad? Let the Counter:Side Tier List help you out.

Counter:Side Tier List – Strongest Counters Worth Investing In

In Counter:Side Tier List, we’ve ranked the counters according to their respective classes and their efficiency for all battles in the current meta. The units are ranked in five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. Like the usual tier lists, Tier S represents the strongest, while Tier D is the least.

So, without further ado, here are the best and least counters in our Counter:Side tier list;

Counter:Side Tier List – Tier S

These units are known as the overpowered ones. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop of the game, then counters in this tier are best. With their strong powers and abilities, you can count on them in both PvE and PvP. What’s more impressive to the units under this tier is that they are very challenging to kill and can effectively damage their opponents. Here are the best counters you shouldn’t miss using in Counter:Side;

  • Joo Shiyoon
  • Kim Sobin
  • Kyle Wong
  • Cindy Looper
  • Lin Xien
  • Xiao Lin
  • Yang Harim
  • Ryan Ferrier
  • Irie Alford
  • Choi Ina. (Tower)
  • Choi Ina (Siege)


Counter Side Kyle Wong
Counter:Side Kyle Wong


Counter:Side Tier List – Tier A

If you’re having a hard time obtaining units under Tier S, you can alternatively settle with the counters under Tier A. Like Tier S, Tier A counters can perform effectively in any of your battles in the current meta. Here are the strongest units you must prioritize while creating your squad;

  • Gaeun
  • Elizabeth Pendragon
  • Hayamai Sanae
  • Sylvia Lena Copper
  • Bomi
  • Terminatorx2
  • Titan
  • Roy Burnett
  • Claudia Nelson
  • Evelyn Keller
  • Lumi
  • Hound
  • Seo Yoon


Counter Side Claudia Nelson
Image Source: Counter:Side Summon Counters Claudia Nelson


Counter:Side Tier List – Tier B

If you still don’t have Tier S and A units for your squad, you can consider using the counters under Tier B. But even though they’re known as decent choices, don’t expect too much from them. You still need to be more effective in using them in your battles. Here are the amazing alternatives in Counter:Side;

  • Cathay Wade
  • Shin Jia
  • Nayuka Minato
  • Sparrowx2
  • Kim Chowon
  • Adamant Sniper
  • Nanahara Chifuyu
  • Orca
  • Jake WalkerEsterosa de Chavalier
  • Park Hyunsoo
  • Claudia Nelson
  • Evelyn Keller
  • Benedict Constantine
  • Fione Lowell
  • Gabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker (Siege)
  • Gabriel Jun The Vicious Breaker (Tower)


Counter Side Gabriel Jun the Vicious Breaker
Counter:Side Gabriel Jun the Vicious Breaker


Counter:Side Tier List – Tier C

The units under this tier are known to be “average.” You can still use the character under this tier, but don’t settle for them. They can help you out in the first stages of the game. But once you reach the difficult stage, you’ll have a hard time defeating your enemies using these heroes. Here are the average counters in Counter:Side;

  • Yoo Mina
  • Assault Trooperx3
  • Eddie Fisher
  • Han Sorim
  • John Mason
  • Archenex2
  • Scoutx3
  • Riflemanx3
  • Maya Hunt
  • Stinger Gunnerx2
  • Sniper
  • Miya
  • Liv Allen
  • Jane Doe
  • Woodpecker
  • Zena Bird
  • Chariot
  • Hilde
  • Oh Saerom
  • Shim Somi
  • Lee Jin
  • Lee Minseo
  • Kim Chulsoo
  • Shiledmanx2
  • Strongholdx2
  • Hirose Aki
  • Rhino (Siege, Tower)
  • Mortar Team (Siege, Tower)
  • Tactical Transporter Deuce-and-a-half (Siege, Tower)


Counter Side Hirose Aki
Counter:Side Hirose Aki


Counter:Side Tier List – Tier D

If Tier S is known to have the best units in Counter:Side, Tier D is exactly the opposite. Under Tier D, you’ll find the least or worst units in Counter:Side. Though you can still use them in the early stages, replacing them immediately with higher-tier units is highly recommended. Here are the counters classified in Tier D;

  • ZSU Shilka
  • Recoiless Gunnerx2
  • Cho Hjin
  • Thaddeus Morgan
  • Peacekeeperx3
  • BUzzard
  • Yuna Springfield
  • Yang Hansol
  • Black Tail
  • Amy Strickland
  • Eujin, Suppressorx2
  • Ingrid Johanna
  • Reaper
  • Laura Beatrix
  • Jessica Green
  • Nina Anderson
  • Charlie Rockwood
  • Choi Gangsan
  • Lee Dafoe
  • Ogami Masaki
  • Tommy the Die-Hard
  • PZH Mobile Gun (Siege, Tower)


Counter Side Yang Hansol
Counter:Side Yang Hansol


Win Your Battles By Using Counter:Side Tier List

Now that you already know the best and least counters in Counter:Side, this is the perfect time to create the ultimate squads that you can use on your PvE and PvP battles. For more information about this card role-playing game, stay tuned here in

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