DC Legends – A Brief Gameplay Review

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Posted on January 26, 2021

DC Legends is an RPG that stems its gameplay from pretty much every other turn-based RPG that exists. It even takes a lot of inspiration from Marvel Strike Force. While the comparison may be from a different production company of superheroes, there is no denying where DC Legends got its gameplay from.

Many Marvel fans would call DC Legends a rip-off. But for DC fans, it is a godsend RPG for the most part. The game was released in 2016, but has the combat system become obsolete? Or is it worth playing even to today’s standards along with new competing titles such as Fire Emblem Heroes, Fate Grand Order, and even in WB’s own game, Injustice 2? Let’s find out as we’ll be checking the gameplay of DC Legends in this article.

The DC Legends Story

DC Legends’ story is much like any DC story where both heroes and villains must merge to defeat a common threat, Nekron. Believed to be more powerful than Darkseid and Brainiac themselves, our beloved DC characters from both good and evil sides must throw down their differences to defeat this new menace. Now, it is up to you to determine the fate of Earth and the DC characters themselves.

There is nothing much to discuss in its story. it’s just the basic “ooga booga new alien wants to invade planet Earth, and now the Justice League, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, and the Brotherhood of Evil have to unite to repel the enemy” that DC always does in their previous games like DC Universe Online and even the Injustice series. If you are new to this kind of story, you’d be happy to see Superman, Lex Luthor, Batman, and Joker on one team. For many DC fans, this is another common story.

DC Legends Gameplay
Image Source: FG3000 – The Deadly Sin Official YouTube Channel

As far as event stories go, most of them are just based off on classic comics and themed stories from specific heroes and villains. It’s not as epic as Injustice or the Batman Arkham series, but hey, it’ll do, especially for a free-to-play game such as this one.


Turn-based RPG is the core gameplay of DC Legends. You lead a party of three to four characters, each with their turn against a group of enemies or a large boss, or both at the same time. Moreover, each DC character has his or her own unique sets of powers that they can utilize for each other and against their enemies.

DC Legends Characters
Image Source: FG3000 – The Deadly Sin Official YouTube Channel

If you have ever played a turn-based strategy, this is no different. In fact, DC Legends does not bring anything new to the table except with the ability to combine the party’s powers at the same time, creating elements that amplify their powers for increased damage or buffs. However, if you love DC characters that much, then this should provide enough fan service to leave you wanting for more.

And speaking of fan service, there are a lot of cosmetics and unlockable characters to earn in the game—if you can earn them, that is. But, overall, the turn-based strategy is fun.

The Downside: Grind, Grind & More Grind

While the core gameplay may be fun, there is one portion of the game that many will totally agree that feels very unnecessarily tiring: the grind. You see, while you may find the roster of the game very true to the source materials, you might get upset with how you can afford most of the characters.

For example, Teen Titans’ Deathstroke alone needs 10 shards. And, for you to get those 10 shards, you must repeat the same level that provides those shards up to 10 times a day. What makes it worse is that you are not even guaranteed to get a shard if you clear the level. This forces you to pray to the almighty RNGods to provide you with the fragments. That means it may take you at least five days to a week to complete just ONE character worth 10 shards. Worst of all, most of the premium characters are 15 to 20 shards.

So, now you have two options: whale for the character (whale refers to mobile players paying excessive amounts of money on a free-to-play game) or take a whole time in a day, hoping you get a fragment of that character. Why nobody has ever thought of telling this to the developers really baffles our minds.


Honestly speaking, DC Legends is an OKAY game. It’s not terrible, yet it’s not too fun either. If they do reduce the grind time, maybe it would be a good game, but it is not. However, if you do want to try out the game yourself, check out the PC version here.

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