Diamond Diaries Saga Review – Is This Game Worth It To Play?

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Posted on June 5, 2021

One of the most addictive and popular match 3 puzzle games is Candy Crush Saga. Developed and published by King, this puzzle game was a staple game for many people. It’s simplistic, yet challenging gameplay made it very addictive to play. Though this may be one of the most successful games that King has published, they also have other fun and addictive games. Take Diamond Diaries Saga for instance.

It’s yet another puzzle game that’s developed and published by King. The game is very simple and easy-to-learn, but also becomes challenging as you progress further. Though it is a completely different game, it does give off the same vibe as that of Candy Crush. This makes you wonder if King has published a game that can achieve similar heights to that of Candy Crush? Well, let’s find out in this review of Diamond Diaries Saga.

How Diamond Diaries Saga is Played

Let’s first discuss how the Diamond Diaries Saga is played so it’s easier to distinguish if this is a good game or not. The gameplay is rather simple. Your goal is to bring down the diamond to the bracelet, which is located at the bottom. But to do that, you first have to eliminate the charms that are blocking the path. To get rid of the charms, you just have to link at least 3 similar colored charms together.

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The charms need to be beside each other so you can link them and make them disappear. Like with match 3 puzzles, there are also power boosts that can help you get rid of these charms faster. To get these boosters, you just need to link at least 6 similar colored charms together. Aside from that, there are also item boosters available that can further help you eliminate charms quickly.

On some levels, diamonds are trapped inside certain charms. So, you just eliminate that charm by linking it with similar colored charms to free the diamond. Like with match 3 puzzles, your moves are limited, so make sure you use them wisely.

What’s Good About Diamond Diaries Saga

Now that you have a general idea of the gameplay, let’s now discuss what’s great about Diamond Diaries Saga.

Simple, But Fun & Addictive Gameplay

One of the great things about Diamond Diaries Saga is its simple, yet fun and addictive gameplay. It’s not that hard to figure out what you need to do in this game. And that simplicity and easy gameplay are what make it so much fun. It’s similar to how the Candy Crush Saga is attracting players.

And don’t think that this game won’t provide any challenges. You’d have a harder time completing the objective as you progress in the latter levels. This is where you’d rely heavily more on the boosters that you can get.

A Game That Takes You on An Epic Adventure

Another great thing about Diamond Diaries Saga is that it’s a game where you get to go on epic adventures. The puzzle game has tons of different levels for you to complete. But you won’t complete them in just one sitting. Once you’ve completed a certain number of levels, you will then travel to a different exotic location to play more levels.

It’s a great puzzle game that will also take you to different places. The background of the levels will change, making you feel like you’ve traveled to that location.

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What’s Bad About Diamond Diaries Saga

When it comes to what’s bad about this game, there really isn’t much to discuss. One gripe that the developers can address is that there should be more balance when it comes to the game’s difficulty, especially in the later levels. We’ve seen people complain about how the game becomes too difficult to progress further. Though you can purchase items and boosters, it would be best if it’s possible to progress without the need to purchase anything.

Another complaint of many players is that the game tends to crash and not work properly after an update. It would be best for King to make sure their latest update won’t contain any bugs. Or better yet, make sure it would still make the game run flawlessly.

Verdict (4/5)

Diamond Diaries Saga is a fun and addictive puzzle game that has a simple gameplay that can also be a bit challenging. It will remind you so much of Candy Crush Saga, in that it’s also a simple but fun and addictive puzzle game. Though it might not reach the level of King’s most successful puzzle game, you could say it’s pretty close. It may have some things to improve upon, but they’re minor inconveniences. With that, we will give this puzzle game a score of 4 out of 5.

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