Diamond Diaries Saga Guide – Tips In Playing This Match-3 Game

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Posted on July 11, 2021

The video game developer King has been known to produce good quality games that are very addictive to play. Just take a look at the Candy Crush series. It’s one of the most addictive games that you can play right now. It’s played by millions of people from all over the world with many of them even becoming addicted to it. Well, King has done it again with the casual game Diamond Diaries Saga.

It’s an entertaining casual game where your goal is to get the diamond to the bottom of the board. It needs to reach the necklace, which is at the bottom to complete the level. To get the diamond to the bottom, you’ll need to eliminate the charms that are in the way. To eliminate them, you’d need to link together 3 or more similar-colored charms. The charms need to be beside each other so you can link them all together.

Diamond Diaries Saga Game
Diamond Diaries Saga Gameplay

Also, like with most of the puzzle games that King published, your moves here will be limited. This means you need to make sure the diamond reaches the necklace at the bottom before you run out of moves. This gameplay is simple enough to execute but it becomes challenging, especially as you get to the higher levels. To help you with that, this blog post will be a Diamond Diaries Saga guide, providing you with tips to do well in the game.

Decide on What Path to Take Before Linking

It’s easy to just link up any similar-colored charms that are grouped together and hopefully, it opens up a path. Although, this might work on many levels only, especially the early ones. However, once you get to the higher levels, you will need to have a proper plan or strategy to get the diamond down. One thing you can do is to first look at the board and decide which path you will take.

When you look at it as a whole, you will see there are many different paths for you to possibly take. You can decide which of these paths will likely help the diamond fall faster. One tip is to find many similar-colored charms that are grouped together and are arranged downward. That is how important it is to decide the proper path to take so you won’t waste your limited moves. Or worse, repeat the level.

Pay Attention to the Goals to Complete The Level

Another tip is to make sure you pay attention to what your goal is in the game. Certain levels will provide different goals for you to do. The most common goal is to make the diamond fall and reach the necklace. But there are some levels where your goal is to free the diamond inside Russian nesting dolls first. While there are also levels where you will need to bring down more than one diamond on the board.

Ultimately, paying attention to the goal will allow you to properly plan how you will go about completing it. This will also ensure you won’t waste any of your moves on useless actions.

Use Special Charms Wisely

Like with many puzzle games, you can also acquire power boosts in Diamond Diaries Saga. When you link 6 or more similar-colored charms together, a special charm will appear. This special charm can help clear a big portion of the board, allowing you to bring the diamond down faster. So, you must use these special charms wisely since you don’t want to waste them unnecessarily on a useless move.

Diamond Diaries Saga Play
Diamond Diaries Saga Special Charms

Make sure that when you use them, it will clear a big path for the diamond to fall faster. In this way, you’re maximizing what these special charms bring to the game.

Try Switching Locations

The great thing about Diamond Diaries Saga is that it allows you to play in several locations. You can play your game in Paris, London, and New York. Unlocking these locations is simple and just requires that you play the game normally and in progression. Don’t forget to switch locations once it becomes available because you will be able to avail yourself of unique power boosts once you transfer to a different location.

Moreover, if you find yourself stuck in a location, you can try switching to a different one first. This will allow you to continue playing and not just keep on trying to complete a level to progress. Just check the available boosters and play the levels on that particular level. Who knows, maybe playing at a different location might even help you figure out what to do in the location you are struggling with.

Using the Bird Charms Properly

Aside from special charms that contain power-ups, there are also interactive charms like the Russian nesting doll, bottles, and bird icons. The bird icon will be the most interesting interactive charm because it can make your life difficult if not used properly. When you activate the bird charm, a bird will come flying out and then trigger other charms. It can activate special charms, remove obstacles, or break Russian nesting dolls open.

The kind of action it will perform will depend on the puzzle pieces’ hierarchy. At the top of its list is activating special charms. This means that if there’s a power-up on the board, the bird will go for it. Next on the priority is clearing any obstacle on the board, and the last one is destroying a Russian nesting doll. If none of the items needed are on the board, the bird will just simply destroy a random charm.

You need to make sure you use the bird charm wisely. If you have a power-up charm on the board that you are trying to save, then it’s not wise to use the bird charm yet. You don’t want your power-up activating prematurely before your intended plan to use it.

There are many more tips to help you play Diamond Diaries Saga better. But the ones mentioned in this blog post will already be a big help.

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