Epic Seven Abyss Guide – How To Survive This Mode

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Posted on December 28, 2021

Epic Seven is a role-playing game published and developed by Smilegate Megaport. It is a turn-based game featuring anime-like characters and epic visual effects, making players engaged for a lot of hours.

In this RPG, you will need to deal with and defeat various monsters along your journey. And, to make that possible, you need to create a team of heroes, who will be there ready to face different competitive battles.

This will also help your heroes to become stronger. Along the way, you will be able to unlock various features and game modes that will test the prowess of your heroes, which also entitles you to more challenging experiences and amazing rewards. One of the best modes that you must not miss is the Abyss.

Epic Seven Pub


What is the Abyss Mode?

Abyss mode is one of the vital game modes of Epic Seven. If you aim for rare or epic artifacts or items that can boost your character’s stats, you better try getting into this mode. However, this mode is not made to make your game easier. You need to pass powerful bosses on all 90 floors if you want the epic artifacts and rewards it offers.

To help you with that, we’ve come up with an Epic Seven Abyss guide. You can use this to overcome the challenging floors victoriously. So, are you ready? Read on below!

Epic Seven Abyss mode
Epic Seven Abyss mode


Epic Seven General Unit Summary for Abyss Mode

To dive into the challenging world of Abyss, you need to come up with the best units that can resist and beat the bosses in there. In this part, you will learn the best units you might consider using in this challenging mode.

3-Star Units

If you have 3-star units while playing Abyss, you can choose the highly recommended units according to class roles;


Kiris, Axe God, C. Lorina, and Alexa


M.Hazel, Aither, and A. Montmorancy

Supports or Tanks

F. Kluri, Phylis, Otillie, Requiemroar, and Jecht

The remarkable 3-star units are; F.Kluri, A.Montmorancy, C.Lorina, and Kiris. These units are magnificent units you can use in Abyss mode. However, aside from Kiris, these units need significant investment specialty changes.

Epic Seven Kiris
Image Source: Epic Seven Kiris


4-star Units

If you prefer using 4-star units for Abyss, you can consider these units grouped in the specific class roles;


Clarissa, C.Dom, Karin, Cidd, and Silk


Lots, Angelica, and Achates

Supports or Tanks

Dingo, G.Aither, A, Cartuja, Corvus, Schuri, Rin, G. Purgis, S. Rose, Rose, B. Dingo

Above all mentioned units, you can always count on Cidd and C. Dom as they provide the powerful single target DPS in-game. As for healers, you must not think twice about choosing Angelica, known as the premier healer. In this group, the units are relatively stronger compared to 3-star units.

5-star Units

For 5-star units, you will get to know the most comprehensive group of solid units. So, here are the units you can choose according to their class role;

DPS – Single Target

Ken, Chloe, Cermia, Luna, Baiken, Bellona, Sigret, S. Tenebria, Ravi, Sez, Sol, Kise


SS. Bellona, Aramintha, Vildred, ML.Aramintha, Bellona, Sez


Ruele, Destina, and Tamarinne

Supports or Tanks

SS.Bellona, Krau, Diene, Tywin, Lidica, F.Cecilia, Iseria, Charles, and Dizzy

Each 5-star unit cited is notable for its excellence and strength to defeat bosses. If you have 5-star units, it is more effective to have Tamarinne join your Abyss team as it gives an extensive endurance for PvE and significantly reduces gear requirements.

As for defense debuffs, you can consider adding Dizzy and Bellona for remarkable AoE capabilities, as she is renowned for being the DPS Queen for Abyss.

If your unit is not mentioned on the list, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them. To overcome the Abyss, you need to build your units well and upgrade them whenever possible. But, if you want a successful team for your abyss journey, you can consider following the list above as they give prominent skills according to their role.

Epic Seven Bellona
Epic Seven Bellona


What are the Recommended Artifacts in Abyss Mode?

Artifacts are utilized to give your character an additional edge in the battle through a unique skill. With these artifacts, you can get additional health stat and bonus attacks, which can improve your unit’s overall battle performance. These artifacts are grouped according to stars, so here is the list of the recommended artifacts in Abyss;

3-star Artifacts

Oath Key, Daydream Joker, Prophetic Candlestick

4-star Artifacts

Wondrous Potion Vial, and Aurius

5-star Artifacts

Rod of Amaryllis, Shimandra Staff, and Celestine

If you plan to go for the Abyss, you need to consider having the notable artifacts on the list above. Among all the listed artifacts, you must think about having Daydream Joker as it plays an essential role in the DPS units. In Abyss mode, the bosses possess very high HP, and with the help of Daydream Joker, you can significantly increase the HP damage of the DPS.

To keep your units alive, you must pick up Soul Weaver artifacts like Staff, Celestine, Wondrous Potion Vial, and Rod of Amaryllis. You can use these artifacts to increase healing or remove the debuff. For the durability of your team, getting Aurius is crucial as it soaks loads of incoming damage from your front-line healer or tank.

Epic Seven Daydream Joker
Image Source: Epic Seven Daydream Joker


Gearing the Units for Abyss

When taking Abyss mode, your DPS units will ask for a bit of bulk to survive the mode. Flat stats and natural bulk from the left side gear are usually enough to Abyss 58, where supplementary rolls on defensive stats can help. During Abyss 80, the decent benchmark is around 700 to 800 defense and 7000 HP. As for the Abyss 90, your DPS units must obtain 900 defense and 9000 HP.

The focal point of most DPS units is to work on the critical damage and chance, diminish the speed, and have the utmost stats. To do this effectively, you will need Daydream Joker. By utilizing this artifact, you can have close to 100% Critical Chance and 200%+ Critical Damage and 150 speed, making a powerful DPS unit.

Epic Seven Fight

As for the healers, your units must be geared with high HP and DEF as they are renowned as tanks, and they provide healing from their own health. As for the higher Abyss floors, you need Soul Weaver artifacts with Cleanse, Wondrous Potion Vial, or Immunity to be a great advantage in accumulating higher speed to dependably cycle turns and keep the team free from debuffs.

Final Thoughts

Upon entering Abyss mode, the first floors are not that scary. But, as you take another step to the next floor, the intensity and challenge will get harder. So, it is highly recommended to keep your units upgraded. Remember to find the best artifacts that can boost your characters’ performance.

If you want to overcome the 90 floors of Abyss, following this Epic Seven Abyss guide will be an excellent platform for you. Get the best team, artifacts, and gearing that can beat the powerful bosses and monsters along the way.

For more information and updates about this RPG, Epic Seven, stay tuned here!

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