The 10 Best Games Like Wordle Available to Play Anytime

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Posted on December 23, 2022

Word games are always fun to play because of the simple yet challenging nature of their gameplay. These types of games usually require you to find hidden words in the puzzle. One of the best and most challenging word games available right now is Wordle. It’s a word game that the New York Times Company published. It became an instant hit, not only because of its gameplay but also because it can only be played once a day.

Though the once-a-day game initially appealed to people, it became limiting. Many people don’t want to wait a day just to play again. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun games, like Wordle, that you can play. And in this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 of the best ones you can play anytime you want.

Fun Games Like Wordle You Can Play Whenever You Want

Wordle is a fun game. But the once-a-day gameplay is limiting for many people. Good thing you won’t have that issue with the word games we’ll list in this section.

1. Absurdle

One of the best games, like Wordle, you can play is Absurdle. It features the same gameplay as the popular web game. You are given five empty boxes and you just have to guess the word inside the box. Like Wordle, you’re not given any clues or hints as to what the word is. And this difficulty in playing is what makes this a fun alternative game. But unlike Wordle, this is a game you can always play at any time. You don’t have to worry about being limited when you want to play the game.

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2. Wordscapes

Another good word game you can play is Wordscapes. It’s the perfect alternative to Wordle if you’re just looking for a word game that’s not difficult to play. There will still be challenging moments, but at least you’ll have clues on the kind of words you need to find since it is a crossword puzzle game. This makes the game a bit easier to play and allows you to progress faster. But still, expect some challenges, especially as you get to the higher levels.

wordscapes gameplay on pc 1


3. Word Find: Hidden Words

Word Find is another good alternative to Wordle. The gameplay is a bit similar to Wordle in that you have a box with small boxes inside. But instead of being empty to figure out the word, there are letters inside the small boxes. They’re arranged in a way that the letters look jumbled and all you have to do is find words that you can form with the jumbled letters. A fun and simple game that also offers a bit of a challenge to play. You need keen eyesight to spot words you can form with the letters.

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4. Wordie: Guess the Word

This is a different game for you to play but it still offers great fun and challenge. It’s called Wordie: Guess the Word, a puzzle game where you’re given four pictures. And based on the pictures, you try to guess what the hidden word is. You are given a set of letters and the word that best describes the four pictures will come from the letters you have. The challenging part here is finding the common thing about all four pictures to find out what the hidden word is.

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5. Word Stacks

Here’s a word game that can potentially rival the difficulty of Wordle. It’s titled Word Stacks, a word game where you try to find and connect letters on a board to form a word. The letters need to be placed in the correct order for you to connect them and form a word. What’s challenging here is you need to be quick at finding and connecting words. This is because blocks of letters will fall on your stack. So, you need to connect letters and form a word to eliminate them from the board and make room for a new one.

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6. Word Blitz

If you are looking for a fun word game that is not very difficult to play, then Word Blitz is the game for you. It’s a game where you try to find the hidden words on a 4×4 box with random letters inside. All you have to do here is link together letters to form a word. What makes this game easy is that you can link letters diagonally and in any direction. You’re not restricted to right-to-left linking. You can link letters from right to left, as long as they form the correct word.

word blitz gameplay on pc 1


7. Wordfeud

Do you prefer playing word games with friends or other people? Then Wordfeud is the game for you. It’s a game where you get to enjoy a friendly competition of scrabble. You can choose to play against your friends, inviting them to partake in a match. If there aren’t enough friends for you to play with, you can also compete against other players from all over the world. And this competition is what will make this word fun, challenging, and exciting to play.

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8. Word Swipe: Word Search

Another simple but fun word game for you to play is Word Swipe: Word Search. It’s a game where you try to find words on a huge board full of letters placed randomly. You can search for words vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the board. The goal is to find all the hidden words on the board to complete a level and move on to the next. You should try to find them as quickly as possible since this will have an impact on your score for the particular level.

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9. Classic Words

If you just want to play a classic word or scrabble game, then Classic Words is the game for you. It’s a simple game that will let you play classic Scrabble. And if you’re worried about finding other players to play with you, that won’t be a problem here. You’ll battle against the game’s AI. But don’t think it will be easy; the AI is designed to provide you with a challenge. This makes this Scrabble game more fun and exciting to play.

classic words solo download PC 1


10. Wordbrain 2

Last, but not least, is Wordbrain 2. It’s a typical word game where you try to find the hidden words from the jumbled letters on the board. You have to connect these letters to form a word. You can connect them vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or in a combination of directions. What makes this game appealing is that it features themes for you to focus on. These themes are where the words will come from, which makes the game more interesting. One example is focusing more on body parts, so all the hidden words you see are body parts.

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Play Word Games Anytime

Wordle is a fun and exciting word game to play. Too bad you can only play it once a day. Fortunately, there are many similar word games out there for you to play. And the games provided on this list are some of the best ones available.


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