Everlasting Summer Ending Guide: Alisa & Lena

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Posted on June 1, 2021

Step into the life of Samyon, a student who has spent most of his time in front of a computer. One day, he decided to visit his college friends but while riding a bus, he was suddenly flung to the past. Waking up in a Soviet pioneer camp, he gets to meet and live with cute girls around the campus. It’s a ripe opportunity for Samyon to transition from being a boy to a man. He yearns to find the love of his life in this fateful trip to the past. Will you be able to help him make the right decisions in Everlasting Summer?

The game is a Russian visual novel and simulation game by Soviet Games. You will play the part of Samyon, the star protagonist. On the campus, there are multiple girls that you can court and start a relationship with. Successfully starting a meaningful connection with them requires you to make the right choices in given scenarios. You will most likely choose between two lines but they have accompanying risks and rewards.

If you do it right, you’ll get a good ending with the woman you love. If you do it wrong, then you’re setting yourself up for a bad ending. In this guide, we’ll give you a spoiler-free tour of how to get the good and bad endings. Because the achievement-hunter within you would want to get both.

Serenading The Lovely Twin-Tailed Alisa

Starting with Alisa, a blonde twin-tailed lady with a love for music. If you want to start a relationship with her, then here are the choices you need. To get a good ending with Alisa, your Day 1 choice should be “Do Nothing”. Then, when you meet Alisa on Day 2, you should make a bet with her. Then, proceed to win the tournament.

Those choices will give you massive points in favor of Alisa. Then come Day 3, tell Alisa that Olga Dmitrievna asked you to help her. Then proceed to select “I should go take a look” when the next choice pops up. Your succeeding choices should be “Okay, I’ll come” and “Make up another excuse”.

Everlasting Summer Alisa

When you reach Day 4, you should focus more on Alisa. Go to the Boat House and give her the activated carbon. Then, continue accompanying Alisa throughout the day. This should score you some massive points. Take note that several scenes will play out before you get to the next crucial decision-making.

Finally on Day 5, just choose “Stay on guard” and try to find out what Alisa and Lena are arguing about. If you do things right, the good ending will play when you finish the game. For the bad ending, just do the same up to Day 3 where you’ll tell Olga that you’ve been with Alisa instead. For Days 4 and 5 just choose the decisions that are in contrast with the ones you selected for the good ending. Once you’ve done it right, you’ll now get to see the bad ending for Alisa’s route.

Dancing With The Beautiful Lena

The next girl is another twin-tailed hottie but different from Alisa. Lena is a beautiful yet shy girl. If you want to be with her, then read the guide below. We’ll also list down the choices you need to make to reach both the good and bad ending of Lena.

Starting with Day 1, when the choice arrives regarding a certain book, choose to praise it. Then come Day 2, you mustn’t make a bet with Alisa, then lose the tournament. After the tournament, choose to go to the sports field and watch the scenes unfold. Moving on to Day 3, you must keep your promise to Lena. Then choose “Okay, I’ll come” and “Who cares? I’d better keep looking for answers” when they pop up.

Everlasting Summer Lena

Day 4 is your critical moment with Lena. Compliment her on her dress, and go with her. Never mention to her that you went there with someone. Stay with her throughout Day 5, and ask about her argument with Alisa. After that, you’ll enter Day 6. All you need to do at this point is to help Alisa.

To get the bad ending, just proceed to the same route until you reach Day 5. Go with Slavya instead of Lena then proceed to ask Lena about her argument with Alisa. This should play the bad ending for Lena. You might need to play through the game multiple times to get both the good and bad endings.

The game also has more girls you can try to court. They all have multiple endings tied to them. Try this game on PC today using our Games.lol launcher. Journey into the romantic and mysterious world of Everlasting Summer. Use this guide to get the right ending for two of the most beautiful girls.

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