Fate Grand Order: Which 5-Star Servants Should You Focus On?

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Posted on March 12, 2021

Fate Grand Order is filled with more than a hundred Servants, ranging from 1-Star to 5-Star. While some Servants are great, others just don’t feel like it is worth investing your time in. So, we devised our own list of which Servant you should invest your cubes and materials on, based on both the official wiki as well as community picks. Though we have our personal choices, feel free to choose which ones you want to spend your time on. After all, a gacha player goes either of the two ways: the meta way or the kawaii way (referring to the personality of the waifu or husbando).

To Meta or Not to Meta in Fate Grand Order

Fate Grand Order is a game that emphasizes the powers of the Servants. Use them wisely, and you’ll see them rack up plenty of resources from different waves and situations. There is too much stuff to cover when it comes to the meta of the game. But we’ll break them down into the very basic ones, especially for beginners.

The Meta Way

Meta Servants always do well in any situation. Furthermore, there are two kinds of metas you should be aware of: Wave meta and Boss meta. Wave meta is used for Servants that can clear off waves of enemies in just a few short turns, such as Kiyohime or Emiya Archer. Boss meta is for Servants that do well in single targets or fighting a boss in a 1v1 situation like Heracles and Musashi.

Investing in a Servant up to their maximum level (excluding the Grail) is quite taxing, so you should know who you plan on getting to the top stats first before anybody else. After all, the materials are hard to come by also.
Fate Grand Order SSR Servants


The Kawaii / Kakoii Way

This is for the free-spirited Master. If you happen to be a Master that does not care about the meta just because you like the person, then by all means do so. Max and give the Grail to Edward Teach? Sure, why not? Put in all your available resources on Astolfo because he’s a cute femboy (female boy), and you don’t care that he sucks as a Rider? A lot of players do that, so why shouldn’t you? Either of the ways is up to you. So, let’s get right onto the classes and check up on at least three SSR Servants for each category.


Here are three SSR Servants you can choose among the Saber class:

Miyamoto Musashi

Musashi is one of the crowd favorites thanks to her high damage, especially with her Buster cards. She also deals with a great single target Noble Phantasm, making her a critical last-line Servant against a boss.

Okita Souji

Crits are the name of the game for our gal Okita. Not only does she do an amazing single target NP, but she also has Quick Card buffs that even make her critical hits even deadlier.


Altera is the best for wave-clearing enemies. Her NP alone can sweep a whole wave of gold enemies.


If you’re into the Archer class, here are three SSR Servants to choose from:


Gilgamesh is the God King that can reign down infinite swords and arrows onto his enemies. He’s arguably the best wave-clearing Servant out of all of them.


Great stat scaling, amazing abilities. Orion can evade big damages and has useful buffs that can take down high HP bosses.


Ishtar is another awesome wave-clearing Archer that relies a lot on her NP and Buster Cards. Fortunately, she has enough abilities to help her regain NP power in no time.


On the next list, we have three great SSR Servants under the Lancer class:


Scathach is the crit queen with a single target NP that deals one of the biggest damages, making her a must-have for boss battles, especially against Archer-type enemies.

Tamamo Lancer

With Charm and Attack Bonus buffs, Tamamo Lancer has one of the best abilities in her class along with a powerful single target NP.


Karna is a wave-clearing beast that makes farming and wave clearing much easier. This is all thanks to his great damage scaling and fast-clearing NP.


As for the Rider class, here are three SSR Servants to choose from:
Fate Grand Order Francis Drake


Francis Drake

Francis Drake is the captain of the sea that deals a formidable NP against a whole wave. She’s great for wave clearing, plus her NP buff cards make her a must-have for farming.

Queen Medb

Queen Medb is a debuff-focused Rider that excels in stopping enemies from using their top stats and can delay their turns. She also has an interesting NP.


Quetzalcoatl is a great single-target focused Rider whose abilities help her Buster Cards become even more dangerous to enemies.


Now, let’s move on to the top SSR Servants to choose from under the Caster class:

Zhuge Liang

An all-around necessary part of the team thanks to his combination of buffs and debuffs that help in turning boss fights into small turns.


Merlin is the undisputed must-have Caster that anybody could have. His kits alone will help in keeping your whole time alive, even up to 20 turns thanks to his NP, HP, and Attack buffs.

Scathach Caster

The Caster version of Scathach is also a great choice if you have a party that is focused on Quick Cards. Her crit buffs help elevate team damage even further.


As for the Assassin class, here are the top SSR servants that you can pick:

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is the only Quick Card main Servant you need. Everything from her abilities down to her attacks is buffed with crits.


Cleopatra is a Buster Card-focused Assassin whose abilities help her scale her damages even more. She’s also a great NP destroyer for farming.

“First Hassan”

Azrael. Enough said.


Last but not the least, here are the top SSR Servants that you can choose from the Berserker class:

Minamoto no Raikou

Minamoto no Raikou is the mother of Berserkers who is great for both wave clearing and boss fights. Her evasions and damage buffs make her the ultimate glass cannon.

Cu Chulainn Berserker

Raw damage is what Cu Berserker is all about. With enough damage in his base Buster Cards, he’s enough to break down farms and bosses in a few turns.

Mysterious Heroine X

Mysterious Heroine X is an unusual type of Berserker that has more Quick Cards than Buster Cards, making her an exemplary Servant if paired with other Quick Card Servants like Jack and Parvati.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know about it. In the meantime, play Fate Grand Order on PC today. It’s free to download only here at Games.lol.

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