Genshin Impact: Venti Guide For Beginners & Advanced Players

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Posted on May 15, 2021

Besides being the cutest femboy in the game, Venti is a powerful Anemo bow wielder that deals one of the best mob damages. He also carries one of the best Support Talents, making him a must-have in the team if you don’t have a crowd control-based party member yet. If you got lucky during his two banners, then this Genshin Impact guide is tailored just for you.

Is It Worth Rolling For Venti?

There are two main reasons why you would want to get Venti: either you want him for the damages and support traits, or you just think he’s a cute femboy. Both reasons are valid and we can’t tell you enough how relevant he is in the current state of Genshin Impact.

Besides being girlier than any girl in the game, Venti has a very indestructible damage scaling, making him the most powerful Anemo character. Of course, that’s a given since he’s a god in human form and everything.

With awesome skills that let him gather nearby enemies and extend the damages of other elements with the natural Swirl reaction, Venti is definitely a must-have when it comes to wave clearing and farming. He’s arguably the best choice when you need to stretch out more elemental damage during Ley Line clashes and Domain farming. Did we also mention he’s such a cute femboy that can rival Astolfo and Felix Argyle?

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Let’s talk about his talents. When it comes to fast clear times, nobody buffs your team better than Venti. With the long Swirl debuffs and faster explorations, Venti is a top-tier selection. This is true, especially if you can’t wait to gather up all whomperflowers in Teyvat because, Barbatos forbid, gathering whomperflowers is so taxing.

Skyward Sonnet – Elemental Talent

Skyward Sonnet is one of the most fun skills in the game which lets you create a wind current to take you to higher places. Whether you’re climbing up a mountain or looking for an elevation to see more hidden treasures, Skyward Sonnet does the job for you.

In combat, Skyward Sonnet also makes a great choice especially if your other party members excel from plunging attacks. It makes a perfect opportunity to do massive plunge damage especially if you have the likes of Keqing, Xiangling, Noelle, or Beidou.

Windrider – Passive Talent

Windrider is a very simple talent. It just reduces 20% gliding stamina for all party members. Now, while it may seem useless for many players since Amber already has a gliding perk, it makes vertical exploration much more convenient; especially if you are farming within the mountainous regions of Liyue. Specifically, gathering qingxing and violetgrass in places like Mt. Aocang and Qingyun Peak becomes a breeze (literally).

Wind’s Grand Ode – Elemental Burst

His ultimate move—Wind’s Grand Ode—shoots out a large vortex that gathers all nearby enemies within its area. Combined with other elements, the Swirl reaction of this ultimate is uncanny. So, if you are fighting against a group of enemies, using Wind’s Grand Ode makes fighting mobs even more convenient. He becomes even more useful if the mob challenges include times.

Genshin Impact Venti


Best Weapon Pick

Two good bows come into mind for Venti: Elegy for the End and Skyward Harp. Given that you pulled for the weapon banner, any of the two will work naturally with Venti.

Elegy for the End is Venti’s canon bow and a great elemental burst-supporting weapon. Basically, it increases the Elemental Mastery to 60 and the wielder gets a passive perk of Sigil of Remembrance. Stacking up to 4 sigils, it further scales the elemental mastery even more and even increases the next attacks to 20%. It has a cooldown of 20 seconds when the stacking stops.

Skyward Harp is a good alternative as well and you can get it through any of the three banners. Skyward Harp includes a Crit Chance which furthers the damage of the bow.

But, if you didn’t have any luck in the gacha, the Favonius Bow is flexible enough to give Venti some decent damage. If you have the battle pass, the Viridescent Hunt also works fine. It’s just that Venti is more of an Elemental-focused character rather than a DPS crit type like Ganyu or Childe.


As long as you have any elemental-focused artifacts, that should be good enough for Venti. We highly recommend the Wanderer’s Troupe for this. But if you happen to be an Artifact collect, then you know that the Noblesse Oblige is the best bundle for Venti as this provides Elemental Burst damage and includes a scaled damage bonus for party members.

Feeling the Power of Barbatos

Venti will kill you with both his cuteness and Elemental powers. If you got him during the banners, consider yourself lucky and very fortunate as having him in the party will make farming much more convenient than your average salty player.

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